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St Joan of Arc Catholic Church 100th Anniversary Celebration

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100 Years of Faith: St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church Celebrates “Forging the Future from the Struggles of the Past” Hidden in the Riverbend in Uptown New Orleans for the past 100 years is a powerhouse of faith, a testament to survival, and since the early 1900’s a haven for Back Catholics. That haven is St Joan of Arc Catholic Church and on March 30, the parish will kick off a year long celebration of its 100th anniversary of existence. The celebration will run from March 2008- March 2009 and will highlight St. Joan of Arc’s mission, growth, and the impact on the community.

What conflicts does the death penalty have with catholic religion?

A question from a reader: I know most Catholics go against the death penalty. but why. I’m just 17 and don’t much about the whole perception of how it is chosen if you go to heaven or hell. i know murders go to hell because they took someones life but if you have someone who got the death penalty wouldn’t they go to heaven since they were murdered??? FYI I’m fixed on being a Catholic and i love my religion so if you want to comment on how none of it exists or negative comments on how Catholicism is a bad religion keep them to yourselves . thank you and have a nice day.

Does the Bible say anything about a Catholic marrying a Presbyterian?

A question from a reader:

Anyone switch from being Catholic to being Methodist?

A question from a reader: Just wondering what similarities and differences you noticed. And if you are willing to share, why the switch and are you happier?

My boyfriend is Catholic, and I’m Episcopalian…?

A question from a reader: My boyfriend — my FIRST boyfriend! — (yes, I’m a senior in high school and he’s my first boyfriend) is Catholic, and I’m Episcopalian, which is pretty much as Catholic as you can get without actually BEING Catholic, but because my boyfriend is Catholic, he doesn’t believe my denomination to be “the true denomination”. He doesn’t really believe it, but lately he’s been coming to my Bible Study which is pretty much nondenominational, but it’s led by a family of Baptists and all of the other people that go there range from Church of Christ to Mormon. I don’t know if I’m sort of accidentally pressuring my boyfriend into coming to my Bible Study, and I don’t want my boyfriend coming if he doesn’t really WANT to be coming… y’know?

So… anywho, my question is: should I talk to my boyfriend about the Bible Study thing, or let it be, even though it might be making him uncomfortable to be there with all of us “heathens”?

Will the Catholic Church always consider itself more important than the people within the church?

A question from a reader: If the Catholic Church was confronted by a terrible monster, would the Catholic Church throw its own people to the monster to save itself? Why do people voluntarily belong to such a corrupt organization as this? Is it voluntary at all? Have these people been so brainwashed that they no longer have free will?

my fiancee is catholic but im a methodist would i still be allowed to get married in a catholic church?

A question from a reader: my fiancee wants to get married in a catholic church as hes a catholic but my parents christened me to be a methodist would it still be a problem for me to get married in a catholic church ive been thinking for the 2 years to convert to catholic

Why did Israel prevent Catholic clerics from traveling to Gaza?

A question from a reader: Father Manuel Musallam of Gaza City’s Holy Family Catholic Church canceld it’s Chrstmas Eve Mass to protest to the siege of the Gaza and told Ma’an News Agency “MIdnight Mass has been canceled because Israel prevented Christian clerics from traveling to Bethlehem.”
They have also canceled all travel to Gaza after ARchbishop of jerusalem Fouad Twal denounced the siege after a visit one week ago. Why don’t they want the Catholics to be able to have access to the outside world? Gazan Catholics were also forbidden to travel to Bethlehem. Why? Are they supposed to be “terrorists”?

how can a baptist and catholic wedding work?

A question from a reader: iv been trying to search for the best answer but non of them doesn’t seem to get it right iv been told that the baptist has to convert in order to get married in the catholic church and the same with the catholic one of my church members said that their has to be to ceremonies the baptist first then the catholic…so what are the things they have to do?? O.o

what is an Episcopalian, is it same as a catholic?

A question from a reader:

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