Tales of Graces – Music – Soul Evangelist (Extended)

Battle theme for the cameo battle atop Riot Peak. Uploaded by request. Included tracks: Edge of an Oath – Tales of Rebirth Battle Organization – Tales of Reb…
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8 Responses to “Tales of Graces – Music – Soul Evangelist (Extended)”

  • Graces Stuƒƒ says:

    I’m aware of the composer… Rebirth released 2 years after Lost Age, but it’s still possible he composed them together. Symphonia was between them, so perhaps he just wanted the sound later on. But he did compose Vesperia and Dawn together, there’s a chunk of songs with a similar nature.

  • Aidan Gamble says:

    It’s because they both had the same composer, but yeah, Rebirth’s music sounded more like GS’s than the other Tales games did. Maybe they were composed around the same time?

  • DartUchiha says:

    I can’t beat Veigue mainly because of the game taking away all of my healing items.

  • zidaneandsora says:

    I love this remix <3

  • Kalakauai123 says:

    Another Everlasting Fight!

  • xShinigamiRyukuux says:

    70% Rebirth
    25% Hearts
    5% Destiny 2
    Nevertheless, I like this better than the originals they were based on.

  • Graces Stuƒƒ says:

    A lot of the music in Rebirth had a Golden Sun twang to it.

  • PXLightXD says:

    Golden sun?

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