Tampa Bay Times expose on Scientology Inc obsession with Money.

Tampa Bay Times expose on Scientology Inc obsession with Money.

Credit to Tampa Bay Times, Thomas Tobin, Joe Childs and Maurice Rivenbark for this series on the “church”s greed and rape of their public’s money. In 2008 a …

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8 Responses to “Tampa Bay Times expose on Scientology Inc obsession with Money.”

  • Dollymixture68 says:

    Brainwashing lying Parasites

  • OGBlac says:

    I went on Amazon website to price out the “Basics”. So I looked up each individual set off lectures & books. Turns out you could do the entire set for a couple hundred dollars. Maybe even less if you were to spend the time to look up the ‘cheapest’ used lectures/books. I have no idea how they can justify selling the “Basics” for $3000.

  • Murray Phillips says:

    Thank you Karen for the work you, J. Smith, and the AGP do in exposing the abusive practices of COS.

  • Ronald Smith says:

    Yep. When the Basics came out in ’07 I was called numerous times to by a set. Eventually they told me I was out ethics and wasting their time. The calls continued; it was all very humorous as I look back on it.

  • Richard Hole says:

    I like Angry Gay Pope’s parady in trying to sell the ‘basics’ set of protest books to sea org members.

  • Richard Brighton says:

    and being a Christian… how many bibles do you need to buy?
    being a Muslim, how many Koran’s do you have to buy?…

  • Helmut Trekcan says:

    …Ich rücke den DAVID…den Anführer von Scientology in die Nähe von ASSAD….

  • Madora Pennington says:

    Well, if a cult isn’t obsessed with money, trafficking in humans, exploiting children, destroying families, lying to the flock, and led by a leader who must never be scrutinized due to his unquestionable perfection, how could you call it a cult?

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