TD Jakes 1 – God’s Got You Covered

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Preaching at New Years Annual Revival

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25 Responses to “TD Jakes 1 – God’s Got You Covered”

  • baddist says:

    This is one of my favorite TD Jakes sermon …God is ever so wonderful,almighty caring ,loving,mericful,magestic and our he is our heavenly father and creator ….so he is worth more than all our love ones ..God giveth and he can taketh so he’s first ….td jakes love how takes this verse in depth and look at it in an angle i never knew existed until he preach it ..

  • treana2you says:

    OMG!!!!! All in it!

  • tiawitt says:

    this sermon is right on time,,, cause i’m going through one of the worsts situations that’s almost making me want to have nothing to do with GOD !!!!!

  • alysehowardmusic says:

    i watch this whole sermon once a week. this is for me! it’s not about your feelings…it’s about your DESTINY! and no man can mess with that.

  • capriuc says:

    I really love the intro.

  • conradwilliams2000 says:

    Hes right God got us covered

  • mzpayola says:

    good brother

  • Barbs4477 says:

    Great message frm God

  • flutterby70710 says:

    @youngwizard666 There is most definitely a GOD, and you are not Him. You are only in existence on earth to determine your place in eternity. You DO serve a God. And it is your choice. You either serve GOD or you are serving satan whether you know it or not, and to say you are serving yourself, means you are serving satan. I will pray for you. God loves ALL His children… you included.

  • Arceic says:

    Youngwizward666…What’s funny is that your Alias is “Youngwizward666”. Which indicates that you follow after the very thing you say is a fairytale. Christ is alive and well son. Stop following after Satan and be saved by repenting of your sins and confessing Jesus as your savior. If not, you will see the very person you are worshiping… and that is Satan.
    If you want to know Christ…Hit me back.
    Praying for you.

  • LPTraxVision says:

    Glory 2 God!

  • LoveChristrecords says:

    Stay encouraged …..don’t let school stress you……Take a deep breath….And everything that is getting on your nerves. Give it to GOD…..take sometime out for a one on one conversation with him. And just lay it all out…… Between your school work, read his word.
    The Book of Psalm is a great place to start…..Hang in there!!!!

  • joy15000 says:

    since you dont believe the bible then why are you watching this video…..Jesus is the way the truth and the light

  • bsash8 says:

    yo sermons always lift me up…

  • sexymar08 says:

    if thats true why are you even on this page??

  • ashlee17559 says:

    I’m at school right now, and stressing out… but this makes me feel soooo much better!!!

  • jayrayp52 says:

    You better hope that you are right because the good thing about being a Christian and waiting to spend eternity with Christ is that if God isnt’ real then we have lost nothing and gained all in serving him but if he is you have lost everything and gained nothing by blaspheming the wonderful name of GOD!! Who do you see as your creator because God loves you and will forgive even you for turning him away…. God bless you I will be praying for you.

  • orangeuit says:

    Great message frm God; Bishop Jakes!

  • youngwizard666 says:

    im free something you will never be heaven you will never see jesus and satan are only myths my mind power is all i need i worship myself the bible is full of fairytales so i declare to be the only almighty in my world i am lord

  • joessj5 says:


  • ttlsuccess says:

    I hope so cause I’m waiting also.

  • studnurperfectn says:

    ok i think this is number #1 then the next one is label #2, then the next is 5 people in your life???

  • abbeyeah says:

    I wish you could come to India,Mizoram,Aizawl.

  • MrStevethomas says:

    praise god, bless his holy name, love you pastor jakes!!

  • irenendambala2000 says:

    Hey does anyone know if there is a part 2, to this? Please let me know if you know.
    Thanks God bless

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