TED Conference Exposed As Scientology-Style Cult

TED Fellow Eddie Huang was kicked out of the organization for refusing to follow its cult-like orders. WARNING – explicit language. “I just went through a wh…

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25 Responses to “TED Conference Exposed As Scientology-Style Cult”

  • 528theone says:

    Many of the TED lectures are full of fallacy, clue #1.

  • Tom Wilczynski says:

    Comparing TED to Scientology is a bit much… Couldn’t handle one week of
    “roughing it”? Sounds like Eddie is high maintenance. :oP

  • Young Jack says:

    Before this video there was a Scientology commercial I had to skip threw

  • C Jayakumar says:


  • Brad Thompson says:

    *What the heck!?*
    Warning: Language
    #TedTalk #Ted 

  • Jay Kumar says:


  • Fred Madrid says:

    The dark side of TED Conference exposed on Joe Rogan Experience talk show

  • Joe Phelps says:


  • Cody Hall says:

    Interesting context on TED Conferences from guest Eddie Huang on ‘The Joe
    Rogan Experience’ – *Warning: Explicit Language*

    TED Fellow Eddie Huang was kicked out of the organization for refusing to
    follow its orders.

  • Brad Thompson says:

    Is TED a Cult?
    *Warning: Language*

  • Daniel Doucette says:

    What the hell TED?

  • Mattias Wecksten says:

    The dark side of TED?

  • Peter McGregor says:

    My mistake, please remove the word “intelligent” from my comment.

  • grandude017 says:

    does this have anything to do with the movie prometheus being promoted as a
    TED conference in the year 2023?.. does anybody know about this?

  • hungyhomer says:

    I think, assuming he did sign a contract which I’m sure he did, that he’s
    simply speaking of the nature of the organization and the manner in which
    its run, he’s not simply ranting about the fact that he got booted from it.
    He is expressing his discomfort and disbelief at the extent to which these
    ORGANIZERS attempt to control the behind the scenes of ted conferences. It
    can be disconcerting. Mind you this is an organization that’s at the apex
    of removing this esoteric model of academic work.

  • SecularDogma says:

    Also, this guy indirectly referred to himself as a genius too often for
    someone that “loves hip-hop”. He is actually the archetype for the TED
    “genius”. We ARE living in amazing times.

  • patdenava says:

    u gotta admit it’s a odd thought. What if TED does have a secondary agenda.
    that’s a whole lota bread. Who’s piggy bank is it going Into

  • Holymolypatoly says:

    Check this out before you form an opinion people:

  • Fringe Elements says:

    My opinion of TED was formed by watching TEDTalks presentations, not this

  • mrmeanero says:

    Joe would probs love Paul Watson lol They’re on the same side mate.

  • MercC23k says:

    That seems high for the talk itself and would be a $14,000,000 profit. Now
    if that money covers the whole week it makes it less extreme, but since
    most events are for a select few it seems unfair to charge everyone for
    them. Now yes, they invest much of that money elsewhere to further human
    thought and knowledge, but it is still a huge profit margin. And the main
    issue here is that TED has become overbearing in controlling the “artistic”
    and “free-thinking” people they try to attract.

  • Joseph C Smith Jr says:

    HAHAHA @12:35 2000Teddy’s x 8000$cost = Ask a asian = 16,000,000… and
    furthermore.. he asked an asian chef who currently manages a restaurant.. i
    bet that guy can do calculus homework and make 5 dinners perfect and still
    do a crossword in his spare time.. and.. ted the stupid organization that
    fronts for actual smart speakers.. fired this dude for taking one afternoon
    to talk to Joe the Smart Shaman, Rogan.. thank you VERY MUCH for posting
    this salient information about how bad TED is.

  • MattTheBigCat says:

    And they fail to realize that they are choosing to be offended by these

  • deezer666 says:

    So Sashas a ‘crazy fuck’?? But you ‘Da man’ Rogan cos you smoke some DMT?

  • hybby says:

    /4JhwQ17mLjo?t=4m15s rude as fuck, Joe. Why are you talking about Sasha
    Shulgin cooking up crystal meth? You know he’s never done that, and he’s
    only done positive things for the movement that YOU support. In fact, you
    wouldn’t be so well versed in psychedelics, had Sasha Shulgin not done the
    amazing research on MDMA, 2C’s, etc, as well as writing TIHKAL and PIHKAL.
    Utterly disrespectful, and extremely rude.

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