tell me more about the mormon “prophet”?

tell me more about the mormon “prophet”?

tell me more about the mormon “prophet”?
do mormons currently have a living prophet? who is it? does he actually converse face to face with god? what did he do to make it into this position?

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Answer by Brett A
As per *all* religions… you misspelt ‘Profit’.

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  • USN says:

    Gordon Bitner Hinckley (born June 23, 1910) is the 15th President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is the prophet of the LDS church.

  • Grazie says:

    The book of Mormon was written in the 19th century by a money-making charlatan who wrote it in 17th century prose. It is complete rubbish.

    However, if you are gullible enough to believe in it, then be prepared to live life with an empty wallet.

  • producergirl347 says:

    They do –

    Read the book “Under the Banner of Heaven” and it will all be explained. Too limiting to put in this format.

  • Bill P says:

    More of a profit than a prophet

  • Drizzt says:

    Gordon B Hinckley is the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and is a prophet, seer, and revelator. There is always a living prophet on the earth.he has probably with God, but I don’t know for sure. He is constantly receiving revelation concerning the Church and world. he did not “run for the position” or anything like the Pope. it is not an elected official. he is called of God, and is sustained by the Quorum of the 12 Apostles. to give you an example of how this works…..If President Hinckley were to die (I would be very sad) then it is already known that Thomas S Monson, right now the 1st councilor to President Hinckley, would become the next prophet because he is the Senior Apostle, after President Hinckley. This is already known by everyone, so there would be no debating. The Quorum of the 12 would have a sustaining vote, which is always unanimous, at least I have never heard of it not being, then Monson is the new prophet of the Church, with all the power and authority of that calling

  • Oreo says:

    His name is Warren Jeffs, and he’s currently in a jail in Nevada.

    Hope this helps!

  • lindsey p says:

    The current one is Gordon B Hinckley, he was appointed by a counsel of elders, mormons do believe he receives revelation, but I don’t think he converses face to face with God, it’s probably more like the revelations come to him in dreams. They consider him the modern authority for church doctrine and they abide by his teachings.

  • lilfry14 says:

    I do not know why people keep saying “profit” instead of “prophet” because the prophet and church leaders of the mormon church are not paid. To answer the question, the current living prophet of the mormon church is, as stated perviously, Gordon Hinckley and to make it in this position, he was the most senior apostle (Had been an apostle the longest) at the time of the previous prophet’s death and so he became the next prophet by standard church precedence. I don’t know if he converses with God/Jesus face to face, I dont think he has ever said so.

  • ∞Infinity∞ says:

    Not one of these people has gotten it all correct.

    I will let you figure it out, only to say that Gordon B. Hinckley is the current president of the church and he has never once said that he has spoken to God face to face.

    By the way, Warren Jeffs is the leader of the FLDS church, not the LDS church. They have VERY different belief systems when you consider that the FLDS believe the polygamy will get you into heaven and most LDS people think polygamy is repulsive and condemning. And he’s in jail in Utah, but he was arrested in Nevada.

  • Wahnote says:

    Gordon B. Hinckley is our present Prophet.

    Whether he converse with God, he never mention it, if he has, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    We believe God chooses his prophets. In our church presently, worthy righteous men are called by God to be Apostles. Whether they will be the next Prophet depends on seniority., which is, whoever got ordained to be an Apostle first.

  • TAN MAN says:

    He is nothing but a false prophet. He never prophesies and he was conned into buying a bunch of fake documents that he thought would make the church look bad. Google “Salamander Letters” for more info.

    The Book of Mormon has been proven to be a total fraud time and time again. Ask any non LDS Meso-American Historian or Archaeologist if any proof has ever been found to support the BoM and they unanimously say NO! Even LDS Historians and Archaeologists have been ex-communicated for telling the truth that the BoM is a fairytale. Why do you think nobody ever heard of Nephites, Lamanites, Jeredites, Cureloms, ect. ect. ect.

    The Church cant even come up with a map to put in the back of the BoM so the faithful can follow along with the stories. Any Bible has detailed maps telling all about the places and events that happened in Biblical times yet the Bom cant even find any of the big places like the City of Nephi or Land of Zarehimla or anything else.

    Thats because Joseph Smith made the whole thing up . The Bom is the laughingstock of the Meso American scientific community because they know it is a total hoax

  • daisykristina says:

    As far as the talking with God thing – I just want to share a little story. A friend of mine once asked an apostle if he has seen Christ. The apostle just smiled and said “There are some things you just don’t talk about.”

    As far as anyone knows the requisite layed out in the new testament for an Apostle to be an eye-witness of the Resurrection of Christ has never been recanted. There are things I’m willing to assume, but when I also think about how many times Jesus told his apostles in the New Testament to not tell anyone about many experiences, I fully respect the concept of such a sacred experience being one of those things “you just don’t talk about.”

  • mormon_4_jesus says:

    Our current prophet is Gordon B. Hinckley. I don’t know that they speak face to face, butit douhave gh

  • hibby76 says:

    Gordon B Hinkley was chosen to be an Apostle through revelation. The most senior Apostle becomes the prophet when the current one dies.

    God speaks to him. Whether it’s face to face, or through the spirit, or both, I don’t know, but yes, God reveals his truth and his will to him, and then he reveals it to us.

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