The Best Orthodox Mezmur by Zerfe Kebede

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31 Responses to “The Best Orthodox Mezmur by Zerfe Kebede”

  • Macpherson1976 says:

    my soul get peace when i hear this song ,God bless u zerfe keep it up !!!

  • alfanomegan says:

    Such a blessed song.Zerfe may the almighty bless you enormously. We chrsitans really do need people like you.And we hope you will give us more of this. The entire album is heart-touching.God bless you Zerfe.

  • alfanomegan says:

    god bless u zerfe, life changing song.

  • ritabz says:

    love it…geta nuw redate!!

  • kiduel says:

    hey! hey!

    are u calling me protestant?? well if u are then u are lost my bro! i have been orthodox for my whole life, and i agreed with mesengeleys comment not 6inhim7, please u better think twice b4 u wrote something, zim bleh yesew sim atatfa

  • SendekAlama says:

    Ayy kiduel,

    You agreed with a protestants response. This shows your true color. Ayy Yesew Neger, Yetedebeqe Maninetu Sayasibew Naw Biq Yemilew Eko kkkkkkkkkk

  • kiduel says:

    good answer

  • 6inhim7 says:

    Which one is from “heaven”? yegonderoche stayle weyes yegojjamoche style weyes yeshewawoche style? didn’t u read the book in titled “Geddel weyes Gedel”? Don’t worry about the Zema but the content of the words or the lyrics. why u act like melicon(2Samo 6:1-23)

  • SendekAlama says:

    G/Egziabher zeParis,
    From the time St Yared received the heavenly chant – to the day he performed to Emperor Gabre Masqel – or to the services you see today at the poor tents of rural Betekirstians, It was and is our ‘Akalawi Nefess’ that was filled with joy, because it is authentic and heavenly! The present day ‘Mezmurs’ like the one here are devoid of that heavenly spirit and are meant to satisfy our paradoxical need of both: the heavenly and the earthly and that to me is a reformation!

  • mesengeley says:

    hey, this is Gebregziabher from Paris. I like werfe’s mezmur. I do not like protestants’ mezmur in fact i do not listen as well. I am afraid but you can not convince me that the mezmur has “Reformation agenda”.

    simply best orthodox mezmur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alemu2009 says:

    i love your mezmur am really feel get my god and true orignal yaredawi mezmur

  • alemu2009 says:

    when hear this mezmur my sole so happy in this scary world

  • nayetubo says:

    so nice

  • kiduel says:

    ya nice q

  • zewdu1 says:

    Zerfe abondoned her previous life , Stopped singing and started living for the Glory of God. What about us? Does only listning to the nice songs will save us from satan or we are reday to abondon the very nasty life that we coupled with. especially the diaspora?

  • yonasable says:

    god bless her. i am happy to be orthodox thank you God.

  • dawitist says:

    omg best best mezmur GOD BLESS OUR RELIGEON

  • jetaime1982 says:

    realy i feel from my hear these mezmur god blass you

  • SendekAlama says:

    Since “… there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repent” Luke 15:7, I am happy for her that she abandoned the Alemawi songs that she use to produce. However the “zema ena Gitim Dersis” of today’s so called Mezmur saw a BIG BIG market in producing Mezmurs that also satisfy the Zefen need in us. It is so sad to see the sacred hymn tarnished so badly by children of the church. It is a huge market for the producers and also a hidden agenda for the reformers.

  • metylove1 says:

    May god bless you god give u good voice please don’t stop keep on do what u do ok my sister god be with you bless you

  • eritreahagerey says:

    i love this mezmur so much
    keep it up sis

  • jordinfabelous says:

    nice mezmur

  • ruthtekli says:

    God bless you you are very good singer and God give you good Voice

  • beleteyn says:

    zerfe she has very nice song thank you
    God bless you and your family

  • 420saron says:

    does she have a video that u can actually see her face? she has a great voice. God bless!

  • solomon says:

    Zerfe a nice voice gifted from God And God bless her

  • micheal nega says:

    hello i’m michael nega from eritrea. what i want to say is evrything in the website is nice.And most eritrean yoth (orthodox church) like these ethiopian religous songs;but we couldn’t sing them since we don’t know their lyrics and we don’t that much knowledge in amharic language.So since the aim of us is for having good spritual life by giving thank to our God its better if you could upload or pablish the songs lyrics to the web.Especially, i am waiting for that to be pablished and inform me through my mail.
    God bless us.amen.

  • bisrat says:

    do u listen her voice it is radicules and amazing, iwonder it.GOD BLESS U.

  • daniel says:

    zerfe betam kelbe yemisma mezmure new zerfe she has very nice song thank you god bless you and your family

  • Iliku Roba says:

    How do you do?Iam fine thanks for A GOD!.How about life?.First i went appriciate your work ,specially your spritual contribution,the GOD bless you! AMEN!!!
    Now I expect from you another work

  • saba admassu says:

    Zerfe she has a nice voice gifted form GOD bless her

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