The Bible Series – Episode 6 Jesus Baptism

Episode 6 – Revolution 9:00 PM March 17, 2013 – 10:00 PM March 17, 2013 The Romans dominate the Mediterranean through fear and oppression, and the Jews crave…

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25 Responses to “The Bible Series – Episode 6 Jesus Baptism”

  • Ryan Constantine Chong says:

    I noticed something: where is god’s voice calling to Jesus from the
    heavens, ” You are my son, the chosen/anointed one.”

  • dave angakehe says:

    love it

  • brian martlock says:

    It’s never too late, ur born into sin and should be baptized asap!

  • SpencerRaySanders says:

    The night I got baptized was truly a marvelous experience! Stepping into
    the water a sinner, coming out a newlyborn child of God!

  • Lyndi Borthwick says:

    When I was baptised it felt like god had his hands underwater to catch me
    and lift me up I felt so peaceful and safe and loved!. Thanks be to god! 

  • brian martlock says:

    Its never too late, however ur born into sin n should be baptized soon
    after birth, parents forgivin ! 

  • Marin Bacila says:


  • TheClimaxWarrior says:

    doesn’t say anything about being baptized by water to be saved by God.

  • SpencerRaySanders says:

    The night I got baptized was TRULY a marvelous experience! Stepping into
    that water a sinner, coming out a newlyborn child of God!

  • brian martlock says:

    Its never too late, however ur born into sin n should be baptized soon
    after birth, parents forgivin ! 

  • lagabornable says:

    What a humbling experience that must have been

  • Jack Morris says:

    John The Baptist Ftw

  • StrathendrickPiper says:

    lol troll

  • gotubeogle says:

    baptising like a boss

  • stitch99 says:

    First of all, the scene ended quite abruptly. I haven’t seen the
    miniseries, and it sounds like you haven’t either. For all you know, the
    vision happens immediately afterwards, or he relates the experience of it
    then. Second, those words you quoted have long been interpreted as many,
    many other things than “This guy’s God.” You’re approaching the situation
    with a preconceived problem and blaming the miniseries which agrees with
    you for disagreeing.

  • craigape says:

    I could be wrong, but I took this as your way of saying that the story of
    Jesus is (at least in multiple occasions) a story that is rewritten to make
    money and appeal to the current generation. However, we still have access
    to original Bibles from hundreds of years ago. Unless those Bibles are all
    changing too (which isn’t possible), we can always make sure any portrayal
    of Jesus is accurate, whether it’s a television series or a new translation
    of the Bible.

  • whitesmith bonesdark says:

    But most people will NOT ACCESS the old bible books, they will all go for
    the new, money made ones,and media forms like movies. the commercializers
    know they have to get the young first, and the young always fall for the
    new and exciting(hence television forms of the bible,with more and more
    young people on line looking for the bible mostly digitally )

  • craigape says:

    The religion didn’t ‘come from’ Rome, it ‘started in’ Rome. That’s where
    the first Christian church was established (despite the fact that it
    quickly became persecuted by Roman officials), so it only makes sense that
    there would be some form of Christianity with Rome in it’s title, despite
    the fact that it doesn’t share the same morals or beliefs as Rome did.

  • ARC1313 says:

    Was he the Christ? The King of Kings the one who was promise by the
    Prophets? Will he come again? Will he be that King who was promise to rule
    this ungodly world as the Messiah the King and LORD ??? will he come again?

  • Kazra Mohammed says:

    Something that talks about love and purity and honesty and then you talk
    about race and racism, you should be ashamed of yourself! And your racist
    lies are evil you should stop it! And it doesnt matter what race Jesus
    looked like, His message is what matters!

  • 87thissucks says:

    Dude the English accent was influenced greatly by latin so get your facts

  • Kingsulify says:

    PART2: thinks this is bad because it makes the world look left and up when
    they should be looking right and straight ahead, basically it leads into
    the whole NWO/WWIII you are referring to because people will be lost
    because they don’t know who God really is and will be looking for this
    painted version that these NDE people and other people like them are

  • SuperDilemma says:

    Glöm inte att kärlek är något relationellt, mellan minst 2 personer. Om Gud
    vilja för all befolkning på hela jordklotet ger oss alla möjlighet att
    följa det som är gott, och vi blickar bort, hur kan vi säga att Gud brister
    i sin kärlek och vilja? 1 John 4:8 Whoever does not love does not know God,
    because God is love. Gud håller sitt löfte, frågan är dock om vi väljer att
    följa det som ger oss evigt liv och frid? Vår vilja är en frihet, men vi
    människor har gjort det till en ursäkt mot Gud…

  • whitesmith bonesdark says:

    Gotta collect all the Jesus movies! but this one is not as good as the ones
    from the earlier decades, but still looks like it has some fun weird
    scenes.better than many cartoons and movies with all the guns and violence
    at least.

  • SuperDilemma says:

    Och Jesus ger oss alla en fin förklaring till varför han kom till jorden,
    för att vägleda oss tillbaka till den väg som Guds vilja alltid hade öppen
    för oss, men som vi valde att blicka bort ifrån. John 3:19 This is the
    verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead
    of light because their deeds were evil.

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