The Catholic Church – Builder of Civilization, Episode 1: Introduction

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22 Responses to “The Catholic Church – Builder of Civilization, Episode 1: Introduction”

  • Shan Perera says:

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    Catholics attack the Roots[Satan & Devils]. Peace makers can Support us !
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  • MrStoneycool69 says:

    Yes as well as the incited violence with the 2 african tribes in Rawanda yes there is certainly no question the church has a lot of criminals running the show. I can never understand why they don’t let them marry. They also murdered Pope Paul the 1st in 79, if you see the movie the “Godfather part 2” they actually show this in the movie. I think Francis Ford Copola knew a lot more about the church than most people. You can’t judge the innocent people Christians, compared to a few bad apples.

  • carlos montana says:

    yes but its the catholic church that has 375 billion dollars in lawsuits for the rape of children,,, and the main issue here is that they hide and protect each other,,, every single priest knows dam well that they are either pedophiles or gay or like animals… these are really sick men,, you never here of a priest getting caught with a prostitue ,,, thats because they do not like woman,,, they like little kids,,, bastards,,, get them all and put them in fucking jail where they belong

  • MrStoneycool69 says:

    I do, I have read about dark ages in history. But to destroy Christianity only leaves Judasim and Islam to take over, what a world that would be. Have you read the Talmud and Koran? There is plenty of sick pedophile behaviour in their teachings as well, go and have a read.

  • carlos montana says:

    its the church that hides and protects the pedophiles,,, so forget about it,, the church is guilty as sin,,, real maggots that all know who the pedophiles are,,, its this code of silence shit that protects these sick maggots… the church has also hide and protected nazi war criminals,, the church stole and sold babies,,, nuns having abortions in convents because the priest would go there and fuck em… so please,,, you have no clue the misery the church has caused people

  • MrStoneycool69 says:

    Yes, the church seemed to hate anything that proved science was correct. The church was frightened that such phliosophy was undermining their standing in society.

  • MrStoneycool69 says:

    I agree with you on a number of issues you mentioned, I would say today the church has been infiltraited by those who seek to destroy it. The church seems to go against the original teachings that were mentioned in the bible, what happened, did God change his mind?

  • carlos montana says:

    builder of civilisation??!! take a look at our civilisation… it shows just how corupt the church really is… crime and violence and all the shit this planet has to live with… it would of been alot better without the church… at least 135,343 little kids would not have been raped and beat by the employess of this sick uncivilized catholic church,, and no one getting killed in war with the blessing of this murderous church… put all the priest in jail… t

  • Izoupun says:

    It has nothing to do with idol worship. Idols are only such when the image is based on a deity or an entity that is antichrist, has never been or ever will be. Images of the Catholic Church are in place to make both the Gospel and the saints more accessible to empathize with, draw inspiration from and relay to others about. Nothing less, nothing more.

  • Te Wharau Walker says:

    The problem that I find with the Catholic Church is that they worship and bow down to a statue of Mary. God’s second commandment was ‘Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.’ So we shouldn’t bow down to statues of silver or gold or wood. So I would consider Catholics as Idol Worshippers.

  • quasimodojdls says:

    Well, they were all devout members of the church. But that clearly has nothing to do with it, right? A good deal of the them were church officials. So please tell me how an institution that is supposed so anti-science can have so many of it’s own members be so heavily invested in the sciences.

  • peterb37 says:

    I doubt that. What had religion to do with anything these men accomplished. The succeeded in-spite of religion.

  • quasimodojdls says:


  • quasimodojdls says:

    Roger Bacon, Nicolaus Copernicus, Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, Rene Descartes, Issac Newton, Gregor Mendel, Louis Pasteur, George Washington Carver and Georges Lemaitre (who came up with the Big Bang Theory) would most likely disagree.

  • Catholic Truth Global says:

    @Machias, this series was definitely done for your misconceptions!

  • machias Houlton says:

    Astronomy? YES! For good reason… Astronomy was used by pre-flood civilizations to predict future events. (SEE the books of Jubilees) and it was pioneered by Ancient Israel as well. (SEE 4 BLOOD MOONS BY JOHN HAGEE) Apparently the illuminati is hot on that stuff too so yeah… No surprise.

    BARBARIAN PEOPLE HMPH! When did Europe NOT do away with it in its entirety I ask? Even in its state of secular democracy they haven’t changed and now the Muzzies are in on it. HINT: Go to a soccer game.

  • machias Houlton says:

    9:31 and the idea rights is actually Judeo Christian. It melted away in the face of feudalism. BTW. peasant rebellions were often victims of the inquisition.

    REASON?! Paging Voltaire! And its reasonable to coerce a confession or demand that the people remain uneducated and obey their king who God anointed even if he was an evil tyrant?

    Oh well. Anyways reason should be based on the word of God.

  • machias Houlton says:

    Okay been a week.

    I think I’ll skip the intro But Lets just start with this.

    Charity: concerning what he said The church hierarchy in particular in the United States, Latin America, and elsewhere along with ecumenical movements has interpreted this verse literally 2 Thessolonians 3:10 Whosever does not work does not eat. They include the disabled, those who cannot find work in their community or those who were victims of crime Including crimes by government. Never mind jesus said Matthew 25

  • machias Houlton says:

    HOGWASH!! I’ll talk about it tomorrow.

  • Jake Jii says:

    That is 100% true! 😀

  • KnightOfChrist139 says:

    Muriel Gray is a Jew, Matthew Parris is a homosexual.

  • Nonamearisto says:

    So, Christianity was destroyed by settling theological disputes? That’s not so and you know it.

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