The Debate – Christianity VS. Judaism Part 1

The infamous debate between Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi and a paster from manhattan, simply riveting. Part One.
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25 Responses to “The Debate – Christianity VS. Judaism Part 1”

  • TheWonderfulKushites says:

    The rabbi totally demolished the pastor and rightly so. I cannot accept the
    NT because it contradicts the OT, which means that The Creator of All
    Things changes his mind so we cannot really trust HIM. And I know that
    that’s not true because He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. So one
    of these Testament is wrong and I know it’s not the OT because Yahshua
    himself followed it and He never said that there will be a NT. People need
    to wake up and trust their God-Given intelligence. 

  • CarmineFragione says:

    So Moses wrote two creation stories in Genesis that do not match. Then
    it shows there are two Testaments. The First Creation is based on the
    Law, Six Days and the Sabbath , the Second Creation ( Genesis 2:4)
    contradicts everything given by the Law, and appeals to other ideas,
    that do not call for days or numbers. The earlier creation narrative
    in Job chapter 38 does not regards the Law of Days or Sabbath. Thus
    Job’s speech from God on Creation matches only the Second Creation story ,
    Genesis 2:4. Thus Moses put the Six Days Creation Story as the First,
    but it may be simply prophetic and belongs at the end of days and the
    Second Creation Story of Adam and Eve is the actual natural story of the
    present world, while the first story of Six Days Creation is by the Messiah
    , coming in the last days, the making of a new world that ends in the
    Sabbath Rest, 

  • Khalid Stewart says:

    “You heard that I said to you, ‘I go away, and I will come to you ‘ If you
    loved Me, you would have rejoiced because I go to the Father, for the
    Father is greater (meizon) than I.” John 14:28 May a christian explain this
    verse In my opinion and it may look like to others as well it looks like
    Jesus himself is saying the heavenly father is greater then himself? So why
    would I need to pray through or to Jesus? Moses never prayed through Jesus,
    Noah never prayed through Jesus, Abraham never prayed through Jesus, ETC
    not even Jesus himself did that who was Jesus praying to when he
    prostrated? Even when Jesus exorcised demons who’s name did he call upon?
    His own? The Heavenly Fathers? I am Muslim and people may not agree with my
    beliefs but we are on the subject of this video. So how do we go about
    explaining all these Prophets that Jews, Christians, and Muslims know about
    there are a few that I know all three religions talk about who did they
    pray to? It sure was not Jesus and they did not pray through him either? I
    am not trying to discredit any belief system I am just asking questions and
    pointing out my opinions because I believe that God’s word is so simple a
    child could understand it and if there is any contradictions or confusion
    in the belief system well we all know who that comes from Man whether its
    from a Jewish doctrine Christian Islam etc.

  • CarmineFragione says:

    Yahweh God brings the Precedent of using the term “Almah” for the first
    time ever spoken as the Word of God in Genesis 24:16 referring to
    Rebekah. Not even Eve or Sarah was ever described with this term
    Almah, until Rebekah. Rebekah had the attributes of 1. Abraham’s clan
    , 2. Virgin 3. Willing to be the wife of Abraham’s son Isaac. Thus
    the meaning of the term Almah is uttered out of the mouth of God in a
    complete thought about the girl Rebekah. Now, Judah in contrast, had
    departed Israel ,after selling Joseph to the Ishmaelites as a slave,
    causing Israel grief. Then Judah intermarries the Canaanite women , who
    were virgins and young and eligible, however this intermarriage of Judah
    with the Canaanites violated the Trust Bond of Abraham’s Oracle, “Swear
    that no Canaanite woman will be a wife for my son” So the Virgin
    question is one of the three important attributes of a Divine Sign of
    Yahweh, that then enters the issue of Isaiah Seven. The Virgin is
    ALMAH to cause the Sign to incorporate these facts, that the young girl
    is 1. Abraham’s Clan, 2. Virgin 3. She consents to the marriage and
    bearing of the child. Thus “Almah” in the eyes of God, means
    strictly a Sacred Sign from Genesis Covenant Memorials. It means that
    the Virgin could not be therefore “Any young girl” because in
    retrospect, it forbids the Canaanite women from eligibility to mother the
    Messiah. Abraham made his servant swear by Heaven ” Put your hand
    under my thigh. I want you to swear by the Lord, the God of Heaven and the
    God of Earth, that you will not get a wife for my son from the daughters of
    the Canaanites, among whom I am living, but will go to my country and my
    own relatives and get a wife for my son Isaac”
    Thus the Jews , if you claim to be Judah, then intermarried the
    Canaanites and thus broke faith with Abraham , and thus the Jews are a
    Curse in Israel , and unless they are Atoned for the Blood, everyone is
    cut off from Israel and is going to Hell. And their depravity knows no
    limit ,they profess to be wise, but argue for the Devil , and reject God
    Yahweh, which is proven so in Leviticus 26:14-46, and to this day they
    have not CONFESSED their sins and the sins of their fathers, by which
    Treachery and Hostility they have opposed Yahweh God. So Yahweh sends an
    Unseen Sword, and no human messiah figure the Jews can choose ,can save
    them from God , who alone is the King of Israel and by the Way of the
    Priest, shown Himself Glorified in Jesus Christ, Father with the Son,
    giving the Holy Spirit to those with eyes of Faith to see God.
    The Jews are cut off, even if they returned to the land, God will not
    remember the Covenant without them cutting their heart, confessing their
    sin, and paying for the sin , when God shall preserve only a small
    remnant which profess Faith and Belief in Yahweh, that they see Messiah
    came as the Christ. While God gave the Jews the Curse of the Fallen
    Bricks in Isaiah Nine, at that time, also God revealed the Light to the
    Gentiles , at Galilee, that a Child given is called “El Gibbor”
    The Jews are Chaldean Mystics, of the Talmud, who never returned with
    Ezra and Nehemiah, and thus there is no mention of the Talmud in the Dead
    Sea Scrolls, and the entire Mishnah of the Jews is called “Mystery
    Babylon” since they EVOLVED their religion in Exile, and departed
    Moses’ Law by means of an Occult Mysticism of “Collective Divinity ”
    to claim ownership of the Torah and pronounce any interpretation they
    wish , even over ruling Yahweh God, Such is otherwise known as the
    Devil and the Fallen Angels. 

  • Avi Yeshua Hamashiach Adoneinu El-Elyon says:

    I, a Gentile, confess that a Gentile has nothing against the Jew.

  • ChadOfTorah Craig says:

    this pastor should not be debating with any Jew whatsoever, he has
    absolutely no understanding of Torah and no understanding of Yeshua’s true

  • Uriel ben Shaul says:

    the Rabbi almost got it but still not quite there, as a Jew i agree with
    the rabbi that Yeshua did not cancel the Torah Mitzvat. he never did. but I
    do belive that Yeshua is the messiah no question about it. Believing in
    Yeshua does not make no one a christian. Christian was word used by the
    Romans to Mock the follower of yeshua. I am not a christian nor will i ever
    be one, i will and always will be a Jewish talmid of Mashiach Yeshua, i
    still follow Halacha, and follow the 13 attributes of Judaism and the one
    of them is the anticipation of the coming of the mashiach. B”H

  • John Andrade says:

    Great job Christian, despite the obvious home court advantage that Rabbi
    Yosef had. Both parties obviously have knowledge, however, the Christian
    appears much more capable of understanding context and seems to have a
    clearer ability at interpretation of sacred Scripture then the Rabbi.
    Furthermore, the Christian is quite gracious and kind. Next time,
    Christian, take the offensive and do not allow yourself to get stuck only
    defending your position. Go on the attack and point out some critical
    errors that the Jew has in dealing with he words of the Hebrew Scriptures.

  • Treasure Church says:

    Where’s this rabbi from?

  • ahmrou82 says:

    As a Muslim, it’s clear that rabbi know his book better. God can not be one
    and then changed to be 3 in 1.

  • Joaquin Alonso says:

    Can anyone please tell me why Daniel 9:24 gives just 490 yrs (from
    the decree to build Jerusalem) for EVERLASTING righteousness to be ushered
    in? As I explain in my 3rd video, if you are expecting the Messiah to come
    concurrently with everlasting peace, atonement, righteousness, then you
    can’t really explain what happened in Ch. 9 of Daniel. 

  • Naazim97 says:

    Islam is the only true religion

  • Avi Yeshua Hamashiach Adoneinu El-Elyon says:

    Hah, he spelled pastor wrong.

  • Avi Yeshua Hamashiach Adoneinu El-Elyon says:

    This Rabbi is smart.

  • Avi Yeshua Hamashiach Adoneinu El-Elyon says:

    Judaism seems better than Christianity but Judaism is no longer the path to
    HaShem (BIH) it’s Christianity now.

  • spang1960 says:

    Dear God, this xtian apologist is disgustingly slimy and false at base,
    phony in his heartdepth. “I am so glad you asked a question about truth,
    truth is SO important…” What man talks like that? A man you wouldn’t
    buy a used car from. Ugghh…I can’t watch anymore.

  • Tsadi9Mem9Khet9 says:

    The vast superiority of its justice and morality makes clear the fact that
    Tanakh-based Yehudi or Bnei Yisroel civil and religious law is not the
    source from which Christianity originated, but that it is a product of
    Roman mystery school idiot pagans.
    To give an example, Christianity idiotically claims that the poor, with no
    qualification, are more worthy than the rich. The written Torah, on the
    other hand, says that justice should NOT be prejudiced in favor of anyone,
    including the poor. This demonstrates a far greater sense of justice and
    far greater wisdom, and it came fifteen centuries or so before

  • TheAmazing Kafir says:

    When i read the Talmud i have the impression that there is so much
    confusion on what are the tasks of the Messiah or even how many Messiah
    there are. One? Two? or even four craftsmen to come with the Moreh Zedek
    and Elijah beside the TWO Messiahs.

  • jone newors says:

    still no answer thechristianforever???? no surprised

  • bibilang96 says:

    I also wanted to say I was really intrested when you started talking about
    the concept of a virgin birth and I totally agree with you. It would be
    delusional to accept this concept without questions and it really cannot be
    scientifically backed up. So thankyou for clearing that up. God bless 🙂

  • wolf wolfson says:

    may you and your house will burn/ jesuse was a faget jew/ burn m/f

  • fadzli syah says:

    this rabbi destroys christianity in only 17minutes.

  • massa dumuyah says:

    so if you guys watch a debate of islam and christianity you guys will start
    to bash islam wow

  • Oo oO says:

    I’d also like to apologise for any disrespect intended, I have some
    knowledge of christianity and i know enough to know where its going wrong.
    Im only trying to help you get a deeper understanding of YOUR own
    faith(Christianity) and in order for you to do that is look into Islam.
    Islam is the oldiest religion and it dates back to Prophet Adam(AS) the
    first man on earth. Its the ONLY true word of God. If you dont want to
    thats fine, i dont think theres much left to say anymore mate.

  • indominatus says:

    there are lots of parallels with Moses and the Messiah – here’s one that
    might not have been considered yet – when Moses was retrieved from the
    river – it was by a GENTILE – and Moses would come back one day as the
    liberator of the Jewish people. If it not for Yeshua and Paul the gospel
    would not be preached unto the gentiles – so that one day the gentiles
    would come back to witness to the Jews.

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