The First Atheist Mega-Church #18

The First Atheist Mega-Church #18

The First Atheist Mega-Church #18

The Comfort Zone is a half-hour, weekday program where we answer your questions! Jam-packed with biblical insight, real-world answers, and a lot of fun, this…

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25 Responses to “The First Atheist Mega-Church #18”

  • BloodOfYeshuaMessiah says:


    1. Insist there is no absolute truth while at the same time insisting they
    are absolutely right.

    2. Insist the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a myth based on the
    “science” that DEAD NON LIVING MATERIAL, DOES NOT come alive again,
    while at the same insisting evolution IS science and teaches that thru
    “bio genesis”, DEAD NON LIVING MATERIALS – DO come alive.

    3. The atheist reluctantly acknowledges they know barely a TRILLIONTH of 1%
    of the entire knowledge of the universe yet insist the creation of the
    universe had absolutely nothing to do with a Creator.

    4. Insist that evolution follows the laws of science yet the basic premise
    of evolution requires it to break the laws of science being contradictory
    to the laws of thermodynamics.

    5. The atheist condemns the theist for the “supposed” lack of evidence for
    a Creator yet admitidly confess they themselves have not so much as a
    SINGLE SHRED OF EVIDENCE for their own argument ! 

  • TurboMitsubishi says:

    Isn’t an Atheist church an oxymoron?

  • MrJohnnyLighting says:

    U can’t argue with Christians because no matter what valid point u make to
    them it will always fall on their deaf superstitious ears. Can’t blame them
    really….. for having faith and taking comfort in something other than the
    harsh realities of this world. I wish I could suspend my realistic mind and
    believe in ghosts, and goblins, unicorns and magic beans, holy lands and
    Zeus…I mean god….I mean Jesus….I mean the holy ghost LOL

  • joecane6340 says:

    I am not an atheist but I have many friends who are and I can assure you
    that these “churches” are not really about organizing. It’s about helping
    other atheists have a place to go when their families isolate them for
    coming out as an atheist. 

  • KnightInRomance says:

    … Then he takes a sip of his water LOL. Classic!

  • SirGooglinMort Smith says:

    Of course they didn’t want you at an Atheist debate Ray you talk nonsense
    and use false examples and blatantly lie about evolution. They want people
    that actually have an understanding of what the debate is about, not your

  • Tehwugginator says:

    I don’t understand how you can make the argument that morality came from
    the bible with a straight face, it makes absolutely no sense.

    If the only thing keeping you from running around and killing everyone in a
    murderous rampage is the bible, you are one messed up person and you need
    psychological help. I really hope that isn’t that case.

  • theatheistdebunker says:

    The definition of mega church is
    “a church with an unusually large congregation, typically one preaching a
    conservative or evangelical form of Christianity.”
    Please everyone try to think critically

  • johnythanj says:

    As an Atheist, an Atheist Church shouldn’t exist at all. It would make
    Atheism a religion which in every sense of the word is wrong. It’s wouldn’t
    be a Church and it wouldn’t be Atheism. It might as well just be a hall
    where some people who want to spoon feed science to the masses and for them
    to just blindly agree. Atheism is about following where there is evidence.
    Atheists are generally against an organized religion so why would we create
    one of our own. Also, Atheism isn’t a religion, just like Off isn’t a
    Television Channel.

    We don’t need people spoon feeding it to us, just use the internet, watch
    some videos of debates, read books and don’t just listen to someone spoon
    feed something to you. You are competent enough to be an Atheist and think
    for yourself, don’t go to organized Atheism and destroy that.

  • BloodOfYeshuaMessiah says:

    An atheist once said to me – prove to me Jesus existed ?
    I replied by asking the atheist what year he was born.
    1968 he replied. 1,968 years since what I replied.
    I reminded him that the atheists own birth date commemorated the birth of
    the man he claimed didn’t exist ! Atheists – don’t you just love them !

  • Ashford Brunson says:

    Haha I actually forgot all about this comment…naw I just don’t get why
    atheists get so bent out of shape as soon as you mention God. You believing
    in nothing doesn’t bother me but attacking God is what I’m confused about.

  • robert bennie says:

    What do the sermons and hymns sound like in an atheist “church” mega or

  • Roy Spears says:

    I wish video producers would cut to the chase and get to the subject at
    hand instead of wasting viewers time with fancy trailers and silly,
    pointless personal stories.

  • Wayne Coogan says:

    Ray, you need not assail Dawkins with repetitive, video tactics that are
    only an ad hominim attack unworthy of you. Moreover, your’s and your
    colleague’s giggling, ridiculing your opponents, and carrying on, only
    discredit your arguments. Let’s be straight. You are on the right side
    of truth. You have no need to display any childish presentation or
    tactics. Your’s is a somber and morally gigantic undertaking and
    frivolity should never be one of your tactics. 

  • Michael Prehn says:

    Dude, it feels like i am watching a football station. 

  • Jeremy Woods says:

    “Something pretty mysterious had to give rise to the origin of the
    universe” – Richard Dawkins

    “For while I was passing through and examining the objects of your worship,
    I also found an altar with this inscription, ‘TO AN UNKNOWN GOD.’ Therefore
    what you worship in ignorance, this I proclaim to you” (Acts 17.23).

  • The Maverick Christian says:

    sounds like the hippie movement

  • Bernard Kaupe says:

    Right on. Very encouraged by the instruction here. Salvation is of the
    Lord. The gospel saves, not apologetics. Right on on every point I heard
    made here. God bless.

  • ZoroconStudios says:

    to me when i watch this video i see people gouging thier eyes out and
    jamming thier fingers in thier ears yelling “lalalala”

    they didnt even TRY to understand the physics of nothing turning into
    something (VERY basically put when anti-matter and matter combine it
    creates nothing and through some method this process can be reversed.) and
    this would not produce something so complex as an all knowing all seeing
    God. most likely it would produce simple elements of matter

  • Scott Ripley says:

    Am I the only one who understood the first minute?

  • Paul Horn says:

    the scary thing is I understood his opening monologue.

  • Birdeaor says:

    Spot on that no one would get up at 8 am on a Sunday morning to hear
    someone talk about something they don’t believe in. The huge crowds could
    be a hint that you’re missing something important in that conclusion…

  • a1seus says:

    When ever Christopher Hitchens was losing a debate??? what world is this
    goof living in?

  • Adrian Ciubotariu says:

    how in the world did atheist get associated with “megachurch” – people
    should actually look on how they’re defined
    how is it that estonia has nothing to do with this and they are atheists
    since looong ago, same for nowray and sweeden…
    the brits, the americans…this is what happens when brainwashed people
    find themselves with a tool of information circulation as the internet
    at least the comments are not disabled

  • MrMarkovka11 says:

    No, they want people who would tell them exactly what their itching ears
    desire to hear. The problem is not in the intellect, it is in the heart.
    You do not see because you do not wish to see. 

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