The Future of Judaism with Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

England’s Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks delivers the 2012-13 Robbins Collection Lecture in Jewish Law and Thought at Berkeley Law. Topic: “The Future of Ju…
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6 Responses to “The Future of Judaism with Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks”

  • sha1017906 says:

    ‘religion is made easy for you’ holy quran…..shed the 603 extra
    commandments created by the rabbis….and live a balanced life in islam

  • sha1017906 says:

    would have been nice to hear some words of appreciation for muslim
    caliphate omar who reopened jerusalem to jews after a 600 yr ban by the

  • daized79 says:

    You are so right. The last time we did it was close to 2,500 years ago and
    it was condemned by the religious leadership (the political leadership was
    in charge of that decision). Since then it has been absolutely integrated
    into our system of conversion to do our best to REJECT potential converts
    (but we have to accept them if they are dogged and sincere–to do otherwise
    would just be mean).

  • forgottenmemories63 says:

    I’m an Atheist but I like Judaism, It is so different from Islam and
    Christianity.. They don’t seek converts, They don’t force their beliefs on
    others !

  • Robson Dias says:

    For sure!!

  • Yaakov Freidman says:

    Wow! Amazing lecture! Very insightful

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