The Islamic Connection to Rome Catholicism

Thanks to Pro Walter Veith for this very explicit and detailed explanation. His ministries website is…
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24 Responses to “The Islamic Connection to Rome Catholicism”

  • Selena Perera-Gonzalez says:

    Paranoia is a compulsive obsession based upon suspicion and mistrust of people or their actions without evidence or justification. I bet dollars for donuts, this ‘individual’ has never been ‘attacked’ by Muslims or Roman Catholics.He is making money off them with his hate speech. Hitler has a compulsive obsession with ‘Jews’ and Staling thinking he was going to be assesinated. Nonsense facts for a nutcake.

  • chili40m says:

    Exactly right again. This guy is totally off path,by 360°.

  • Octavio A. says:

    According to this research and ones done by others Jesus may not have even existed. This guy is just being contradictory or I may not have all the info. yet.

  • Octavio A. says:

    But this guy worships Jesus evidently but is contradictory to his research. Or did a real Mary exist aside from Isis and the Catholic Mary? Jesus had a mother.

  • chili40m says:

    Exactly right my friend. Isis was the original ancient Egyptian Goddess,who has gave birth,to Horus,after been impregnated by his father,Osiris. She’s magically
    took all of Osiris’s 13 physical parts,except for the 14th part,and reconstructed it back together and instantly revitalized him,and became spiritually impregnated.
    This is where the Greeks and Roman has gotten the idea from,and plagiarized
    in all of the bibles. The pop has actually worships the black Madonna in privacy.

  • chili40m says:

    On 9:14,he says,the eye represents Osiris,when in fact,it,doesn’t.To my understanding,according to source,the eye represents Horus.The cow with the disc between its horns,is equivalent to sun disc.The sun also represents the light of knowledge,which’s why,its enlightenment.However,the cow’s horns,also represents,strengthen/power.To make it abundantly clear,no ancient Egyptians never worshiped any cows nor bulls,at all.History has even said,people in India worships cows.Which they never did.

  • Wonder Boy says:

    Jesus Christ started the church, not Ellen White!

  • Octavio A. says:

    Is he saying the Catholics created Mary or there was a Mary who was nothing like the Catholic version? According to this video the Catholic version of Mary is a carbon copy of Isis. So who was the real Mary if she even existed?

  • joeyof9 says:

    bla bla bla..

  • Eye2EyeIIIV says:

    Did you even watch the video?

  • Kent Hovind says:

    Excellent seminar!!
    I pretty much showed the same thing in my “Questions and Answers” sessions
    Hey folks, it’s actually true if you go out and look for it yourself – Catholicism actually started Islam.
    And before you use any of those words “wrong, stupid, crazy, etc”, and try and see it for yourself with an open mind & try even questioning all that you’ve been spoon-fed in “school”

  • krakusdomm says:

    Who is the Heavenly Father you refer to? What agency do you refer to? Speak your position if you have one or are you like a weed in the wind blowing in any direction?

  • Laudium Enoch says:

    Its is odd that Roman Catholic Churches are side by side to Islamic Mosques. Do a search for it, dont use google, because google will “bubble” what imformation IT THINKS you are searching for, use another search engine.
    However, google or not, you will still find churches side by side, just the information will be heavly biased based on what you have searched in the past. Hope you all know that.

  • nicerperson says:

    Three questions
    1. As a muslim, do you believe Allah punishes sin?
    2. Do you think Allah should punish sin?
    3. How does Allah punish you, a sinner?

  • nicerperson says:

    Trinitarians do believe Jesus is a being – God
    God is the being and Jesus is God
    The one being God has three distinct persons, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit

    All of these are the one being - God

    So you are wrong, Trinitarians believe in Jesus as a being – the being of God

  • nicerperson says:

    So refusing to believe in conspiracy theories is dumb Muslims actually never did any of those things I listed Who was it, the Jews, the CIA, President Bush? you are a time waster – blocked for being stupid, bye!

  • Ian Iam says:

    You are an agent, may the Heavenly Father help you

  • nicerperson says:

    19 guys – do remember, all the extra airport security happened AFTER 9-11 – and an army is going to shoot down a plane with hundreds of civilians on it? until they hit the towers, they were just PLANES, they were not threats until after they hit the towers

    Allahu ackbar to you, you freak

  • nicerperson says:

    So refusing to believe in conspiracy theories is dumb

    Muslims actually never did any of those things I listed

    Who was it, the Jews, the CIA, President Bush?

    Time waster

  • Ian Iam says:

    your priests rape little boys and tell you to worship an idol of mary and that she was a goddess lol

  • Ian Iam says:

    wow buddy you are dumb, I hope God can shine some light on your brain cuz you watch too much television programming

  • Ian Iam says:

    you don’t think 911 was an inside job, seriously you think 18 guys with box cutter flew sophisticated aircraft into the buildings? They got through all the security and the best army in the world couldn’t shoot them down in time?  LMAO

  • Ian Iam says:

    the pope is the vessel for the anti Christ, buddy seriously go look inot the history of the jesuits

  • Ian Iam says:


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