The Real Jesus: Paul Maier presents new evidence from history and archeology at Iowa State – Historian and author Paul Maier presents at Iowa State University. Full library available AD FREE at…

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25 Responses to “The Real Jesus: Paul Maier presents new evidence from history and archeology at Iowa State”

  • EquineDreams says:

    Can I get this talk on DVD?

  • teresa luu says:

    Love it

  • Aaron Vanderploeg says:

    He was talking about how historians can tell if something is likely true or not. He was saying that people who are mentioned in the bible were actual people. People who existed and were part of Jesus life. The fact that they were actual people gives the gospels validity. Is it 100% proof that Jesus existed? No. There are several other criteria that a historian must consider to determine whether a historical person or event is LIKELY. the more criterion that is met the more likely it is.

  • ilikezappa says:

    Hi DMH. Well , growing a new arm for an amputee would be impressive , rather than saying ” FRED NO LONGER HAS A HEADACHE ” You know what I am saying . PS I take it that commanding people not to covet their neighbours Ox has nothing to do with morality either , according to your criteria of unknown consequences ?? Hmmmm

  • Dontmarryher says:

    ring the statue of liberty)


  • Dontmarryher says:

    Hi ILZ. 🙂

    Having complete control of natural law (changing water to wine) or creating an illusion (disappea

  • ilikezappa says:

    @ DES , my point was that the supposed miracles of Jesus were a bit poor ,and far below the level of an end of the pier conjuror. If he truly was what religious zealots claim him to be ,you would have thought a more impressive miracle would be forthcoming

  • ilikezappa says:

    @ Joshua ? you think watching an American TV Evangelist like Jimmy Swaggart is a happy ,uplifting thing ? You sad bastard . You cant tell a turd from a candy bar

  • DerEchteSenf says:

    Well, evidence for WHAT do you want? Many of the stuff he quotes is to dismiss claims.

  • DerEchteSenf says:

    There were no poweful centrel states at that time with police, policecars, drug agencies, telephone lines… we can hardly control substances today even when we want to. What do you think would have happend if some ignorant people fromm 2000 years ago started using antibiotics and that would have kept going until today? They most likely would be totally useless now.

    So. Are you prophet or something? Do you know which route would be better?

  • DerEchteSenf says:

    7:00 he sounds almost like he is from some pre-Dawkian era. Well okay. The astonishment is probably overplayed ^___^

  • Floyd Fp says:

    Where was the actual evidence? Claiming other historical people existed like Pilate and the High Priest doesn’t validity the gospels. Indiana Jones movies take place in historical times, places, and interacts with historical persons. That doesn’t make Indiana Jones real. No one disputes that Pilate existed. There were independent accounts of Pilate.  This guys simply brings up one non-sequitur after another.

  • mttbrown says:

    see Steward Goetz Argument from Evil for the issue of God and Evil.

  • Joshua Hults says:

    God always makes the coolest things come out of people, look at our guys, they are always happy and upbeat, humble and hopeful, loving and caring. Atheist and agnostic lectures are always dark, and degrading, not sure why people would choose grumpy people over cheerful people lol.

  • Jeff Frownfelter says:

    Search for “Jesus My Tranquility”

  • BecomingMike says:

    Christus Victor.

  • DifferentGuy4 says:

    Then what do you believe?

  • BecomingMike says:

    I think penal substitution is an improper atonement theory:

  • DifferentGuy4 says:

    Yeah, IN MY OPINION I think that coming to earth and taking the wrath of the father which should have been brought on everyone but him and later freeing us from our sins and giving us eternal life and forgiving us for our sins time after time until our deaths and finally we don’t know if Jesus knew. God sent him with what he needed to know. Also if Penicillin was invented by accident then the question is why God let Flemming create it at that time?

  • MrBeefreetwo says:

    powerful evidence for the historical jesus. enough said

  • MyOwnSongsAndCovers says:

    Some of them for sure, yet not all.

    What’s their purpose? I don’t know.
    Maybe none, maybe something for which I’m too small to understand.

  • thesuperjohn57 says:

    those are some good points and i guess some natural disasters can be caused by us humans aswell for example if there was a flood it could be caused by global warming or soemthign like that.

  • MyOwnSongsAndCovers says:

    Obviously not.

    I hear people so often arguing about the existence of God because of the pain and suffering we have on this earth.

    1. Most of it is caused by human themselves
    2. It’s not God’s primary concern for us to live a good life, but rather us living an amazing never-ending afterlife, with him.

  • ilikezappa says:

    DMH. No harm in trying it to see if you are right I have prepared my box of hankies and the photo of Margaret Thatcher naked

  • thesuperjohn57 says:

    also that wasnt jesus mission to give knowledge of penicilin.

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