The Rock Won’t Move: The Song Sessions – VERTICAL CHURCH BAND

The Rock Won’t Move: The Song Sessions – VERTICAL CHURCH BAND

Lyrics: When the ground beneath my feet gives way And I hear the sound of crashing waves All my world is washing out to sea I’m hidden safe in the God who ne…
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19 Responses to “The Rock Won’t Move: The Song Sessions – VERTICAL CHURCH BAND”

  • Bryan Fung says:

    much better than the original

  • Christy Frampton says:

    +Rob Frampton Here’s the song

  • JZawork says:

    I really hope it’s just youtube’s compression but it sounds like autotune
    was used. I understand it’s a common industry practice but in my opinion it
    ruins worship because it removes the humility…if it’s just my ears or
    youtube then I apologize, either way it’s a fantastic song.

  • Bronf Mui says:

    Really hope they release an album on just The Song Sessions versions. 

  • Edris Padilla says:

    Greetings from the small island of Puerto Rico! Thank you for blessing me
    with your songs! God bless your ministry!

  • Vee Bell says:


  • Saulo Ortiz says:

    Appreciate the humbleness of this band and sincerity for God in their
    song– pray they don’t loose that as they journey.

  • Jonathan Hoffman says:

    I love the 421 on vocals!!

  • Gabrielle Bucci says:

    Loving these song sessions this morning. 

  • Mark Rojas says:

    fantastic sound! great work on the production side of things

  • Yan Deslauriers says:
  • Kris Smitherman says:

    I really like this song… I like how they mix in “Solid Rock”

  • Heath Kelley says:

    I really enjoy this song. I watched it live at act like men in
    indianapolis and it still lingers in my thoughts from time to time.

  • Tiffany SA says:

    Who is this guy??? I love him! 

  • Reliable Kicks says:

    Praise God!

  • Lorin Olsen says:

    *You are the rock of my salvation!*

    Nothing can move You. And I can anchor my everything upon You.

  • 1LOVEVAULT says:

    Just got back from fullscale worship with yall in Indiana @ ALM. Keep on
    goin with it, yalls ministry is a powerful display of GODs Glory peeps.
    Might have to book yall for an event I do here in TN next summer

  • ni9ck0 says:

    This was my favourite song that the Vertical Church Band played at the
    ActLikeMen conference in Hamilton. Amazing song. Beautiful lyrics. Can’t
    thank Essential Worship enough for posting this session! Praise God

  • michael espinosa says:

    amazing!!!!! These are true American Idols!!!!! Truly blessed and
    gifted…. Thank u Lord

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