The Secret Family of Jesus – Full Documentary

The Secret Family of Jesus - Full Documentary

Professor Robert Beckford explores the forgotten history of the Family of Jesus.

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25 Responses to “The Secret Family of Jesus – Full Documentary”

  • Mark Grago says:

    Did Jesus have brothers and sisters? Was he really born in Bethlehem? What
    was his relationship with Mary Magdalene and why has her contribution to
    Christianity undermined? Why was James(his brother) written out of
    importance,considering his leadership role to the new religion(which was
    paramount for its survival)? Did Jesus really invent the “Lord’s Prayer”,or
    did John the Baptist? What is intriguing about this documentary is the
    Eastern Orthodox perspective that is largely ignored (or unknown)to the
    Christian world. (Dr. James Tabor and Dr. Helen Bond and Dr. Robert
    Beckford(the host)are the major contributors to this program;they are all
    leading biblical scholars). All in all,I found this film very regaling and

  • Christian Powell says:

    Mary is not equal, nothing against her but jesus even says she is not my
    mother, the people here are my brothers, sisters , and mother!

  • Bernhardt Heckendorn says:

    I often wonder? How many of us Christians will actually make it through
    that narrow gate when that crucial moment arrives???

  • Dwayne Martin says:

    Yeshua”Jesus” and his African & Middle Eastern origins, Family.

  • kraigthorne says:

    8:35 According to the early Christian Church this nun would be a major
    sinner, because the FIRST and most important commandment God gave humans
    was to marry and have children. …….. There is no doubt in the minds
    of ALL people who know anything about the early Christian Church that Jesus
    Christ was married when he started his ministry. 

  • David Alicea says:

    Our Lord then declared to him: “You are Peter, and on this rock I will
    build my Church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.”
    Christ, the “living Stone”, …

  • beingcx says:

    mentioning Darren Brown at the beginning of the documentary just ruins this
    documentary form me-it makes it as fictitious as the Da Vinci code. 

  • P Franz says:

    agnostic is not the right place to search for answers.

  • MrOphachew says:

    DAH-cinci Code is a work of fiction thats where you find the book in the
    fiction section of the bookstore. There is no-one depicted or described in
    the Bible as being the son(or daughter for that matter) of Mary and Joseph
    other than Jesus.

  • Meechie Bancos says:

    pure bunk!

  • Apethamburger says:

    Jesus was black so was the israelites, these people are true deceivers of
    Christ and clearly don’t know anything about the bloodlines of Jesus.

  • the rockettez says:


  • Trease Johnson says:

    It does says in the bible that Mary was a virgin, Where is you get your
    info from? and How you know what happen with Jesus and Mary? Nobody wasn’t
    there at the time and this generation, I think no one will really know!!
    and the reason why they never talk about Jesus family is cause the bible
    wasn’t about his family but Him and his miracles, faith, salvation,
    repentance, holy spirit, saved and so forth, now about his family and what
    they did.. That was a stupid question are thing to say.. and the disciples
    are there cause they was there on His journey when he save the peoples did
    miracles, and sent them out to speak to the people and so forth.. I thought
    i was going to hear something I didn’t know with proof, not something you
    think happen with a bunch of people who wasn’t there!! and in them days it
    wasn’t heard for a women to be a preacher are a profit.. 

  • Christian Powell says:

    And when it comes down to it, the best part of scripture is the fact that
    it still hold secrets, and it is incomplete, rev 11,3 the 2. Witnesses will
    have there story told in the 1000 years christ rains 

  • the rockettez says:

    The tribes of Israel are black (Negro)!!! The tribe of Judah was scattered
    to the four quarters of the earth because they disobey Yah’s laws. The
    white jews (Kazars) are fake according to Revelations 2:9 and 3:9. The
    African, Arabs and whites/edom plotted against the Israelites and sold them
    into slavery and than tried to steal their identity read Psalms 83. The
    tribe of Judah are the people you call Negros or niggers today. They are
    the only ones that fit the curses in the book of Deuteronomy 28 and came
    here by ship. Read your bible King James 1611, the son of man is black….
    The other tribes are still in Africa, stop with the lies SATAN OR FAT SANTA

  • Jamie Curtis says:

    I agree Jesus was not son of god was just a man that preached word of god.

  • MrRol1n says:

    Catholicism is man made.It was written by men.

  • MrRol1n says:

    We are in the year 2013 AD .Jesus was born in 1 AD(AD is Latin for at the
    time of our lord).So please tell me how the hell the new testament is 7000
    years old when it was written 30 years after Jesus’ death.And yes,if you
    would like to believe s fairy tale,go right ahead friend.

  • SnakeYear1977 says:

    epic fail

  • Ex Hindu says:

    ►Hindu brothers & sisters, Hinduism = Paganism ►Hindu religion is man made
    false religion ►Please stop worshiping Devil Shiva’s penis, animals & 330
    million gods & goddesses ►Let’s not believe in Hinduism or 330 million
    false gods ►I really appreciate all the Hindus who took the time to read
    this ►If you could just visit my channel, comment on my videos or subscribe
    ►That would be great It will only be few seconds of ur life ►Thank u to all
    the Hindus who visit my channel l really appreciate it!

  • TheProdigalDaughterReturns says:

    Where did you derive this information from that Jesus is not the Son of

  • Arin Kromas says:

    Peace, Jesus cleared message was to worship God Alone and not to idol
    worship and he was not a son of God but a son of Mary and a messenger
    prophet. Peace be upon all. 😉

  • cp canadian says:

    I like the way you explain your findings

  • Kevin Siebert says:

    its much older than 2000 years…ca. 6 or 7000 years and i dont understand
    why people blame they talk wrong in front of people and are
    they calling them a**hole or something?who researches knows that people who
    against them and i say that are many talk against them in every way thay
    can..many of them don’t know why…but people can believe what they want it
    is just wrong to blame them for that and to say its shit

  • Kevin Siebert says:

    if you search wrong comments from people who want to wash your brain just
    look under youtube videos..people believe nearly everything but most of
    them not what they should and even if christianity would be wrong it would
    teach right way to love,to treat others good and to come away from bad
    things that wash your brain…bad people hate often good things and satan
    corrupts them to speak and write against people with tollerance and good
    will..thats a fact stop hating and killing yourself brothers

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