The Simi Valley Story: Escape from Scientology 1/3

Table of Contents ————————- :09 Preamble 1:00 NYC 1978 11:49 Brainwashing 16:20 Scientology is Fun? 19:33 Dissem Formula 21:40 Natural Clear …

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6 Responses to “The Simi Valley Story: Escape from Scientology 1/3”

  • ToryMagoo44 says:

    “Like an O/W Write up”= Overts and withholds for people who do not know. An
    Overt=something a person did that is against their own moral code. (s/t
    they think is “bad”)
    Withhold= a secret they are NOT telling, something they did that they feel
    bad about, thus they are withholding it. Hubbard said IF one wrote up their
    O/W’s, they would feel better. What they did NOT say is they will use these
    against you IF you ever leave. Good going, Semi Valley! :)

  • Chuck Beatty says:

    Thanks for speaking out Simi Valley and Darth Xander for filming this for

    OT 8s speaking the truth don’t grow on trees! Thankyou!

  • TheDarthXander says:
  • SP4123105 says:

    Thanks for sharing Simi. Thanks to SS/DX video production corporation.
    Keep them coming!

  • ricksspeekin says:

    Thanks for providing a greater understanding of this complex cult.
    Can’t wait for part 2 & 3!

  • Thomas Velke says:

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