The Statler Brothers – Elvira (TV performance)

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PLEASE NOTE: I divided my uploads between multiple channels, Bookmark this link in your browser for instant access to an index with links to all of John1948’s oldies classics. LINK: – Named after a brand of tissues, the four members of the Statler Brothers did not in fact share a fraternal bond; what they did share, however, was the distinction of being one of the most successful vocal harmony groups in the history of country music. Formed in the group’s home base of Staunton, VA, in 1955, the Statlers were originally a church trio comprised of bass vocalist Harold Reid (born August 21, 1939), baritone Phil Balsley (August 8, 1939), and tenor Lew DeWitt (March 8, 1938). In 1960, Reid’s younger brother Don (born June 5, 1945) signed on to take the lead vocal reins, and the quartet performed gospel music under the name the Kingsmen. After arranging a meeting with the promotional department for a local Johnny Cash concert, the Kingsmen were asked to open the performance. Cash was so impressed that he invited the group to join the tour, and after changing their name to the Statler Brothers, they remained on the road with Cash from 1963 to 1971. The Statlers signed to Columbia Records in 1964 and a year later scored a huge country and pop hit with DeWitt’s “Flowers on the Wall,” which also lent its name to their 1966 debut album. 1967’s The Statler Brothers Sing the Big Hits held true to its title’s promise, generating a pair of Top Ten singles in “Ruthless

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11 Responses to “The Statler Brothers – Elvira (TV performance)”

  • Tomcaatt says:

    On tv i mean, but which one did it first?

  • Tomcaatt says:

    Oakridge boys did this too right?

  • dancepederson says:

    This was from their TV show on the old TNN (now known as SPIKE-tv) in the mid90’s

  • alamanderflash says:

    Statlers doing Oaks – brain hurting! Cool, but brain hurting!

  • dennello says:

    what year was this?

  • statlerized says:

    This was a segment called “Yesteryear” On the Statler Brothers show. They would give clues regarding the mystery year, revealing the year the events took place, at the end of the segment. There was a spin off show, of this segment called again, “Yesteryear” that aired a while on TNN.

  • ALLENMUSKY says:

    The Giant Prop was to show the hit “elvira” in 1981. Statler Brothers show ran between 1991-1998 where this clip came from.

  • John1948Twelve says:

    Good point. Lew didn’t retire until 1982. I will edit the title.

  • mohinderbauer says:

    I know there’s a big 1981, but I think this video is later. They look too old there (and Harold looks too big). Plus, that new member wasn’t there until later.

  • harrykstanton says:

    just in case the audience didn’t know they year, they made a giant prop to help you out.

  • yankeebean1 says:

    The mind reels.

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