the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse? Co-Prophet of the end-times??? Be Aware Brethren!!!

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I have investigated William Tapley AKA Third Eagle of the Apocalypse AKA CO-Prophet of the End-Times – not much – just enough to exploit him as a False Prophet and I bring solid proof against him, and people like him. It is important that we that know the truth written in Matthew, John, Revelation and keep the ten commandments to speak out against those that seek to deceive us and people like us & others that are seeking the truth. William Tapley proclaims to be the third Eagle of Rev 8:13 but: The Greek word for Angel is: aggelov The Greek word for Eagle is: aetov In Rev 8:13 it is the word aggelov (Angel) and NOT aetov (Eagle) that is used. Stating this fact, William Tapley replies: “hey, fryst, why do you lie about me? Go to the “Biblos” concordance and on their web page you will find seventeen different translations of Revelation 8:13. Thirteen times the word is translated “eagle”, three times it is translated “angel” and once as “messenger”. In the Latin Vulgate the word is “aquilae” which means “eagle”. I don’t need “glasses”, you need more education!” Many of you have seen the Documentary called: “This Discovery BLEW MY MIND” on my channel, and remember that in 382 the first Bible was created as the foundation of the Roman Catholic Church Empire. William Tapley use this “Latin Vulgate” Bible The Vulgate is an early 5th-century Latin version of the Bible and largely the result of the labors of Jerome, who was commissioned by Pope Damasus I in 382 to make a revision

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30 Responses to “the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse? Co-Prophet of the end-times??? Be Aware Brethren!!!”

  • ferrari4sale says:

    I encourage you all to go watch thirdeaglebook’s video. You will learn a lot about end times. It will open your eyes.
    Don’t listen to this video.

  • SeeProfileForDetails says:

    i thought this guy’s channel was a joke, then I realized he was nuts..

  • DisplacedRace says:

    @TruthseekerJC Where is the proof?

  • DisplacedRace says:

    @TruthseekerJC Where is the proof?

  • DisplacedRace says:

    Ihate to say it but my bible does indeed say the word EAGLES and not angels

  • loudmouthspeaker says:

    @dldnjswns99 Hi, guess what ? your right

  • dldnjswns99 says:

    Rev 8:13 Angels Strong’s G32 – aggelos – 1) a messenger, envoy, one who is sent, an angel, a messenger from God. well this guy is a false prophet.. KJV teaches that Isa 14:12 it says Lucifer is the son of morning. but in NIV it says MORNING STAR. but In Rev 22:16 states christ is the morning star. see NIV is messed up big time and modern translation is not that much accurate. KJV is more accurate than NIV and you can see they change up words to confuse people. and he did mess up.

  • TruthseekerJC says:

    @PsychoSidVicious I wouldnt use the NIV to understand these prophecies… because it changes SOO much of the word of God. I dont even consider it a legitimate bible. The KJV on the other hand is without a doubt the most accurate bible you can get in the English language.

  • PsychoSidVicious says:

    Ok dude, seriously, there are many different versions of the bible. People make it simpler to understand. Now that angel you talk about is classified as an eagle in the New International Version (NIV) Bible and other versions as well. No one can really mistake angel and eagle. I checked myself and he didn’t mess up the words.

  • spiritech999 says:

    “I hold that an intelligent and responsible person cannot pose the problem so simply.” Herman Kahn, Thinking About The Unthinkable, 1962

  • spiritech999 says:

    “To summarize: Many people believe that the current system must inevitably end in total annihilation. They reject, sometimes very emotionally, any attempts to analyze this notion. Either they are afraid of where the thinking will lead them or they are afraid of thinking at all. They want to make the choice one between risk and the certainty of disaster, between sanity and insanity, between good and evil; therefore, as moral and sane men they need no longer hesitate.” –Herman Kahn

  • spiritech999 says:

    Compare: “Of course God knows everything. Where have you been? My goal is to prepare people for the imminence of World War 3! If your goal is to block my goal then YOU will be blocked.” –thirdeagle

    ‘”The automatic balance of terror is not only a falsely simple view of the world, it is in some ways a comforting view. …consider Nixon’s remark to Khrushchev, “We must live together or die together.” …Nixon could have said, “We must live together or one of us will die.”” –Herman Kahn, 1962

  • spicola444 says:

    Its Great this false prophet was exposed

  • jayorama1 says:

    I fail to see how his use of the word “eagle” vs the word “angel” constitutes proof of anything other than a choice of words. This is not an issue of theology, and he did have a source translation for the moniker. Have you **listened** to and considered the CONTENT of his presentations and whether they may be more accurate than your own interpretation of scripture? Based on your various comments, you had no reason at all to denounce him, which leads me to ask what is the real real for this?

  • AtheistKiwi says:

    Good video. I agree put up a good fight. When you object to his work in the comments, he tells outrageous lies and blocks you so you have no right of reply. Rip him apart you good thing.

  • spiritech999 says:

    Projected Anger and Denial: You are Blocked!
    Ex-Communication: Reasonable Thinking is not Allowed!

    Book References:

    For Your Own Good
    Sweet Suffering: Woman as Victim
    Narcissism, Alcoholism, and Psychopathology
    Soul Murder: Persecution in the Family
    Soul Murder: The Effects of Childhood Abuse and Deprivation
    All Mighty: The God Complex in Western Man

    Apotheosis: Exaltation to divine rank or stature; deification; the act of raising a person to the status of a god.

    Je Suit: The Society of I AM

  • BurningFlashlight says:

    @thetie1c I agree…. also how he says that he hates liars…. not supposed to hate anyone but the sin.

  • BurningFlashlight says:

    Actually with all due respect, you are not supposed to hate anyone, even liars…. you are supposed to hate the sin, but love the sinner. We are commanded to do so. And Revelation 8:13 does say eagle. In all translated versions of the Bible except the American King James and Webster’s Bible Translation it says eagle. There is one more though…. and it says messenger, it is the Young’s Literal Translation. Look it up on Bible gateway somewhere else.

  • anunhealthydistrust says:

    That guy looks evil…

  • Bagpipe2009 says:

    you really really really really hate when blond people says they can see?

    who are you? evil?…

  • megaman2160 says:

    Billtapass is a fag. he goes around using other mens names because he can’t help himself he is a little bastard troll that talks shit about people on other peoples channels

  • megaman2160 says:


  • thetie1c says:

    Im not yet sure about Mr. Tapley one way or the other, but your video does nothing but dispute a translation of one word in the Bible.
    Also, calling him a fool and an old man who needs glasses does not help your case, but proves you are not of God

  • billtapleyisnuts says:

    @DABIGRAGU1 Does your mom/sister know you’re out being a dumb ass? Inbreeding has it’s consequences and you’re the unfortunate one.

    Will you make up your inbreeding mind! First you called me a fag, then a dude? You’re just a simple douche bag. Just ask your father/brother. Your mom/sister should have swallowed. It would have saved us all this nonsense!!

    Go back to your WoW game and dream of your sister. You ass wipe!!

  • DABIGRAGU1 says:

    Are you still here little fag.
    wow, quite the rant, but I’m bored and cherrie blocked you so she’ll never see your filthy comments.
    You fail dude.

  • NJartisr49 says:

    Rev 8:13 AndG2532 I beheld,G1492 andG2532 heardG191 anG1520 angelG32 flyingG4072 throughG1722 the midst of heaven,G3321 sayingG3004 with a loudG3173 voice,G5456 Woe,G3759 woe,G3759 woe,G3759 to theG3588 inhabitersG2730 ofG1909 theG3588 earthG1093 by reason ofG1537 theG3588 otherG3062 voicesG5456 of theG3588 trumpetG4536 of theG3588 threeG5140 angels,G32 which are yetG3195 to sound!G4537
    From ἀγγέλλω aggellō (probably derived from G71; compare G34; to bring tidings); a messenger; especially an “angel”; by implication a pastor: – angel, messenger.

    I recommend getting e-Sword:

  • regular guy says:

    For what its worth, the King James Bible was completed in 1611. After looking at scripture in KJV, you will notice some scripture is not in the original manuscript.

    I’ve seen many of Tapley’s videos and he goes into great detail on his views. His videos are clear, well edited, and make you think. Ultimately, we are responsible for doing our own research.

    The man speaking in the video speaks with a spirit of arrogance and condescension. This is not from God.

  • AJLOverofY'shua says:

    Aramaic English New Testament has eagle.


  • pd says:

    this is quite funny.
    he’s a great singer/songwriter.
    not to be taken seriously.
    every prophecy he’s made hasn’t come true.

    the Greek New Testament for what it’s worth says eagle (aeton).
    the translator of the KJV may have seen the word messenger (aggelon) in the verse above and translated it instead. it’s a very easy mistake to make. but it is a mistake.

  • DJ lem says:

    Cripes leave this guy alone will ya – he say’s he is not a prophet but a co – prophet – If any one has read the whole Bible – King James or earlier he only quotes the revelation of Daniel and St john – he may be imperfect on some predictions but hey who among us is perfect – better if anyone knows the actuality of what Mr Tapley say’s and has the real answers say it —– and dont judge anyone leave it be

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