Westboro Baptist Church Secretly Gay? Russell Brand The Trews (E17)

Westboro Baptist Church Secretly Gay? Russell Brand The Trews (E17)

Russell Brand The Trews Ep17. I give you the true news so you don’t have to invest any money in buying newspapers that charge you for the privilege of keepin…
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25 Responses to “Westboro Baptist Church Secretly Gay? Russell Brand The Trews (E17)”

  • John Miller says:

    Sometimes I swear Russel must be high. 

  • GarryDCaprani says:

    I really like Russell, I think he’s a genius. But at the same time you
    can’t deny he’s nuts haha 

  • Kerri Shore says:

    Russell’s laugh gives me life.

  • BrainFeed.ca says:

    Hi everyone! Please watch this video compilation of Russell Brand that I
    created to help fuel this REVOLUTION!!! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! 🙂
    Thanx Russell for your hard work!

  • Si Hill says:

    I find Russells tone quite aggressive and hard to process. It stimulates a
    feeling of resistance in me. Maybe that’s just me and my current emotional
    state. I really want to hear more from him because his overall mission
    seems bang on.

  • SoulMan786 says:

    He would make an awesome friend …you would never be bored

  • amy wood says:

    lol the trews…the real news …and funny as fuck 🙂 xx

  • EngageTheRebels says:

    All priests are gay, some not so secretly, just ask any choir boys. 

  • Dr Death says:

    You rock, Russell!!! And just in case anyone from the Westboro Baptist
    Church sees this… Love ya!!! =)

  • Encore1234567890 says:

    As nutty as a fruit cake, but very entertaining too watch, and you can’t
    help but agree with a lot of his opinions.

  • El Bug says:

    How is the cameraperson able to hold the camera still and keep quiet? I’d
    be doubled over laughing the whole time :’)

  • Bonto Max says:

    Can you get a better quality mic please, Russell… So the clipping isn’t
    so uncomfortable in my bung-hole.

  • jc13jach3 says:

    17 episodes in and I’m still laughing. These are hilarious. It’s a gift to
    be able to just open up a newspaper and yet give a satirical spin on the
    contrived manipulated nature of tabloid journalism. If only I could be this

  • Shannon Marie says:

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  • Ben Briscoe says:

    YA a Fucking illuminati Puppet like ALL of Hollywood! The white house is
    also in same category ….all fucking actors..sold there soul’s. I do like
    his stand up. When I’m not hating there propaganda they spew 24/ hours a
    day 7 fucking days a week. Eat shit much…? Puppet.

  • lill Debbie says:

    Wasnt this guy against all the new cars for sale adverts? And new latest
    cars destroying the planet? What is he doing now? Smh he is in his luxury
    car with his chauffeur and reading the news paper trying to look as if he
    is actually saving man kind. I actually use to be a fan but iv now realises
    this guy is full of shit 

  • aKunacme says:

    Are you guys parked in a disabled space??

  • gabs956 says:

    It’s 2014, lets get some hd up in here 

  • Ben Briscoe says:

    What the fuckever!! He’s a fucking Illuminati puppet like all of fucking
    hollywood. Dymbass fucks!.

  • Donna Jackson says:

    so hes taping this in a parked car??

  • Amanda Sailsbury says:

    Lmao. Love this guy!

  • Type Name Here says:

    4:00 finally

  • Phil B says:

    youre a crazy lovely guy mate…

  • Matthew Wolf says:

    Revolution interesting word that what dose it really mean a complete turn
    around of the system?Or dose it mean to simply cycle to revolve like the
    universe and all its bodies back to a former state of consciousness to
    return to a period a season or state that again will pass by again for
    winter/darker times or summer/lighter days the great year and the motion of
    the heavens plays a role in our frequency of consciousness As above so
    below what happens in the heavens shall be on earth. 

  • Paul Levisss says:

    his lost it again! funny may have gone a bit away from the subject the

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