Westboro Baptist Church Threaten to Picket Boston Funerals

The Westboro Baptist Church is already saying they will picket the funerals of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing… This clip from the Majority Repo…
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25 Responses to “Westboro Baptist Church Threaten to Picket Boston Funerals”

  • 24SparrowJack says:

    the thing i don’t get is what idiots gave these people the go ahead to keep picketing the funerals of soldiers and serviceman who have died protecting and saving people
    The whoever said it’s ok for them to do that need to be thrown out of their jobs because their clearly not doing it right

  • fsgtjohnson says:

    the bombers obv attacked the wrong ppl

  • SlamdogX says:

    You could’ve just said “Boston is full of drunken Irish douches that are way too patriotic for their for their own good.” I get being pissed about those assholes at WBC but really, Boston is full of idiots.

  • Jamie Foster says:

    the only stalker I see is you…but that’s me.

  • Kathryn Taylor says:

    That’s your opinion and since you don’t understand the bible, not a very educated one.

  • JohnMagillM says:

    I am asking for help against these ass clowns. This Monday Jun 10th 2013. In Hammond, LA. They plan on protesting at a soldiers funeral. I’m asking for as many people as I can get to block these idiots, rom disturbing the family of that soldier. More we get to show up to protect the family the better.

  • Kathryn Taylor says:

    Uh oh…she called the whiner police! haha.

  • 45rtaylor says:

    to put it mildly.

  • TheKatiegirl70 says:

    That woman is a nut!

  • TheKatiegirl70 says:

    Im convinced she’ll never shut up.  She thinks people are threatening her and stalking her on facebook. Sounds a little like schizophrenia. Nuts all over the internet.

  • STiiTCHtheGlitch says:

    Creeper…..because 45 is the one commenting on my comments on OTHER videos, and you guys are going onto MY YouTube page to learn something about me. And yet I’m the creeper.

    You guys literally have some issues. Not to mention, you came back randomly (unless you’re 45 and commented to look like another person) probably to try to start more drama. Yeah, okay, I’M the creeper. Hahahaha what a hoot.

  • AddisonBrooke says:

    ??? Creeper much? LOL

  • STiiTCHtheGlitch says:

    You’re certainly acting like one, with all the drama, the stalking, and constantly trying to get a rise out of me -_- And you are telling me to grow up. Yeah, okay. I have nothing more t say to thelikes of you, you’re a waste of time. Consider yourself reported.

  • Oh really? says:

    If you’re in Panama City show them they aren’t allowed in your state

  • 45rtaylor says:

    Your proof is nothing because it’s not true and I am not a girl, so that pretty much blows your theory. Grow up!

  • 45rtaylor says:

    You’re a fruit. Contact whoever you want. I did no such thing.

  • STiiTCHtheGlitch says:

    And I have proof. So try me, you wretched little girl.

  • STiiTCHtheGlitch says:

    You did 😀 You freak of nature. You went on my page to find my Facebook link and messaged me. It’s okay, I notified the police about it. Now stop stalking me. stay off my page, my Facebook….if you contact me one more time I will press charges for cyberstalking. That is all.

  • DTD110865 says:

    Somebody posted a image on Reddit of a guy who posted his own sign during a WBC demonstration. It was pretty funny, but it was hand-drawn and the lettering was thin, so it really didn’t have that much of an impact.

  • 45rtaylor says:

    OMG, you’re a nut. I did no such thing.

  • 45rtaylor says:

    And how in the world would I know your your FB account name? LOL You’re a nut! Stop talking to me and go away.

  • 45rtaylor says:

    Honey, it appears you have more enemies than you care to admit because I did no such thing. Perhaps you need to check the IP address of this supposed FB message. Please do…because dear, it was not me.

  • STiiTCHtheGlitch says:

    Oh my god really? You just made a fake account on Facebook to message me that you’re going to get your friends to come over to my place? You are creepy and need to be in a psych ward! I’ll be sure to let everyone know about this account. If you contact me through facebook again I will trace your IP address, and will have you arrested. Leave me alone, you vile little girl!

  • STiiTCHtheGlitch says:

    You sentme fourteen messages saying you hope my kids are shot. FOURTEEN. I wish I didn’t delete them all….I reported you for cyberstalking as well. Don’t bother denying it, psycho, there’s no way I could make that up. People need to be warned about you.

  • STiiTCHtheGlitch says:

    There’s something wrong with you…..I thought I blocked you and the others when you sent me disgusting, threatening messages and stalked me through YouTube. You need a life besides trying to shadow me, creep.

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