what are the differences a pentecost,baptist and Presbyterian and adventists?

A question from a reader: are they same? are they Christians? because three groups say they are christians.. e.g the pentecosts speak in languages very strange.. Baptist I don;t know their rites and presbyterian either. and advetists keep sabbath and don’t eat pork and don’t give blood?

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2 Responses to “what are the differences a pentecost,baptist and Presbyterian and adventists?”

  • Faith is blind says:

    They may have subtle differences but they all suffer from the same delusion.

  • Gay Christian says:

    Hey there,

    There’s not much difference between any of the Christian denominations. Not sure about Adventists, some are a bit dodgy I’ve been told. Pentecostals actively practice the spiritual gifts, which include healing, speaking in tongues etc. Baptists often do these things as well, but with less emphasis.

    Baptists have three main differences with other denominations (though these are found in other churches as well, it’s all three together). They are 1 – Baptism follows profession of faith, usually by immersion. 2 – The Priesthood of all Believers, Baptists have no “clergy” in the way that Catholic and Anglican Churches do. 3 – Separation of Church and State, Baptists strongly believe that the state shouldn’t interfere with Churches, and Churches shouldn’t seek to control the state.

    Hope this helps a little,


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