What are the main beliefs of Scientology?

A question from a reader: I am a Christian, but I wonder what do people that follow Scientology believe. What beliefs are different to Christianity? I believe that all have the right to choose whatever they want to believe. Just curious.

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  • Tugstein™ says:

    Here you go..


    If you really want to learn about Scientology, you should talk with a Scientologist. :]

  • Gary Oster says:


    Detailed beliefs and practices:

    You should know Scientology is considered a major cult, and has been outlawed in some countries. You can also search for “scientology” on youtube.

  • Neil says:

    The last thing a scientologist will tell you is what they really believe in because you can only find that out by spending approx $250,000 to $300,000.

    Unfortunatly for scientology, without realising that different countries have different legal systems, they used a court case in the Netherlands to try to shut up some people who were giving this information away for free and as a result had to lodge Scientology documents about its core beliefs in the court which proved that what the defendents where saying is true. These documants are part of the court records and can now be viewed by anyone.

    Scientolgy will tell you that they are a new religion that teaches a new way of living, but you have to buy courses of them to learn this, and the more courses you buy the higher up the structure you rise, eventually at operating Level Theaten 3 (OTiii) you will learn the secret.

    Now don’t laugh

    Many millions of years ago a galactic warlord called Xenu collected the excess population of his empire and flew them to earth on space planes which looked just like jet liners here on earth. He gathered these people around volcanoes on earth (look at the cover of any scientology book and you will see the volcano logo) and he exploded hydrogen bombs.
    Xenu collected the souls of these murdered species (Thetans) and took them to cinema like buildings where they where they were forced to watch a “three-D, super colossal motion picture” for thirty-six days. This implanted what Hubbard termed “various misleading data”‘ (collectively termed the R6 implant) into the memories of the hapless thetans, “which has to do with God, the Devil, space opera, et cetera”. This included all world religions, with Hubbard specifically attributing Roman Catholicism and the image of the Crucifixion to the influence of Xenu.

    So Scientology believes that all world religions Including Christianity were implanted in you from some dead alien warrior from millions of years ago. They claim to run parallel to religions and that their is no reason why a scientologist could not be a christian, but at OTiii it becomes obvious that they believe that anyone who believes in any religion other than theirs is being influenced by thetans and is not ‘clear’ as they describe it.

    The souls of these murdered species (theatans) cluster around our bodies and they cause all of our day to day problems especially mental health (Scientolgy really hates psycology).

    The good news is that scientology know how to treat these theatans and can get you ‘clear’ using their e-meters (for a price of course).

    You say you are a Christian, tell me where you charged to learn about the core belief’s of your religion?

    Scientology is a vast money making cult which spends 90% of its income on lawyers to silence critics and have also been involved in some unexplained deaths.

    Be careful they will try to recruit you, your money for courses subsidises their courses, In effect they are glorified salesman.

  • ZER0 C00L •AM• •VT• •student• says:

    Scientology, which questionably calls itself a new “religion”, is the brainchild of science fiction writer & occult enthusiast L. Ron Hubbard. The organization, by means of Hubbard’s self created psychotherapy technique called “Dianetics”, claims to be able to help rid members of any & all mental constraints including but not limited to emotional scarring (from this & “past” lives) due to “engrams” (past negative experiences stored in our unconscious mind), psychological disorders & chemical imbalances (the solution is to convince members that these things don’t actually exist) & drug dependence (including legally prescribed psychopharmaceuticals which counteract the effects of psychological disorders Scientologists believe to be nonexistent). Their “treatment” of substance abuse includes little more than massive, often dangerous doses of vitamins and unhealthy extended sessions in a sauna.
    Dianetics review: http://dir.salon.com/story/books/review/2005/06/28/dianetics/index.html

    Scientology is most certainly NOT a religion. In fact, one of the only reasons they enjoy “tax exempt status” on religious ground in the United States is because they bullied the IRS into a “deal” through extremely aggressive barratry (which is the offense of persistently instigating groundless lawsuits) against said government agency & its officials, & arranged to drop all 2,500 frivolous lawsuits only when an “agreement” was reached. In addition, Scientology’s lawyers hired private investigators to dig up any “dirt” on IRS agents which was then used to blackmail or publicly smear all “vulnerable” agents. It was an all-out WAR that Scientology had waged against the IRS, & was even described as such by Scientology’s “CEO”, David Miscavige, in his 1993 speech to the International Association of Scientologists.

    The official Scientology organization is composed of a number of “levels”. One begins as a “preclear” & works their way up. One must purchase virtually every service crucial to advancement directly from the “church” & at staggering prices. “Auditing”, for example, is purchased in 12½ hour blocks, costing anywhere from $200-$750 for introductory sessions to between $8,000 & $9,000 for advanced sessions. Basically, Scientology claims to possess exclusive knowledge of the path to religious redemption & then charges obscene amounts of money for every tiny incremental step towards this end. Visit this link to see how $380,000 is a conservative estimate for the total cost of moving all the way up the Scientology hierarchal ladder: http://www.xenu.net/archive/prices.html
    These are the total costs for auditing alone:
    Here’s an explanation of what “auditing” is:

    At level OT III (Operating Thetan Level 3), some very strange & fiercely guarded secrets are imparted upon worthy members who have paid enough money to advance to such a level (and no, this isn’t a joke): The evil alien ruler Xenu killed millions of aliens (Thetans) from around the universe by kidnapping them, bringing them to earth in golden DC-8 “space-planes”, stacking them around volcanoes & blowing them up by dropping “h-bombs” into the volcanoes. Scientologists believe the souls of these aliens (these souls are “Body Thetans”) were captured, brainwashed & released; they then attached themselves to our ancestors (and according to Scientology’s belief in Thetan immortality, they also attached to us during “past lives”) & cause many of our mental & physical ills to this day. Auditing is said to “clear” us of these Body Thetans as well as the “mental implants” they supposedly impose on our minds.

    Scientology has taken a very hostile stance towards psychiatry & psychiatric drugs irrespective of the fact that some people require medication to remain adequately functional during everyday life. It doesn’t recognize legitimate conditions like autism, epilepsy, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or ANY neurological disorder / chemical imbalance at all, & the “church” has been known to withhold prescription pharmaceuticals from members (often with harmful & deadly results). The “Church” blames psychiatry for the Holocaust, as well as school shootings & even September 11th. It’s been suggested that Hubbard’s vehement opposition was born of the psychiatric community’s rejection of his “tech” as a valid treatment method, but it’s also possible that Hubbard chose psychiatry as a scapegoat. Organizations like Scientology are notorious for villainizing a specific out-group because their “stand against the enemy” fosters cohesion within said organization, & psychiatry was an effective rallying point considering many people already distrust & oppose the mental health profession.

    L. Ron Hubbard, the man behind the creation of Scientology, was & still is a controversial figure. Biographies & lists of personal accomplishments differ greatly between Scientology & non-Scientology publications as the “church” tends to exaggerate & outright lie about his early life, his education, his travels, his achievements etc, preferring to paint a distorted, flattering picture. Several books & articles present facts which flatly contradict these church-published accounts (links to free online copies of these books & articles are provided below), showing conclusively that he was NOT the brilliant, accomplished figure revered by Scientologists. During his autopsy, the sedative Vistaril™ was present in his body, which several of his assistants would later attest was only one of many psychiatric & pain medications Hubbard ingested over the years. It had also been said by many who knew Hubbard personally that at the end of his life he was “a psychopathic insane person screaming about BT’s [Body Thetans]…”

    To be blunt, Scientology is a cult. It employs semi-legitimate psychotherapy & self-help methods to keep people loyal & convinced of its merit while it simultaneously sucks them dry financially & attempts to keep them far away from ANYONE, even friends & family, who would dissuade them from remaining in such a harmful situation. It bullies all known critics, opponents, “enemies”, etc, often through malicious litigation & character assassination. It’s a particularly greedy as well as manipulative & dangerous cult that takes its anti-psychiatry fanaticism to deadly limits.

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