What do I need in a Filipino baptism especially the reception?

A question from a reader: I’m planning to have my son baptized (Roman Catholic) in the Philippines this coming December. We currently reside in the US but would like to give our son who will be born this coming June a traditional Filipino setting. I guess that it’s more for us since the baby won’t know it yet.

What do you think would we need as far as food and programs are concerned? What kinds of food do you suggest? I know that there will be an abundance of alcoholic beverages but we were wondering if we should treat it like a birthday party? Would a live band or games be appropriate or should it just be eating and drinking?Please help!!!

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4 Responses to “What do I need in a Filipino baptism especially the reception?”

  • tonetteski says:

    Congratulations!!! and a son… wow! you’re a proud dada. anyway, you have to decide which church you want him baptized and the reception should be a short drive from the church for you have to consider the traffic and your guests will be hungry.

    for food, do the buffet style and kind of a b-day party if you want. since this is a family affair and for close friends too, a live band will be a good idea and let some of the guests have their chance to perform. if you’re up to it, you can include games for everyone to enjoy. don’t forget the giveaways.

    this is your day of presenting your son to the Christian world, have a blast and have fun!

  • Jcel says:

    first and foremost: Definitely have lechon. 🙂 it’s almost always that there is lechon at big parties. (atleast around my area).

    You can have tons of other filipino food and that would be enough, i.e. pancit, barbeque, and such. Have tons of fruits, I’m not sure what is in season during June but fruits would be nice.

    Keep it fresh, fun, and simple (with, of course, lots of delicious filipino food.) 🙂

  • Yak Rider says:

    You do NOT need a lot of alcoholic beverages. You don’t need any alcoholic beverages.

    I’ve been married to a Pinay for 28 years. We’ve got 6 kids and I lived there almost 7 years. We must have had 25 big parties and never served a drop of alcohol. If somebody didn’t like it they didn’t have to come.

    The easy availability of alcohol is destroying the Philippines.

  • PG_13 says:

    they are right. in addition, make sure that the baby you are going to christianize is yours.

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