What do you think about the “biker church” movement?

What do you think about the “biker church” movement?
I welcome your thoughts, comments, suggestions, opinions, prayers, hate mail, etc…

I’m with the Biker Cell Church. (A few of our brothers can be seen at 2:00 in the video)

I’ve been in biker ministry since 1997. We started Biker Cell Church in 2002. We have been able to reach many with the Gospel. Many have said the “Sinner’s Prayer.” The challenge I have found is discipleship. There are lots of baby Christians, but few strong warriors for Christ. Any advice from Scripture and experience would be appreciated.

God bless.

Biker Cell Church

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Answer by CalleyD
I went to one
pretty much any christian church movement has my support

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6 Responses to “What do you think about the “biker church” movement?”

  • Sherry says:

    do they believe the One God sent? If they do, then they are Christians. There is no rule in the bible to say what kind of vehicle a Christian should ride on.

  • weepingprophet15 says:

    A “biker church” to me would be a people unwilling to conform to Christ (Rom. 12:2).

  • Rob says:

    There are several Christian biker organisations. God’s Angels is probably the most popular one I know of. I met a Christian who belonged to one such bikie group. He said there were several, but many of them relaxed the expectations of its members – eg, because of the culture associated with bikers, some groups allowed their members to continue cursing and swearing, while other groups banned that, saying that if you put the reputation of the organisation into disrepute you could be asked to leave.

    I don’t know where on the scale your organisation fits in with allowing worldly ideas into the group. I do see your problem with not having many strong committed Christians around. I’m not sure there’s an easy answer for that one. Good luck, I suppose prayer is always a good place to start. Depending on your understanding of the gospel, you could consider the group to be like your “missionary work”, and build up and train others with lesser knowledge so that they can step up and train others, and those others can train others still. Hopefully with not too much time you’ll have a thriving ministry happening.

  • yesmar says:

    As a biker myself, I like the idea that a group of people have embraced a new “vehicle” for reaching out to others, but on the flip side, the organizations I have personally experienced, such as the CMA, are in reality just “more of the same”.
    The problem with most “Christian” denominations, whether they dress in leather and gloves, or their Sunday finest, is that they think they have an inroad into the “real” truth, and they are specially favored by God, and look down their nose at other denominations and sects.
    When they overcome this idolatry, they will be really accomplishing something.

    Thanks for sharing, friend. Godspeed.

  • New Guy says:

    as a lone wolf 1% biker, I give them all the one finger salute.
    they are all just a bunch of make believe bikers that spread stone age superstition.

  • Raatz says:

    Comical. I remember when bikers used to pride themselves on being outlaws and make out with each other to freak the mundanes. Now they’re rednecks and holy rollers.

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