What do you think of a man who says “we need to renew our vows” yet they aren’t married?

What do you think of a man who says “we need to renew our vows” yet they aren’t married?
My best friend has been dating this guy for several years and they aren’t married but they’ve had their ups and downs and he claims that he has not married her because “she” is not ready. Even when she says she is, he says she’s not because she hasn’t learned to trust him enough. Anyway, today she called me for advice because she says he told her they need to renew their vows. WTF? I think he’s brainwashing her into making her feel that they are married when they are not. His explanation was that they’ve been through a lot so now they need a fresh start. After several years of dating, could you really have a”fresh start” or is this his way of setting back a wedding even more? What do you guys think? I don’t want to make her feel bad, but I might also be wrong. From what she says, he’s never cheated on her but they’ve argued a lot and he’s trying to control his temper.

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Answer by Principessa
they need a break. this guy is the one who is not ready to get married. he sounds like hes trying tof any excuse he can to delay the marriage and prolong the courtship. this isn’t exactly wrong. but something tells him not to ger married just yet. something is holding him back. they need to take a break and see if they still feel the same in a few moths. with a guy like this chances are he will and she wont.

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4 Responses to “What do you think of a man who says “we need to renew our vows” yet they aren’t married?”

  • cool breeze says:

    Brain washing sounds right. Just by the fact that he said she is not ready.. what the hell is she supposed to change about herself to be ready for him? He is using control tactics..for what?
    what is it she needs to do to prove her trust?

    He should love her as she is,be happy,appreciate what he’s got,feel blesses if she would marry him at all or move on.

    game player..control freak. of course they fight but no one could ever win. there is no way for both of them to be happy at the same time.

  • akvdr says:

    he is not in this world who in this would think that they are married and want to get married again something is wrong with his thinking .

  • Aurora Anthony says:

    Tell her you don’t speak “idiot” so you would never understand anything that comes out of his mouth. If she’s your best friend and you care about her, then keep it real. Your opinion doesn’t count, just the truth.

  • Phoenix21 says:

    Its a fact that as a couple you always redefined or renew your commitment to each other, but yes it doesn’t make sense that he will say “renew our vows” that is something she should have asked him what he is talking about.

    Another thing is, he might be onto something, when stating she isn’t ready…many people says something but their actions reflects at something else, if she doesn’t fully trust him then how can she state she is ready for marriage, that doesn’t make sense. But if she believes she is then it might be high time for her to lay her cards down on the table & ask him “When” let her even suggest they go to couples sessions to show him how serious she is, but if he refuses, she might have to consider that this guy is playing with her

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