What do you think this means?

What do you think this means?
.”..be wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove. ” Can you explain this & give an example from your personal experience? Also, do you know where this comes from? Thank you.

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Answer by pixie_dust_8
I think of a serpent as sneaky and brutal and smart and dark….”slick”

i think of a dove as tender, beautiful, and free, white

SO I see it as “Be cautious, be smart, be strong and capable of doing tremendous good or bad, think like a criminal might in a way. BUT (dove) Don’t ACT like a criminal or do great evil, etc. Be kind and graceful. This way you can protect yourself from evil things (by being wise and understanding how ‘dark’ ppl work)….but remain a good person yourself.

Personal experience…umm

Say that I knew some girl was talking about me or plotting to do something to me….I’m going to know, because I know how her ‘sneaky little mind works’…..and then maybe I’ll just tell her….”you know what? don’t waste your time. i know what you’re planning….and i’m not going to lose my patience. just know it won’t work. SMILE pleasantly. haha”

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