what does the godmother do at the Catholic Baptism of their godchild?

A question from a reader: I’ve been asked to be the godmother to my cousins baby, but I’m not exactly sure what I am supposed to do in regards to the actual Baptism ceremony.

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  • Still reading says:

    She holds the child and answers questions, specifically whether she will be responsible for ensuring that the child is raised in the Catholic religion.

  • firegirl says:

    Stand there and look pretty and when the Priest asks you if you are willing to help guide the child in the Catholic faith yada… yada… yada (no offense I am Catholic and we are FAMOUS for long ceremonies) you say “I will”.

  • Jennifer D. says:

    Hi there! As a Godmother of 3, USUALLY the responsibilty of the godmother is to buy the gown, now I said USUALLY. That’s what my family does, and other’s so I’ve heard. And then at the Church, all you really do is stand there with the parents. The parents hold the baby while they are being baptized. So you really don’t have to do much. Just alot of standing around and waiting for it to be over so you can go to the party afterwards. LOL

  • imacatholic2 says:

    The role of the godfather and/or godmother is very important. They must be firm Catholic believers, able and ready to help the newly baptized—child or adult—on the road of Christian life.

    To ensure this, a godparent must be at least 16 years old (for maturity’s sake), fully initiated (having received Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist), be someone other than the legal parents, and one who leads a life in harmony with the Church.

    During the Baptism, the godparents answer a couple of questions concerning their intention of serving as a good godparent.

    With love in Christ.

  • Daver says:

    The Church will likely hold a rehearsal Baptism a week or so before the real thing. The parents and godparents will be a part of this rehearsal.

    At the Baptism itself, you are going to answer the Baptismal vows, on the infant’s behalf. The infant will answer the vows for him/herself when he/she receives the Sacrament of Confirmation as a young adult.

    For now, it will be your duty to bear witness to the Baptism.

    In accepting the role of godparent, you will also see to it that your godchild is educated in the Catholic Faith.

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