What factors contributed to your faith?

What factors contributed to your faith?

What factors contributed to your faith?
I saw a reply like this:
“My family is from the Carribean thats catholic which makes me catholic.”

Which basically means that your religion was chosen for you by your parents. How many of you formed your own opinion or were brought up under a certain religious “understanding?”
The Uncanny Inanimate Phoenix: Conversational intercourse? Hmmm….still, that sounds hawt.

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Answer by Look at my Pussy
I used my brain.

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15 Responses to “What factors contributed to your faith?”

  • 6ofUs³ says:

    I am thankful my parents allowed me to choose for myself and didn’t brainwash me.

  • ♥Ŝåƒϊ♥ ٭ẠτЋєąŧї٭ says:

    Formed my own opinion after being raised Lutheran.

  • The Uncanny Inanimate Phoenix says:

    The ability to have intercourse with multiple partners certainly didn’t hurt.

  • gtahvfaith says:

    I grew up in my parents church but decided for myself, as an adult, where I should go.

  • Gwen H says:

    I don’t know, but my desire for truth contributed to my lack-thereof…

  • blueeyed grl says:

    I was brought up catholic but I did go out on a journey apart from my parents to find my own path and way. I studied several different religions/philosophies but I came back to the Catholic faith after delving deeper into my understanding. I am Catholic by choice.

  • ClanMan says:

    Good question, I wonder how many will admit that if they were born in Iran they would be Muslim instead of christian.

    For me as a child my first spiritual encounter was lying in my crib and seeing the great ceiling cat hovering above me.

  • Ana says:

    I searched and searched until i found mine.

    Having said that Almighty Ceiling Cat, I would worship at Your Paws had I not been laid claim to by The Mighty Bast and Sekhmet already. 😉

  • Soul of Wit says:

    I am a cradle Catholic that left the Church for many years.
    After becoming so dissatisfied with the worldly ways I went back and really studied my faith and found it to be the truth.

  • space monkey says:

    It was from meeting so many people- looking at SO many different religions. “Practicing” some of them-

    That I actually met true Christ-filled people along the way who WERE different than other people. Obviously different. Genuinely loving, real compassion and concern. They were different.

    I used to be derisive of them. Was JUST like so many atheists here. Worse even than some.

    I would argue and debate… scorn, etc.

    O, one day God removed the scales from my eyes.

    I got born again. Much to my surprise.

    ALL religions are false. They all are systems of us trying please or work our way to God.

    Christ being freely given to us is not of us- nothing we can do but receive. No works, no rites no “practicing religion”.

    Just be born into the family.

  • luzville says:

    The wonderful love of Jesus sustaining me day after day.

  • science chick says:

    I am agnostic. I never got any really strong messages about God or religion. I was baptized Episcopalian but didn’t really go to church until I was 7 or 8, and even then I went to a Unitarian Universalist church so that didn’t set much in my mind. My mom and I left that when I was around 15 because it was a big chore. I realized people believed in God and I just kind of accepted it, but as I went through school I learned more and thought more and realized that there was no set definition of God. I am not quite sure when I realized I didn’t believe like other people seemed to. I remember hearing the term agnostic in Donny Darko and thinking it fit me but it still kind of took me a while to figure out where I stood.

    My dad apparently still considers me Christian just because I was baptized Christian and he finds that important. I never really felt much pressure from them though.

  • Smooth Kitty AY AE says:

    My parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on,
    were Catholics
    My twin sister and i..plus some of our cousins
    have started asking questions about Jesus (baby Jesus) right after Christmas..we were 5 – 7 y/o then
    No one could give us a satisfactory answer, an answer, which would leave NO doubt in our mind

    Another questions followed subsequently after…
    Baby Jesus?..Living Jesus? ..*Everlast* Jesus??..
    ”How come he died and is alive at the same time (Jesus¨)??”
    and so on and ..on.
    I was fortunate, since my sister
    and most of my cousins
    were given option in choosing our own paths..
    and, after deciding what is possible and what not..
    (my beloved great grandmother has NEVER returned from death)
    I´ve picked an atheism as conscious decision about god´s whereabouts
    And as such i become atheist with all notions necessary to be convinced about it
    Also, since an early childhood
    i was exposed to my mom´s incredible devotion to our Cat(s)
    They ARE the true god ever since, incl this onehttp://farm3.static.flickr.com/2281/2383722170_6b1b2960f9_m.jpg
    (he just fakes his interest..in fact, he was tapping his paw, because i was not fast enough in bringing a daily sacrifice – in a form of semi-raw, steamed fish)

  • Mo says:

    I spent decades as a pagan, lecturing and teaching on the subject. I spent almost another decade as an atheist.

    Even though I formally studied many religions and theologies, none seemed to be “real”, but being studied in science and technology, I realized atheism was a sham as you cannot look at the marvels in this world and beyond with scientific eyes and truly (in your heart of hearts) believe this was all random, without a greater intelligent design.

    Once I was able to actually sit down with the Word of God and read and wrestle with it on my own and through praying for answers and without the impurities of religion that often cloud or tarnish the intent of the Good News, I realized there is only one true faith and I re-affirmed my salvation with the Christ of my childhood.

  • Shakti Svātantrya Isa says:

    I’d have to say that trial and error, however, Soul-seeking got me where I am today. But just like the weather and nature, it is ever-changing. I may say that I’m Pagan, but that’s a very loose term if you get down to the nitty-gritty because I’m learning a bit more about Satanism, Buddhism and even Atheism. It’s not really applying to my own beliefs as much as it is learning what the religious viewpoints are at different angles.

    As far as other things, because I have a high interest in psychology, of course I do apply that into question of deity and “why” I, as well as others, need one.

    I’ve also realized that I’m not one to push my beliefs on others, though I do tend to psycho-analyze other’s beliefs in order to get them to see the world around them, within them, and in other’s eyes in a different angle. Over time, I’ve come to understand with the mindset of acceptance and tolerance, I’m able to see what others are seeing in the world of religion and non-religion. I admire all sides, though I don’t agree with them fully.

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