What good can atheism bring to the world when they believe in Darwinian theories of segregation & racial bias?

What good can atheism bring to the world when they believe in Darwinian theories of segregation & racial bias?

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Answer by God of Nonsense
can you say ‘BULLSHIT’?

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18 Responses to “What good can atheism bring to the world when they believe in Darwinian theories of segregation & racial bias?”

  • Silly Grunt says:

    Shouldn’t you be trying to convince American voters that you’re NOT a moron?

  • I says:

    a·the·ism (th-zm)
    1. Disbelief in or denial of the existence of God or gods.

  • its all about the smiley face says:

    atheism is not a religionn

  • Darwin In Ya FACE! says:

    Sources for all your drivel, please. I’m no racist.

  • ಠ_ಠ says:

    You might be attractive, but you’d sound better with my penis in your mouth.

  • Lucretius says:

    They don’t believe in “Darwinian theories of segregation & racial bias” so your question is invalid.

    This is just you making a statement with a question.
    Nice try, you’re wrong.

  • tacks says:

    What good can theism bring to the world when they believe in inquisitions and witch burnings?

  • Flying Above the Lotus says:

    All human theories and philosophies are fragmented ideas from fragmented minds while Truth (reality) is Un-relative. Their minds cannot even conceive of no relativity.

  • Lachrymose Lover - No Chance Without Ranch says:


  • a6kl2 says:

    I think you confused the word “Atheist” with the phrase “Social Darwinism.” I know they sound alike huh?

  • Ewe Dontnome says:

    Atheists reveal the opposite side of God’s glory so that we can know Him in more than one dimension. They also prove God’s Word to be true when they do and say exactly what was prophesied they would thousands of years before…..love them for that!

  • Neat Guy says:

    Even my Atheist children work for me by daily questioning all the teachers of these evil teachings helping keep the way to the tree of life open to not only themselves,but for all of Gods children,shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its a secret.-Jesus Christ
    For all of your dreams and wishes to come true, pray the Holy Rosary for world peace and for all of Gods children to pray the Holy Rosary and great will be your treasure stored in Heaven.
    Study the Pieta prayer book and the many gifts of Apparitions that God has sent for your spiritual guidance, enjoyment and enrichment.
    Carry a Holy Scapular on you at all times and you will be saved through it.
    Merry Christmas .
    The Holy Family.

  • Duck is Quackers! says:

    Wow, what a completely preposterous question.

  • B Man says:

    it helps that most atheists are liberals, meaning they actually have true christian morals. its is the conservative christians that actually support segregation and racism.

  • Loki says:

    Atheism is a religion just bald is a hair color.

  • Bob W says:

    Good question.

    Hitler believed in Darwin completely. Darwinism capitalizes on racism and hatred. Darwin teaches that only the fit survive and thus justifies the murder of non-whites and even discriminates against the physically handicapped and the elderly, not to mention the unborn who are aborted left and right in a typical Darwinian bloodbath.

  • Eclectic Heretic says:

    Does the term “Southern Baptist” ring a bell? The southern baptists broke off from the mainline baptist church because the mainline church was mostly abolitionist and the southern baptists wanted to keep segregation and slavery. To this day, churches are the most segregated communities in the country.
    Granted, Darwin was racist. However, Darwin wrote over 150 years ago, most Britons of that age were racist. Evolution has moved far beyond Darwin and the only people that try to use “evolution” to support their bigotry are people that do not understand the theory
    Fact is, many, probably the majority, of atheists are much more liberal and less racist than the “christians”.
    Blessings on your Journey!

  • Michael Darnell says:

    We speak the truth, while you seem unable to stop lying – even if the only virtue in this is to offer a contrast, that is still a good thing that we bring to the world.

    The word atheist just means “someone who does not believe in any God” — Thats all there is to it, we’re not automatically going to have anything else in common with one another.

    If you want to discuss Darwin – try the category called ” Science & Mathematics > Biology”…

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