What impact is divorce having on society?

What impact is divorce having on society?
What impact is divorce having on society?

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Answer by jason l
depends are you divorced??

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  • Donna B says:

    Its having a terrible impact on our children. Just watch the news

  • 1 Hot Momma says:

    I think you have that backwards. Society has impacted the divorce rate. We live in a “me me me” society. What do I want? How do I feel? How does this affect me? Most people don’t stop to think how their actions affect others.

  • Tom says:

    Divorce creates a situation in which two adults now have to have to homes, this diminishes the value of cohabitation and the benefits on land use and recycling, and the environment.

    Divorce tends to leave the children with less of one parent then is needed, this can lead to problems with the children and lack of supervision. Divorce can be linked to a rise in day care and after care programs, with many schools now offering such programs. Divorce can be very expensive in terms of day care and after care programs as well as extra driving and the pressure on the primary care giver to get out of work in time. Divorce can put pressure on the care giver to choose jobs based on the time required for work, thus limiting their options and perhaps pay.

    Dad’s still suffer high rates of problems with support payments being unfair, some courts require annual checks but fail to provide a means for the father to volunteer for this, also subsequent children can suffer from decreased family income (afterall the children, espeically children later born are innocent too).

    Divroces tend to put on parent against the other and this may result in the child bonding with one parent more than the other, often time (studies suggest) that this is with the non custodial parent. Over 80% of all homeless women surveyed who had grown children refused to help. Over 60% of grown children interviewed cited their Mom’s behavior during the divorce.

    Divorce creates a situation in which both parents have to work in many cases, this place a increase on the number of working persons, can cause a over demand of workers in the area and lead to lower wages, stiff competition, and higher unemployment

    Divorce also has caused many church and social groups to develop programs like dc4kids and to change or revise policies on how to deal with divorce in the congregation.

    Divorce has been linked to truancy, failing grades, higher drop out rates, and even teenage pregnancy. In cases where the fatehr is arrested for failing to pay child support (how can you pay in jail) there is a creation of a “Debtors prison” which allows a person with a personal bias an opportunity to punish another for not working.

    Divorces have led to an increase in the number of men and women who seek to travel and live abroad. ALso a percentage of divorcees who marry foriegners are bringing in a specific type and group of immigrants, often femals and often from specific countries into the US.

    Divorce is part of our film and literature, and is often characterized as a necessary element. Love is also an element. But films rarely capture reconciliation to the same degree and in the same numbers as they capture Marriage and Divorce. Even in YA we have Marriage and Divorce, not Love and Marriage or Divorce and Reconciliation.

    That’s the negatives–Now the positives:

    Divorce empowers both parties regardless of sex, certain rights under law. Divorce has reduce the potential for exploitation of women, although some claim it allow for exploitation men. Divorce likey has increased the number of quality marriage by giving partners a chance to find the right person. Divorce can give a person a way out, remove them from adultery, exploitation, and stress.

    Also you didn’t mention the type of divorce, for example, fault versus no fault, or if the male could file only. In some societies there are no divorce. In these locations we see more abandonment and running away, as well as perhaps more cases of chronic physical aduse. However, children raised in homes long term that have fighting still do better than children raised by separated parents that fight.

    When researching divorce consider looking at women who divorced and have been remarried.

  • mike says:

    main impact is that most men and women are choosing to not get married. people have realized that getting married is not really necessary if you love each other. today divorce rate is 50%. it means 1 out of every two marriages ends in divorce. Both parties end up paying big money to lawyers and government to get out of marriage. so smarter folks are turning to cohabitation without getting married.

  • Super Nice Care Bears says:

    divorce screws up the kids mind. the parents are competing and fighting at a young age. you do not really bond with or model your parents, either one of them, when it is like this, but you do imitate their fighting habits later in life. It is very confusing for someone being raised, you end up trying to imitate your friends maybe rather than your parents and they do not know too much esp. young people.
    divorce should be legal, but i think you should persuade people not to use it. Why can’t the parents get along for a while longer, till at least the kid goes to college? they are being babies. they know how to cooperate with coworkers and friends, but cant deal with staying together. they are indulging themselves at serious cost to their children.

  • Greg says:

    There are several trains of thought on what impact divorce is having on society.

    1) It is tearing apart the fabric of our culture, or moral values and integrity.

    2) It is making us free from the shackles of societal pressure.

    This is a universal impact. The PERSONAL impact, however is deep and scarring. Why? Because we all want to feel loved and be loved and the destruction of marriage, leading to divorce, kills our sense of worth to the world. It can make us feel worthless and unlovable. It undermines our confidence and retracts us. We become less giving, less trusting, more skeptical, more needy and more desperate as we feel that time is slipping away to find new love.

    There are some people who know how to divorce in style, however. They always understood their self-worth, had genuine friends, understood the value of having friends of the opposite sex in their social circle, were well traveled and were cultured.

    For some, with a mature attitude, it is not about religion, but faith in yourself to succeed. Also, as more divorce advice shows, nothing is permanent. What you feel now, during this time, is temporary and life after divorce, whether in the U.S or Australia or other western country, or any country for that matter, will be very different and hopefully positive

  • Una says:

    The hardest thing about marriage and in cohabitation is that it can sometimes be difficult to identify whether the relationship or marriage at all worth the effort . Hardly you can properly decide whether it is time to end .
    If you think that your marriage is worth salvation , you can follow a few guidelines in order to achieve this .
    If it’s easier , you can write down on paper the things that bother you in marriage .
    It can be a lack of communication , poor sex life , fraud , money , work, abuse or problems with children .
    The moment when you first think about the divorce , it is usually your relationship full of criticism , shifting blame , yelling , nagging and manipulation .
    These negative traits should turn to love , trust , support and encouragement.
    Identify the main problems in the marriage and try to solve them in the normal way .
    Usually people behave in the worst possible way when a problem occurs in the marriage.
    The fact is that all arguments can be resolved with good communication .
    If you have some sort of negative traits that adversely affect the marriage , try to solve them together .
    If you are close to yourself and do not tell your partner what is bothering you , the problem will never go away .
    Your problems putting in a normal way , not yelling , and carefully sušajte partner when you have something important to say .
    And the last thing , if one partner is not willing to work on the relationship and try to survive a marriage , you do not need to force it on .

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