What is a “fire bible”? ?

What is a “fire bible”? ?
Ok so I have been born and raised baptist my entire life… My baptist preacher believes everything from the bible, no more and no less… Recently I moved and started attending a Assembly of God… (Penecostal) The tongues caught me off guard. I had always heard about the speaking of tongue just never actually witnessed it… Then the preacher pulled out something called the “Fire bible”. I have always been taught there are no other books than the bible. I know mormans have their own bible. The Jehovah witnesses have their own. When I googled fire bible it came up the penecostal bible. What is different from this and God’s holy bible. This is all really messing with my head. The preacher also has a lot of opinions that he likes to make them out to be facts… Am I losing my mind or is this really wrong? Something in my heart says to stay away… Serious answers please.

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Answer by SpireofSulfuron
Maybe it combines with the other elemental Bibles and forms Captain Bullsht.

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  • Bert says:

    Stay Away

  • cynic32 says:

    I had similar feelings about that. I recommend finding another Baptist Church. Good luck with whatever you do.

  • !~!SERAPHiiNA!~! says:

    Fire Bible is the name for the international language editions of the *Full Life Study Bible, one of the few Pentecostal study Bibles in existence.

    Often referred to as a one-book Pentecostal library, this study Bible contains 77 theme articles, a concordance, 45 maps and charts, introductions to each book of the Bible, and Pentecostal study notes.

  • anton t says:

    The are both mistranslated and misinterpreted. No real difference, This guy is a whack. Next time you’re in church ask him when he’s getting out the bible fires again.
    The second to last verse in the book says that any alterations will bring all the curses. This means ANY.
    Also, speaking in tounges was a gift that meant talented at many languages. Not blabbering in some non language. It was a big deal because everyone there knew the language that the speech was being given in and no translators were needed. Speaking in tounges was made up. Check it out for yourself.

  • puredagnastyevil says:

    A fire bible is essentially the same as a KJV Bible (possibly NIV, it was a long time ago), but it has commentary along the margins that indicate how specific verses support pentecostal teachings.

    From what I remember, it wasn’t promoted as additional books, but more of an editorial opinion of present books.

    Hope that’s helpful.

  • Internet for God says:

    I’m not sure about the difference, but I would say that if it makes you uncomfortable, find another church. ANYTHING preached from the Word should be subject to you being able to determine its veracity based on your reading of scripture. If this were from God, I’m not sure you would feel uneasy about it. I was raised in Baptist churches and now attend a non-denominational evangelical church. If anyone says, “God told me…..” and it doesn’t line up with scripture, RUN, don’t walk, but RUN away from that church!

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