What IS a Presbyterian church about?

What IS a Presbyterian church about?
And why do so many Native Americans belong to it?

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Answer by solarius
The Presbyterian Church, of which there are several different subdivisions( Presbyterian Church USA, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, the Presbyterian Church in America, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, the Reformed Presbyterian Church in the United States and so on) is a Protestant church with roots in Calvinism, in addition to Reformed theology. Many Presbyterians adhere to the Westminster Confession of faith. They use a “presbyterian” form of church governance, hence the name of the denomination. As to why so many Native Americans belong to it, I don’t know. Most of the Native Americans in my area who are Christian are Baptists.

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  • olddogwatchin says:

    Hi ani… :]]… thanks.
    I am part native american, but not religous in a secular belief. The ‘spirit’ of a liveing thing is a borrowed essence..we are required to return it..every liveing thing has to return it to the greater or greatest or matrix spirit… and religons of all kinds have so complicated and twisted the simplisity of spiritual understanding, that nune apeal to me any longer.

    So, .. my answer is generic.. it matters not a wit wich religon you might have asked about..the answer would be the same…besides, some one will undoubtedly give you an acceptable deffinition of that particular branch…

    Some indians still hold the basic premis that ‘counciousness’ and ‘spirit’ are one and the same..’thinking’ is a spiritual exercise..and not in the least a humanistic superrior behavior..bee’s, eagels, toads, earthworms, sheep, elk, fishes, dung beatels, and mosquitoes all have there unique ‘thinking’ abilitys, and thinking is the expression of god-‘ness’ in every liveing things existance.

    Most religons tell you that ‘god’ is a spirit… most indians will tell you the spirit is god in life..in other words, god is life…or life is god… thats why an indian gives thanks to an animal he takes for food or sustanance. We see that as a litteral statement.

    A presbyterian opinion of christianity is just another varriation of a old means of complicateing spirituality with a religous doctrin, or dogma.
    Liveing things all KNOW they are alive. think about it.

    What liveing thing can you think of that dosent?

    That being the case, does it not seem logical..reasonable..intelectual..that god may just possibly be the commonality among all liveing things, that man with his religons has ailenated him self from all other liveing creatures on this earthly home because he CAN, and not in the least because his god did..?

    Indians arent stupid, we have been spiritual as long as any other culture..we just held a more intimate relationship with life/god..[.god/life.. ] than any religon or christianity or what ever has acknowledged.

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