What is Alan Brennert’s “Skyghosts and Dusk-Devils” about?

What is Alan Brennert’s “Skyghosts and Dusk-Devils” about?
If you’ve read Alan Brennert’s short story, “Skyghosts and Dusk-Devils” (sometimes published as “Ghost Story”), can you explain to me what the story is supposed to be about? Is the narrator on drugs? Is it an apocalyptic future? Is everyone in Hell?

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Answer by Alan Brennert
Your second guess is correct: it’s a post-apocalyptic future in which the majority of humankind has left Earth for the stars, and the humans left behind have devolved intellectually. Some of what they see–like the “dusk devils”–are hallucinations, while others, specifically the holograms of their ancestors, are real. And yes, I was feeling in a surrealistic mood when I wrote it!

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