What is the definition of Spiritual terrorism?

What is the definition of Spiritual terrorism?
Love God or fry for all eternity right?

Christianity contains some of the worst terrorists on the planet. A nuclear bomb kills quickly compared to the worry that comes out of Christianity. “Am I really saved?” Why is that Christianity/Judaism/isialm are such violent religions?

Beware if you have a extremist fundamentalist as you might be killed by them without knowing it.

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Answer by Alex the Awesome
I find the documentary “Jesus Camp” a good example of spiritual terrorism.

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3 Responses to “What is the definition of Spiritual terrorism?”

  • Marcus says:

    I think defining spiritual would help first.

  • Peyton Self says:

    selfish insanity

  • Staring Contest says:

    The founder of modern Christianity, Paul, who claimed to be an apostle, was actually a terrorist. Jesus Christ, on the other hand, preached peace and warned about the secret societies that control the world and that he also let us in on what was in store for them. Hell isn’t reserved for just anybody. It’s for the hypocritical ones who terrorize the Earth with their bureaucracy and weapons. Citizens are pawns, bishops, rooks, etc.

    So, you ask why such a loving God would do that. Well, He doesn’t. “For every action, there’s an equal, but opposite, reaction” does the sentencing, not God. The Aethereal realm does stick to the law of opposites. In order for there to be happy, there has to be sad. It makes sense too. One provides contrast for the other, just as the paper provides the contrast so you can see the line that was drawn on it.

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