What Is The Difference Between A Catholic And An Evangelist?

Reader Question – Please tell me most of the differences between a Catholic and Evangelist. Please tell me their beliefs. If you could tell me all or most of them. Thank you

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11 Responses to “What Is The Difference Between A Catholic And An Evangelist?”

  • Emily C says:

    Catholics are Evangelical Christians.
    An Evangelical is someone who lives their life in accordance with the Christian gospel.
    A Christian is someone professing belief in Jesus as Christ or following the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus.
    Feel free to look these words up.
    Some groups like to redefine words like Christian and Evangelical into much narrower terms and claim that Catholics are neither Christian nor Evangelical.
    With love in Christ.

  • imacatho says:

    An evangelist tries to get other people to convert to their own beliefs. It’s usually used in the context of Christianity but it is possible to be an evangelical Muslim, or atheist, or even Red Sox supporter.
    Most people use the word ‘Catholic’ to mean a member of the largest church, the one that is headed up by the Pope. It has other meanings which I’m sure the other answerers will fill you in on.
    It’s possible to be an evangelical Catholic – Mother Teresa certainly was – but in the main the word ‘evangelical’ is better suited to those churches who encourage their members to evangelize – JW, Mormon and some Baptist, for example.

  • Jolly Green Justin says:

    I think you mean “evangelical.” Evangelicals are (mostly) Protestants. Perhaps the best way to define the word is that evangelical place a high value on sharing their faith with others. Some Catholics claim to be “Catholic evangelicals.”
    An evangelist is someone like Billy Graham, a preacher on the move calling people to repent and accept Christ.

  • His Boy, Sherman says:

    Usually Catholics aren’t called Evangelists
    The difference is that Catholics pray to Mary and the Saints, and everyone else doesn’t.
    and another difference is that they think they need to do some good deeds to make up for some bad things they did. some of them believe that.

  • You may be right says:

    evangelist believe Christ when he told them to go out and preach the gospel to all nations. whereas catholics are more interested in making converts and turning them into catholics, whereas the evangelists leave it to the Lord, whether the Word finds room in a person heart or not.

  • sylvia c says:

    One may be an evangelist in the Christian Church or Protestant ecclesiastical organization. Certainly this includes Catholics and Protestants. An evangelist is one who spreads the Gospel of our Lord. God bless!
    In Christ
    Fr. Joseph

  • cristoig says:

    An evangelist goes to all churches and public places preaching Jesus Christ whereas a catholic believes in praying to saints who once lived on the earth in history and believes they intercede for him to God, the evangelist does not share in the catholics belief, the evangelist believes Jesus Christ is the only door into heaven, catholics may not share in this belief.

  • Orval Reden Bacher says:

    About 50 IQ points in favour of the Catholic

  • THE MIGHTY RA says:

    about 3.5 degrees of crazy.

  • phyzzics says:

    You Need to “Go Back to School”—O.K. ???

  • anon says:

    You guys probably need to READ theology basics.

    None of you actually know the difference between Catholicism and Protestant.

    Please study Wikipedia.org for your queries.

    Simply put, Protestants are Christians who broke off from the Catholic Church hundreds of years ago.

    There’s 3 main sectors of Christianity; Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Protestant.

    Catholics have apocrypha, prayer to saints, whilst Protestants do not see anyone as head of the faith -Pope – here on earth (only administration of, thus personal church choice) and thus rely on sole scripture instead.

    Catholics place much more value upon roles of Mary and the saints.

    Catholics believe in transubstantiation – bread and wine turns into the body of Christ, rather than memorial supper (just different ritual that’s all).

    Catholics have a number of different sacraments that are not found in Protestant churches. Protestants generally have 2 rituals: 1) The Lord’s supper 2) Baptism

    Catholics have Auricular Confession, where as Protestants believe in the priesthood of all believers.

    Catholics are the authority of the church where as Christian Protestants see themselves collectively AS THE CHURCH of Christ.

    Catholics believe in purgatory, cleansing, Protestants believe in direct link to heaven (many religions differ yet are so similar).

    Folk differ on the topic of what is described as Immaculate Conception.

    Protestants see no word as Christ directly from any person, with this in mind, Catholics see and hear God speaking when it comes officially from the Pope.

    Thanks all 🙂

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