What is the difference between a satanist and a Luciferian?

What is the difference between a satanist and a Luciferian?
I’m not referring to LaVeyan Satanists, only Satanists that believe that Satan is a real deity who is to be followed or held in high regard. (Theistic Satanists?)

What is the difference between this kind of Satanist and a Luciferian? They seem to be very similiar.

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Answer by magpieix A.L.M.N.
Luciferians believe that Lucifer was not evil, but has been slandered by Xtian church. There are several branches of Luciferianism, but most of them see Lucifer as having given “light” (knowledge) to humankind.

Luciferians don’t necessarly oppose God, which is why Luciferianism is usually considered a heretical branch of Xtianity.

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9 Responses to “What is the difference between a satanist and a Luciferian?”

  • Frizby says:

    They both seem like Devil worshippers to me..

  • Matt H says:

    People who believe Satan is real are called Christians.

  • Caleb says:

    Here are some great reads from Wikipedia that I found interesting too read; these should help as well, but apparently, Luciferian is more ‘good’ than Satanism as well as that it’s based more on older religions and mythology.



  • tony says:

    there’s no difference
    Satan and Lucifer are the same person
    Lucifer came first
    Satan was transformed in him

  • wee says:

    No matter luciferian or satanian but as far as i know that 2 is Devils, demonic acts!

  • MissDementia says:

    Mag got it right.

    Anyone who thinks Satan and Lucifer are the same entity is deluded btw.

  • Kuve says:

    Theistic Satanism, as I’ve seen it, tends to come in two branches, those that embrace the Catholic concept of Spiritual and Physical Deities in opposition but consider the Physical Deity to be the stronger, and those who embrace the Cathar concept of a duality in which the Spiritual and Physical are equal but separate and who have chosen to pursue a life in the here and now rather than in preparation for an afterlife. The Christian Churches condemn both as evil as they do anything and anyone who doesn’t accept their authority and give them money, but neither side should be so considered objectively, any more than would any other spiritual path. It isn’t the Path itself which is good or evil but the individual people who claim to follow it, and both good and evil can be done in the name of any god.

    Luciferism is an umbrella term that covers a variety of beliefs dating back to the 13th centuries and which do not all agree. The principle difference between Luciferians and Theistic Satanists is that the Luciferians do not consider Lucifer an Adversary but to be instead a Bringer of Knowledge to mankind, rather like the Greek Titan Prometheus, and like Prometheus he was cast down for doing it, an action many Luciferians consider to show that the God of Heaven is unjust or selfish. It should be recalled that the idea that Lucifer was a name for the Devil doesn’t occur in the Bible, the term “lucifer” is a Latin translation of the Greek “phosophoros” which means “morning star” and referred to the planet Venus, it had no spiritual meaning other than metaphorically. It was only in popular fiction, like the works of Dante or Milton and others inspired by them, that Satan and Lucifer came to be considered interchangeable names for the Christian Devil.

  • Xiao Gui says:

    Luciferians see Lucifer as a God of Light, who imparted knowledge and enlightenment onto mankind, much like the Greek Prometheus. It is a somewhat Neopagan belief system. To them, Lucifer is not necessarily synonymous with “Satan.”

    Satanists identify more with the biblical Satan of Abrahamic and Gnostic traditions. They see Satan as a figure from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

    The name differs depending of which religious tradition it is being derived from. Some will identify as either one or the other. Many people (like me) identify as both.

  • Silent says:

    Both are pretty much alike in my eyes, I see Lucifer as being another aspect of Satan, Lucifer being the Light Bringer and Satan being Darkness…Knowing that light comes from darkness, one cannot be without the other.


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