What Is The Difference Between A Traditional & A Contemporary Methodist Service?

Reader Question – I thought all Methodist services were the Same. I saw on a Methodist Board today they have two different services,Traditional & a Contemporary service. What are the differences?

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2 Responses to “What Is The Difference Between A Traditional & A Contemporary Methodist Service?”

  • Eddie says:

    In my local United Methodist church (and other UM churches my husband and I have served), a “traditional” service is just that — it follows an order that can be found in the Book of Worship of the United Methodist Church. It uses the pipe organ, the choir sings a very traditional anthem, and the congregation sings hymns.
    At the “contemporary” service, the piano might be used along with a guitar and/or a trap set. Instead of hymns, there are “praise choruses” that are usually shown, text only, on a turbo-screen on the walls. The service is generally more “open,” and it doesn’t always follow the traditional “form” of worship.

  • Garrison says:

    That can be a good thing, the “praise choruses” and not following the traditional form. As long as Jesus is being preached, lives are being changed, people are hearing Biblical sermons in a life changing and life growing way. I say go for it. If it keeps the younger people (40 and younger) and their kids in church than it should be done…and done with talent.

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