What is the proper way to address a Methodist minister?

A question from a reader: My first and longest Methodist minister was a chaplain. So, I referred to him as Chaplain or Captain. My (now) husband grew up catholic and didn’t attend the Methodist church until we were together so he doesn’t know how to address a civilian Methodist minister either. I asked our officiant during premarital counseling how we should address him and he said to address him however we like. But I would still like to know if there is a typical title for Methodist clergymen: “Reverend”, “Pastor”, “Brother”, etc. Thank you 🙂

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6 Responses to “What is the proper way to address a Methodist minister?”

  • Fireball says:

    Rev is the title but we use his first name…He is a sweetheart.

  • Jacula says:

    call him pedophile

  • David H says:

    Pastor is probably the most common title.

  • Mr NiceGuy^3 says:

    Call him Dave.
    If Dave is not his name, ask him what it is and then call him that.

    Also you could call him Mr. Berslanski.
    If Mr. Berslanski is not his name, ask him what his name is and call him that.

    Glad I could help

  • oldernwiser says:

    My last Methodist minister was a Dr. of Theology, so I called him Dr. Jones for a while, as I tend to be a fairly formal person.

    Then I realized everyone around me was calling him John, so I started calling him John too.

  • Bill B says:

    I am Methodist and most every Methodist pastor I have ever met introduces himself/herself by first and last name and thereafter tells people to use his/her first name. If you know that person on an ongoing basis, it is entirely appropriate to call him by his first name, unless he objects for personal reasons. You may opt to call him by title and name if you are so inclined or are uncomfortable calling him by first name only.

    Example: Pastor Dave Johnson can be called Dave, Pastor Dave, Pastor Johnson or Pastor.

    I suspect that if he is in any way personable, he will tell you how he wants to be addressed if you ask him.

    Peace, Bill

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