What is the role of a pastor in a Baptist Church?

A question from a reader: I am a member of a Baptist church.I need to know the role of a pastor.Does he make the church announcement,mess with the money,sit people down for know reason and can not explain.Baptist church.

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  • theone78 says:

    He is the overseer of things.. and just proclaims the word 🙂

    Feed (as a shepherd)

    · Defend (as a shepherd)

    · Guide (as a shepherd)

    · Discipline (as a shepherd)

    · Be mature (as an elder)

    · Be respected (as an elder)

    · Oversee (as an overseer)

    · Godly manage (as an overseer)

    · Hold in spiritual accountability (as an overseer)

    According to Dever (The Deliberate Church, [Crossway: 2005], 89-95):

    · Practitioner of the marks (preaching, administering the ordinances)

    · Teaching

    · Meet with staff

    · Be disciplined and stick to a workable schedule

    · Graze – feed the flock

    · Guide – direct, model, equip, and keep the flock

    · Guard – from false teachers and false teaching

    · The 4 P’s (from chapter 1) – preaching, prayer, personal discipleship relationships, and patience

    This list is staggering, convicting, and clarifying. It staggers me to think about the weight of the responsibility God has on the pastor for his church. It is convicting because I see how I personally have failed. I want to pray and improve and grow in putting more of my time into teaching/preaching responsibilities, meeting with my small group leaders and training new teachers. I want to get more involved in knowing the lives of the students in my church. I also want to be in better communication with the pastoral team that I serve with, giving them weekly reports of the ministry, even if it is not asked of me. I want to seek their input and evaluation. I also want to pursue those who are straying that God has put under my care. This also clarifies my task. I need to defend the flock, discipline the unrepentant, hold them in spiritual accountability, disciple them, and most of all feed them and point them to the bread of life and living water, Jesus Christ himself.

  • GodWinsInTheEnd says:

    A sheperd leads the flock.

  • Desert Rose says:


  • Free Man says:

    He is an all purpose leader who may or may not do any of those things.

  • witch_chick_2003 says:

    I believe it is the pastor’s job to preach, first and foremost. Secondly, (at least around here) the pastors will go and visit members of their congregation if they are sick. Also, pastors often offer counseling to various members of a community and perform weddings and funerals. As far as the church announcement, I believe that is left to a secretary of some sort. Also, I believe (and I could be wrong) I think the deacons usually handle the money of the church.

  • Gazoo says:

    Brainwashing mostly.

  • Follows Jesus says:

    he preaches the word of God.

    he may lead the song service if there is no music director.

    No he does not handle the money.

    The people who take up the offering give the money to a person in charge who deposits the money in the bank

    the church treasurer is the one who handles the money of the church.

    Not sure what you mean by sit people down for no reason?

  • Eds says:

    When the BIBLE speaks of Pastors they are also called Elders. The Pastors in the Baptist church is in my personal opinion just a “preacher”. I feel the preacher’s job is one of utmost importance in every church and I do not place the preacher as being less important then an Elder even though they have different jobs and the Elder has certain qualifications that the preacher does not have to meet. The qualifications are found primarily in I Timothy 3. Have a great week.
    Thank You,


  • Michael B - Repeal Prop. 8! says:

    In many Southern Baptist churches his role is to indoctrinate the members of the church with the false belief that “treat others as you want to be treated” really means “take away the civil rights of law-abiding, taxpaying, gay Americans.”

  • Earth Angel says:

    Well my pastor has nothing to do with the money received. One church elder is appointed to account for the money and he pays the pastor. Of course the pastor knows numbers but doesn’t actually know who has given. If I sit down with my pastor it is because I have requested him to sit with me not because he himself sat me down. Its my choice. He also never pushes “Baptist” in our face. He preaches relationship not religion

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