What product should I use to cure my pimples?

A question from a reader: I saw the product commercial of Clean and Clear acne kit , I was really hopeful it would really help me get the pimple-free skin I want. So I went online and looked for reviews , hoping it would cure my pimples and I was disappointed of what I saw. Now , I don’t know what to do. I’ve been using dove and Belo’s pore minimizer , But the pimples go away , but move to another part of my face 😐 Help me please , Thank you.

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16 Responses to “What product should I use to cure my pimples?”

  • vintagesubwaycar says:

    Okay I got this good one for you.

  • Dudeeeeee says:

    nothing works
    if it’s not acne use toothpaste
    it burns but it gets rid of the spot

  • Smoky Smokerson says:

    Okay you need to use clay masks. Buy some cosmetic clay (it’s 100% natural) and mix it with water until you get a paste. Apply it on your face and leave it for 30 minutes. It’s a great antiseptic, it will draw all toxins from your skin, minimize the marks ( they might eventually disappear if you use it religiously) close the pores, help with blackheads and pimples, etc. It’s excellent. But it kinda makes your skin dry so what I do is wash it off then apply either honey for 30 minutes(lips included, honey makes them fabulous) or milk ( put milk on cosmetic pads then cover your face with them, it does wonders for the skin). Milk and honey moisturize a lot

    Good luck with that!!

  • Alice A. says:

    I heard that the oil free acne wash by neutrogena works, but I never tried it myself sooo yea

  • Schiffy! says:

    The best treatments are Epiduo and Retin-A-Micro. If you have a desperate case, then Acutain. Go to a dermatologist to get any of these medicines. He/she will reccomend the best one for you.

  • Rebel Yell says:

    Every face and chemical issue are different. My sister swears by Pro-active for her cystic acne problem. I use soap and water, but dab tea tree oil on my monthly hormone chin blemishes.

  • kelsey says:

    I use zapzyt
    and it works really well

    you can check it out at zapzyt.com

  • Emmaa. says:

    Try toothpaste, it is strong, cheap and always available.

    And yes, it really does work.

    If this is too creepy then wash your face day and night and use a cream.

  • Lilly says:

    visit the face care-achne section of this site http://www.beautyzone.hpage.com it has some good some made therapies that are effective clears..and gets rid o achne

  • ? says:

    Use ProActive! It worked for me! My face is super clear and soft but it takes A long time to cure if you have really and I mean really bad acne.

  • Jön says:

    Dont waste your money on all that stuff it wont work,Just wash your face alot. its what i did and worked for me.and do NOT touch your face with your hands, your fingers carry alot of dirt and oil

  • emily t says:

    toothpast 🙂
    works so well.
    don’t just rub it all over your face. put it on each individual pimple. let it dry & do it once a day till the pimple is gone 🙂

  • Riona says:

    Seeing a dermatolagist is probably the only way you will get clear skin. Besides that, benzoyl peroxide cream works well for getting rid of and preventing pimples.

  • Jamie D says:

    I went to the doctor’s office and they prescribed me clindamycin, its basically a topical gel that you put on your face once or twice a day, it kills the bacteria that is on your skin, and it really works! People always mention how nice and flawless my face is now since using it, i had like nasty acne, now BARELY any! =] try it out! its like 10 dollars (with insurance) for 3 tubes that last for a couple of months!

  • somegirlyouknow says:

    I’d really advise you not to use ProActiv. I used it and it made my life hell for about 3 months! And of course I also trie dthe over the coutner products.

    It’s wiser to go to a doctor and let them assess your skin; if you’re a teen, its mostly hormonal or your face just needs cleansing. I went to a doctor and she gave me a medicine I swear by! She gave my a prescription for Clindatech which has clindamycin as the acne-fighting ingredient. I also found out that even products you used to love can betray your skin, maybe they change the formulations. I use Cetaphil to remove makeup and clean my face, then St. Ives blemish scrub, Cetaphil again just to make sure the face is clean. Then Clindatech then cetaphil moisturiser.

    I absolutely love Clindatech, it took away the pimples and scars completely in the maximum of 2 months!

    It’s so hard to be a girl don’t you think? =P

  • Samantha says:

    okay trust me on this im young but i’ve had pimples for four years
    im samantha and i started my pimples when i was in 2nd grade it was terrible
    DO NOT USE TOOTHPASSTE ,it might clear them but it dries your skin and makes more of them
    I’ve tried proactive and it didnt work i dont recommend it but you can try i guess…..
    i’ve also tried this oil free face cream cleanser from neutregena and it worked……for some days
    do not use achohol
    the best answer i got is to try best but look at the label
    i heard salycic acid works best your face
    and wash your face 2 times a day or 3 cuz if you wash to much its overwashing
    and heard some products if they make your face feel tight its good

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