What religion is the most peaceful and tolerant on Earth?

A question from a reader: I would say Islam, because aside from those who do not obey Islam, it is a very peaceful religion.

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39 Responses to “What religion is the most peaceful and tolerant on Earth?”

  • CuriousMindofMine says:

    Agnosticism. We’re not sure. You might be right. They might be right. Let’s not disagree with anyone about anything ever.

    Now before you all go giving me thumbs down, remember the phrase “tongue in cheek”.

    Edit: Why do Buddhists get all the credit these days? Give our agnostic friends some love.

  • Buddy R says:

    Christianity. Jesus said to love, pray for, and do good even to your enemy.

    The most violent would have to be atheism. Atheist tyrants murdered over 250 million people in the past 100 years.

    Mat 5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

  • aeiou_i says:


    “…aside from those who do not obey Islam…”

    That clause is the core of all the bloodshed in the name of Islam as religion. It appears that you simply can’t understand that All People need to live with All People in peace.

    Radical Islam, with its holly warriors, is the most peaceful religion on Earth; when they cleanse the infidels by decapitation of course.

    You have that recognizable urge to go around deceiving people with exchange of thesis. You are probably one of those cynical Muslim crybabies from Bosnia.

    Stick to your veil and Sudan style mosques and don’t ever cross to my boundary our I’ll make peace out of you.


    To answer your question, Buddhism of course is the most peaceful and tolerant religion on Earth, despite it has been tried to be erased by Islam when radical Islamic peoples destroyed centuries old temples in Pakistan, because Buddhists “…do not obey Islam.” Then again, Buddhism is not a religion, but that is another story.

  • GaGa says:

    I think Buddhists.

  • Houthict says:

    You must be a muslim.

    I would say Jainism,Taoism or Buddhism.

    @ardenwa: Atheism is not a religion.

    @CuriousMindofMine: Agnosticism is not a religion either.

  • Terry the Klown says:

    Haha, I get the irony.

    Almost as good as: “Behead those who dare say Islam is a violent religion”.

  • ardenwa says:

    the lack of religion. i don’t like to call myself an atheist because that ties me to a religion.

  • Cockfezz says:


  • near says:

    There are a lot of religions that are peaceful and tolerant, which is why you don’t here about them much in R&S, they aren’t fighting 😀

    I for one am very fond of Buddhism. They have the lowest death count and are all about being open minded and peaceful. They don’t have a god though, just some very powerful leaders. (so there is a debate on whether or not this is even a religion but I count it as one)

    Be aware though, some religions are very good but have very bad followers that make the religion look terrible. Most religions have the same morals, but they almost all have their flaws, which is why I cant really say which relgion is the most peaceful, that’s up to you to decide I guess.

  • jeffknowsbest, says:

    I say islam

    but i dont get the sucide bombers /? ;/

  • Eccentric Entity says:

    I would say Buddhism. Because until now, Buddhism has the lowest number of deaths due to it. Besides that, it does not actually care if you pray to a God, but rather it teaches you the importance of being detached from neediness.

    Islam might be a peaceful religion in essence, but due to the alarming number of people who claim to commit killings in the name of Islam, Islam cannot be considered totally peaceful. Nor tolerant as it does preaches against believing in other religions.

    Christianity is by far the most violent and intolerant religion ever recorded. The very book they worship contains more killings than the WWII massacres.

  • space boy says:

    Find one Buddhist, or Unitarian, or Jehovah’s Witness, or Quaker who’s ever strapped a bomb to himself with the intention of killing himself and a bunch of civilians. What, you can’t? You, ma’am, are in SERIOUS denial.

  • Absinthe says:

    You can’t mention “religion” and “peace” in the same sentence – it is a contradiction in terms. Like a square circle.

  • Blaze says:

    Hinduism, and perhaps Buddhism. But to speak of one is to speak of the other, both share the same origins.

  • BloodBath says:

    Christianity and Islam are the most violent, sir.
    The least is None.

  • Exotica says:

    “Lo! those who believe and do good works, the Beneficent will appoint for them love. “(19:96)
    “…take not life, which God hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law: thus doth He command you, that ye may learn wisdom.” 6:151
    “Do not let your hatred of a people incite you to aggression.” 5:2
    Surah 2:84” And (remember) when we took your covenant saying “shed not the blood of your (people), not turn out your own people from their dwellings…”
    surah 8:61 ” But if they cline to peace, you (also ) incline to it, and put your trust in Allah. Verily, he is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.
    “And of His signs is this: He created for you helpmeets from yourselves that ye might find rest in them, and He ordained between you love and mercy. Lo! herein indeed are portents for folk who reflect” (30:21)

    In some verses it also says” Whoever kills an innocent life, it is as though it killed the whole humanity and whoever saves a life, it is as though he saved the whole humanity”

  • Unlimit3d says:

    I would have to agree with Jainism and Buddhism. Athiesm isn’t a religion and anyone saying that all religions are violent should look more into world religions and less into their own skepticism.

  • Michael Darnell says:

    Jainism and any others who practice ahimsa. Ahimsa is a rule of conduct that bars the killing or injuring of ANY living beings. They reject any sort of violence hunting and ritual sacrifice and Jains go out of their way so as not to hurt even small insects like flies or mosquitoes and other minuscule animals and make considerable efforts not to injure plants in everyday life as far as possible. They do pragmatically accept vegetarianism. In accordance to this policy notwithstanding, eating of some foods, whose cultivation harms small insects and worms as well as agriculture itself, is to be abstained from.

    Hindus and Jains -are- permitted to act in self-defense, criminal law, Though ahimsa is not used as a technical term in Buddhism unlike the other two religions… Buddhists also condemn ritual sacrifice and violence, and moral codes emphasize the importance of not taking life.

    I think that the best example of ahimsa was shown by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

  • mrs mole says:


  • Frou Frou says:

    bhuddisim, by far
    they dotn even like to hurt bugs, as far as i know

  • istanbul says:

    If we consider that the three main religions are the only ones sent down by God, being Juddaism,Christianity and Islam, then we would have automatically to choose one of those as the only official candidates in the race.
    As Juddaism was followed by Christianity to correct the mistakes made by the Jews, and the Christians chose to worship God’s messenger instead of God himself, the Quran was sent to again try and correct man’s misinterpretation of the message.
    Unfortnately when you look at mankind, even the muslims have seperated themselves into sects, Shiite,Sunni, followers of Ali etc..
    Breaking the religion into sects is forbidden by God and is mentioned in the Quran.Those who choose religion to hide behind acts of terrorism or for personal financial gain, they are the losers in this world and the hereafter.
    They shout “Jihad” without knowing its true meaning, Jihad’s true meaning is to fight to contantly improve your knowledge both of God and of worldly affairs, not to fight amongst each other.
    If we correctly condem the Suicide bombers for their misinterpretation of the Islamic religion, should we not mention the Crusaders who killed and raped and pillaged in the name of Christianity.
    As it says in the Bible, let he that has no sins, cast the first stone.
    Each religion has its followers that do not stick to the true intentions of that religion, they argue amongst themselves, because we humans are proud and egotistical, and would wish that Gods Prophet originated from the street we live on and not in some far off land.
    That God’s true religion, which spreads peace and love and understanding which was delivered in a language completely alien to all, save a few scholars, has been translated and interpreted and adopted to suit, to such an extent that it is almost unrecognisable to itself.
    The answer to your Question is that the religion of “God” is the most peaceful and tolerant, which interpretation you wish to follow is personal choice, but please bear in mind, if you choose to follow idols or worship any other than God himself, you might just be wasting your time, which could prove embarrasing on judgement day..

    Please take care and may God forgive us all !

  • SebaCordobes says:

    Jesus said at John 18:36, “My kingdom is no part of this world.” Under Jesus kingdom, Jehovah’s witnesses are neutral in political matters, honest in paying their taxes, and do not get involved in the political or any other affairs of this world. Our trust is in the coming new world that Jehovah ‘promises to those who love him’. Jehovah’s Witness died in Natzi Germany becaue they refused to give their allegiance to Hitler. You can find more information at: http://www.Watchtower.org

  • Danny UK says:

    OK lets get something straight, Islam is where Christianity was 150+ years ago and was practised in that manner throughout the middle ages! fact! the numbers of those non christians murdered must be up to millions in the baltic, europe and middle eastern states, I would not start with the spanish in south america! and as far as a tolerant society goes, it has to be Hinduism, buddhism, and any eastern philosophy. Like Gandhi once said about the west, when asked about what he thought of western civilisation, he replied that “it would be a good idea!” fantastic! any country which harbours weapons and threatened a world under the fire of the maxim gun does not deserve to be now called civilised becasue they no longer bomb everyone, but only a few!

  • Danny UK says:

    Any person who choses to see the honesty in their religion is what will make the difference between tolerant and intolerant, i say this because i am fully aware that Muhammed Ali was a muslim before it became fashionable to lump them all together as intolerant, and he has to be the most tolerant person and model person int he world, and he came out of a country whcih was intolerant! dont think because christianity says be tolerant it is tolerant! im sure Jesus didnt want us to celebrate christmas in the materialistic way we do, where we shower loved ones with gifts and eat like the sin of gluttony was a festive challenge! Saint Nick used that period to give away his wealth to the poor until he had nothign left! Again Gandhi wanted India to stay the diverse and tolerant society, and slowly India is becoming that especially now hindus and muslims are intergrating more and we have Dual citizens, citizens born from mixed reltions, who practice both religions of their parents! lets hope the rest of the worldfollows Indias immensely pure democratic process, and not like US’s “exclude blacks” voting systems! Also, on a seprate note, christianity in SOuth Africa confirmed that blacks were not part of gods plans and jesus had chose not to save them as they are too closely related to apes! this is just a step in mans development and im sure that would never be said again, but as the world develops at a different pace from othe societies, we need to put in to perspective what is happening, im sure in decades to come the actions of Israe and the US in the middle east will be seen as war crimes, and another example of anglo supremecist threat to the world, jsut like the scramble for africa, the theft of india, the vietnam war, the ethnic cleansing of Native americans and Aboriginies in Oz, and teh disappearnce of native indians in south america! im sure the portugese and spanish know more than they let on! mass graves line the golden paths of mayans emperors, just look at the weight of the gold on that society, and im sure those lovely buildings in London have one Indian death to every brick attached to it!

  • Danny UK says:

    MIchela Darnell you mention buddhism and Jainism as tolerant and quote Gandhi, but he was Hindu, i know differnt sides of the same coin, but still slightly different! buddhism is a simplification of hinduism, nothing new is written in buddhism that does not already exist as a teaching in Hinduism, otherwise Buddhist mionks would not be travelling anywhere to attain enlightenment, but they travelled the silk road to India to find enlightenment as it was well known that the sciences and knowledge they seeked were in various temples in south India.

  • singh says:

    i would say sikhi because it teaches ho to live life and how to become pure in eyes of god a pure khalsa sikhs r given a distinct identitiy which the world best uniform cannot compare saintsoldiers with 5 k’s n 1 leader for all SIRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB although we have been tried to be finished off by som many rulers and we r minority we still survive because TRUTH CAN NEVER BE DEFEATED NEITHER CAN IT BE HIDDEN all u need to become a sikh is might and sacrifice to the guru and nothing evil can come near u

  • Wilson says:

    I am a Roman Catholic in religion but in my opinion historically, my religion and Islam has claimed a lot of lives all in the name of religion so I cannot consider them as peaceful as they have uncountable athrocities and violence. I believe so far Buddhism is the most peaceful. Other religions mainly Christians, Muslims and Jews will refrain from committing bad acts out of fear of punishment by a “god” and not because of their true nature of being good unlike Buddhist they would refrain comitting bad acts because of self-responsibility in the form of karma.

    According to the poster above Istanbul: “If we consider that the three main religions are the only ones sent down by God, being Juddaism,Christianity and Islam, then we would have automatically to choose one of those as the only official candidates in the race.”

    I do not believe that these three major religions are the ones only sent by God just because it is mentioned in some claimed “holy” books. We do not even know 100% sure the exact true origin and how those books were written nor witnessed them how they came to be and we may never know if it is still pure or has been infused with some egotistical opinions by it’s authors. All I know people of long ago will readily choose to believe anything for they lack better understanding and knowledge of everything compared to the advanced learned people of today.

    It’s easy to forge a a religion in the3 ancient times than today because people can be easily made to believe.

  • Celebrating Life says:

    The religion which is free of all compulsions and stereotype concepts of GOD. Which doesn’t claim to be the ONLY way to reach GOD. Which is full of music, rituals and colors. Your religion is NOT on the list if you just follow your religion…n certainly your religion is the most tolerant one if you enjoy or live your religion, b’coz my religion teaches me that life is a celebration and GOD just loves it when you smile, dance and spread smile. ( even if you are making fun of God)


  • Celebrating Life says:

    The religion which is free of all compulsions and stereotype concepts of GOD. Which doesn’t claim to be the ONLY way to reach GOD. Which is full of music, rituals and colors. Your religion is NOT on the list if you just follow your religion…n certainly your religion is the most tolerant one if you enjoy or live your religion, b’coz my religion teaches me that life is a celebration and GOD just loves it when you smile, dance and spread smile. ( even if you are making fun of God)


  • MAAHI says:

    BUDDHIST islam if truly followed then or nowdays it is a religion of chld rapists and terrerists

  • NIKO says:

    In my view, religion has already been corrupted by the one who follow them for their own selfish tribulations. I am a hindu, but not a day goes by when I dont read or encounter news about killings made by hindus in retaliation or to preserve their religion and honour. I think the dynamics of world has changed irrevocably and religion has not developed to cope with the new realities of greed, jealousy, and inter religion clashes. More and more people are becoming atheists. It may turn out to be good, or bad. Lack of religious faith can lead to a huge vaccum where earlier you could seek refuge. I have seen some movies that depict athiesic societies and extremely corrupt. I think for a change, an aethistic society would be a huge welcome.

  • Christina says:

    Buddhism. They will try not to even step on an ant. About the most violent they are, seems to be when they self-immolate in protest of something. They will kill themselves before harming someone else. Christisnity has to be one of the most violent. More wars have been fought in the name of Christianity than any other.

  • lucky says:

    to Danny UK:

    Buddhism is not a simplified version of Hinduism, anybody who has read the Buddhist texts would know that. It is different in all aspects. Buddhism is a way of life with the ultimate goal of achieving Nirvana.
    Buddhism does not believe the existence of souls or God. Hinduism believes in the existence of atman (soul) and of the ultimate creator the God.
    One of the most basic differences is that the Buddha preached that attachment with people was the cause of sorrow when ‘death’ happens and therefore propagates detachment with people. Hinduism on the other hand does not propagate detachment but stresses upon duty or dharma and how interactions with people has to take place based on dharma or duty.

  • DD says:

    for those who say Christianity is violent and non tolerant …do u have any evidence..?

    People who say Buddhism is tolerant – What about the killings of Muslims in Burma. The burning of christian churches in Sri lanka by Buddhist.

    People who say Islam is tolerant – The Muslim video reaction, Muslims bombing Nigerian Christian churches. Muslims attacking Temples in Bangladesh, kidnapping and abduction of Christian women and girls in Pakistan.so much of christian prosecution in the middle east.In some middle east country’s even carrying a bible is a wrong thing and could be sent to jail.

    so just because Christians are against gay marriage do you see them killing any gay people?

    Just because Christians Don’t believe in other religions do you see them killing the non-believers?

  • Ronnie says:

    I’m atheist but I would say buddhist and agnostics. I guess being atheist makes me enemies of christians or something? idk I didnt know we was at war

  • Seeker says:

    I think the essence of all religions promotes peace!
    However, in my investigation, I found out about a religion called the Baha’i Faith!
    After learning about it! I can confidently say that this is, with NO DOUBTm the most peaceful religion in this time and age.

  • R says:

    First id like to say I’m only 13 so dont freak out on me but if we are talking about the most peaceful people there is no “most peaceful religion” they all try but there will always be radicals. For example in Islam, a religion I admire has many terrorists and radicals but it also has wonderful people who believe in peace. Christianity the religion which I am although I love it also has radicals and Crusades in other words people will always misunderstand a religions teaching or bring them to extremes. I dont believe there is a most peaceful religion maybe one day if we listen to God (Allah as others call him) teachings and except all like we’ve been told.

  • Mohit Mahajan says:

    I think that hinduism and buddhism are most peaceful religion becoz there origin is india.

  • Pachumo says:

    Why yes, I do believe in Christianity killing their non belivers.

    Christians vs Other Religion
    The Spanish Inquisition executed many Jews and Muslims
    The Crusades attempted to drive out all the Muslims
    During WWII, Jews were moved to ghettos as they were almost always targeted by Christians

    Christians vs themselves
    In Northern Ireland, we have Protestants and Catholics still fighting today
    The reign of Bloody Mary burned Protestants at the stake
    The reformation lead to the Thirty Years War

    I can keep going, but these are the few that popped into my head. And about Buddhism in Burma, the only reason why they are killing Muslims is because they provoked the Buddhist by burning Buddha statues, setting fire to their villages, and raped their women. BUDDHISTS CAN’T JUST BACK DOWN AND LET THEIR ENEMIES BEAT THEM OUT OF NO MERCY!! …And that just proves that no religion can get along with Islam.

    Overall, Buddhism is the most peaceful religion, for a popular world religion (If you consider it a religion, but that case could still be debatable) because they practice nonviolence, they meditate, help the poor, refrain from adultery and rape, refrain from stealing, understand karma, and are independent to their salvation meaning that they know they are capable of attaining Enlightenment without the help of a God or Gods.

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