What should i wear for my Baptism?

A question from a reader: I am getting baptized tomorrow and i am not sure what to wear. It is a full submerging into the water. My pastor told me to wear dark garments. Please help! Any suggestions.

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7 Responses to “What should i wear for my Baptism?”

  • MemphisMuzicGirl (Suspended2) says:

    wear anything chances are they will make you change or give you something

    if you are unsure, then do wear dark undergarments and something white, all white, maybe a white robe

  • mg© - anti VT™ MG AM© Fundi4Life says:

    my place provided a 1 piece jacket thingy that you wear, it covers your whole body. you can get a baptism robe though but i dont see the point in a individual buying it cus youll only use it once..

  • Jed says:

    Other than a smile?
    Be certain to wear undergarments of whatever color the robe is. Wet clothing does cling, you know. Hopefully, the robe is made of a thick cloth.

  • Blue, Mr says:

    Dark bikini… God needs something to look at too, you know.

  • gwens18a says:

    A good pair of running shoes to get away from before the indoctrination ritual draws you into their fold.

  • LANA08 says:

    Yeah, wear dark clothes that no one can see through. You wouldn’t want anyone to get riled up, now. Most likely, your church will give you a robe/vest thingy to put on either before or after, but over your clothes.

  • Yeah I agree wear something dark for your baptism.

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