What should I wear under my baptism gown?

A question from a reader: I am getting baptized tomorrow, and would like your opinions. What should I wear under the white gown that my church will provide? It’s the full immersion “type” of baptism, not the sprinkling kind. They haven’t said anything about what to wear.

Someone who got baptized there before said to just wear a bra and undies, but I’m thinking it might end up being see through. Should I wear a white t shirt and shorts as well as my underclothes?

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6 Responses to “What should I wear under my baptism gown?”

  • Scanner says:

    You could do that. I don’t think they would see anything anyway regardless if your wore cotton panties.

  • max says:

    Wear clothes that can be easily changed. Bring dry ones of course. A modest swim suit would be o.k. too.

  • tina says:

    i am 15 and was baptized at easter vigil.me and all the other girls wore plain white gowns with tee shirts and plastic pants underneath.our parish gave each of us girls the plastic pants to wear,that way we didnt have to get our panties wet.after our baptism we dried the plastic pants off with a towel and then wore them under our white dresses for the rest of the day. you shoud wear plastic pants under your gown,they work good.

  • april says:

    I am 16 and i too was baptized this past easter at easter vigil.our parish doesnt do immersion baptism.its regular baptism with the water sprinkled on the head.me and all the other little girls.preteen and teen girls were considered infants for our baptisms and we all wore the same out fits as the babies wore.we all had the white baptism gown with a bonnet,white tights and ‘white mary jane’ shoes.instead of a disposable diaper like the babies wear,we all wore a cloth diaper and plastic pants under our tights with a white under shirt.my mom made my diaper by sewing baby diapers together to make one diaper and it was pinned on me with regular diaper pins.i had adult size plastic pants over it that bunched up under my tights.some of the girls parents had them wear toddler size plastic pants over their diaper to give the full infant effect under their gowns.

  • heather says:

    Hi, iam 15 and being baptized this weekend at easter vigil and i am wearing the traditionl white gown and bonnet with tights and slippers.I am wearing a cloth diaper and plastic pants under my tights with an under shirt.all of the girls will be dressed like me.

  • paige D. says:

    Hi,iam 17 and received my sacrement of baptism last easter vigil.i wore a semi-poofy just below the knees baptism gown with a headwreath and ribbons,white tights and patent leather white shoes.The bridal shop near where i live sells bridal diapers for brides so i went a bought one and wore it under my tights with a pair of white adult size plastic pants over it.The bridal diaper and the plastic pants made me feel pure like an infant for my baptism.

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