what would make religious people see homosexuals as “not perverts” and “not sinners”?

what would make religious people see homosexuals as “not perverts” and “not sinners”?

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Answer by zinnia
They aren’t perverts or sinners. They are people trying to live their life.

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28 Responses to “what would make religious people see homosexuals as “not perverts” and “not sinners”?”

  • Pal says:

    The devil would make christian see things that way!

  • Lids says:

    I am a Christian and see homosexuals, liars, thieves adulters, as sinners. God said it in His Word and I believe it with all my heart….

  • ross says:

    We can’t stand in judgment when we know someone or see the same traits in ourselves.

    That said, homosexuality is an indication of incompletion and imbalance of the masculine and feminine sides of oneself that needs correction for true happiness.

  • neil s says:

    Only a few religions do. What would make them stop is growing up.

  • punch says:

    Nothing. They have the bible. That is what they believe over all else. (Not all).

  • 7.62 fmj says:


  • pufferoo says:

    I’m fairly religious and I have no problem with homosexuality at all.

  • † Prosperous One † says:

    Everyone is a sinner that is why we all need Jesus.

  • Suzi says:

    If it said differently in the Bible, then I would believe differentlly, but it doesn’t so I won’t.

    I have to believe the Bible. 🙂

  • hamoh10 says:

    The word of GOD reversing itself!

  • lindsey p says:

    Only time. There was a time when people used religion to justify racism, too. People can twist the scriptures to mean anything they want, and many people use the bible to justify their own prejudices, not the other way around.

  • beletje_vos says:

    Either their religion doesn’t view them as otherwise or they are cherry picking their religion.

  • Ford Prefect says:

    By understanding what Jesus said in his lifetime, not what political people have tacked onto him. Jesus said things like, whoever is without sin can cast the 1st stone…and was about forgiveness and retaining a childlike wonder of God and the world….He was about saving people and not condemning them….If they understand that, then they will begin to walk the path of Jesus….anyone who proposes attaching political arguments to Jesus is no Christian….no human being has the power of God to judge others….We are all sinners

  • solarius says:

    I’m religious, and I don’t see homosexuals as “perverts”. Not all religious people do. There are many religious groups, including a growing number of Christian denominations, that reach out toward the gay community.

  • Gullu says:


    “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. Romans 3:23. And that includes homsexuals too.

  • Stedway says:

    Christianity can be a very intolerant and bigoted religion.

    In my opinion: Gay/lesbian couples are no different than anyone else. They should have every right to love who they want.

  • tebone0315 says:

    We are all sinners. God made the laws and we are to abide in them.

  • angel1 says:

    since its directly spoken against in the Bible you are not going to get the “religious people” to believe otherwise. According to the KJV they are sinners. Its not acceptable behavior to that religious sect.

  • Jesus Found This Lost Lamb says:

    Hi Friend, Christians need to love all people, but still be obedient to our King, Jesus Christ. So we love the person who, according to our creator, is sinning, but realize that God loves him or her so much, that we tell them the truth of Christ that they may be saved. But we remember, we were all sinners at one time, but received mercy and grace through believing in Jesus Christ, sacrificed to pay for our sins. That same Jesus loved sinners too.

  • Wiseacre says:

    I am a Christian. We are all perverts and sinners. Homosexuality is just one of the ways that group of people is perverted and sinful. Some of them are liars, thieves, gossipers, murderers, adulterers, backstabbers, etc. I have my own sins. We all do.

    Christ came to free us all from all our sin. His is a FREE gift, a wonderful gift of complete forgiveness regardless of whether the sin is homosexuality or adultery or whatever.

    It is a mistake to try and justify our sin as “normal” or “okay” when God has said what He has said. That is the real problem. He is not going to change His mind and who can argue with HIm. Why not simply repent and come to Him on the terms He requires so you can receive the free gift of total forgiveness forever.

    By the way, it has been very well established that homosexuality is caused by certain social factors.

  • kait says:

    All sin is offensive to God. Homosexuality is just one of the many things listed in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 that will keep a person from the kingdom of God. According to the Bible, God’s forgiveness is just as available to a homosexual as it is to an adulterer, idol worshipper, murderer, thief, etc. God also promises the strength for victory over sin, including homosexuality, to all those who will believe in Jesus Christ for their salvation (1 Corinthians 6:11; 2 Corinthians 5:17).

  • Snout says:

    Having the imagination to understand the experience of others, and the courage to apply reason and compassion to moral thinking, rather than blindly following the prejudices they’ve been taught.

  • minnie says:

    God does not create mistakes. [Certainly I believe some are born with defects both physical and wiring] Everything made completes something else. I don’t see them as perverts. And it is not place to judge them as sinners. But if God had created them to be a man with a man and a woman with a woman, why then does one of them assume the role of the “male” and the other the “female” regardless of the gender of the relationship? If man find a woman so distasteful, why then why act like one and vice versa? Obviously, the male/female companionship has merit… Even they see that. Just my humble opinion.

  • Michael B says:

    Those who use the Bible to justify homophobia will never see gay people as anything but sinners and perverts. They have been blinded by their own sin of homophobia. It has such power over their minds that they cannot see the harm they are causing. They will not admit they cause harm, because they are comfortable living in their sin of homophobia. Unless they repent, their promotion of homophobia will continue to cause misery, violence and murder of gay people. But sadly, their pride will not let them even consider repenting. God will have the final say with these people.

  • Rachel_S165 says:

    For some religious people, finding out that someone they know well and love dearly, like a best friend, son, daughter, niece or nephew, is gay or lesbian, is the wake-up call that forces them to re-think their previous beliefs about homosexuality.

    For some other religious people, sadly — blind, stubborn adherence to their religious dogma is more important than their love for their gay or lesbian friend or relative. For these people, I think the only thing that *might* change their minds about homosexuals would be if Jesus himself came back to Earth and told them point-blank that gay and lesbian people were OK with him. (And maybe not even then — they’d question whether this really was Jesus or an imposter sent by the Devil.)

  • Gracie Carlene says:

    Christians see homosexuals as people. People with choices, just like all people. God has a standard for us, He has teachings of what is right and what is wrong. And He expects obedience from His children. We are all sinners saved by grace (believers). Life is about choice. Choice to follow Christ and His teachings, or the choice to say, “No thank you!” But it is our choice!!! What would make religious people see themselves and all people as not sinners, would be if we were ‘perfect’! But the fact is, we are, like I said, ‘sinners saved by grace.’ Homosexuals have to repent from their sins just as others/myself have to repent from whatever sin I commit. God tells us what He considers sin – we are to hate what God hates. We are not to hate the sinner – we are to hate the sin. God considers homosexuality a sin. He considers gossip a sin! He considers fornication a sin! Stealing a sin! The list goes on. What would cause ‘religious’ people to see people as not sinners is if people would not live in open rebellion to God! It applies to all of us.

  • ilive4tink says:

    I am a christian and I believe what the bible says, God destroyed 2 cities because of homosexuality and God called it sin. The cities was sodom and gomorrah. But God loves us all and died for our sins, even homosexuality! So we if we repent and belong to him we are free from all sins. Does’nt mean we won’t, we just don’t want to any more!

  • M B says:

    when the homosexuals in question get ordained as priests…!

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