What’s the best type/brand of netting to get for my yard?

What’s the best type/brand of netting to get for my yard?
My kids play with various types of balls throughout the year. Problem is, the lot on which our house sits has a tremendous slope to it. If someone misses a pass or something – and a ball BEGINS its descent to the bottom of our lot – most of the time it FINISHES at the back of our lot, with my kids yelling at each other as to who will be responsible in retrieving the ball.

I want to put some type of netting (pref. black) across my lot to prevent the aforementioned from happening. It doesn’t have to be anything “fancy” (nylon or just regular old rope netting).

I’ve looked at Sam’s (none), have yet to look at Home Depot or Lowe’s (probably none) and have emailed companies that make the stuff.

Any ideas on where I can pick some up for cheap? It needs to be about 5-6 feet high and about 50 feet wide.

Thanks for any input.

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Answer by Cakes
I have a couple of thoughts on this.

First, I hate the thought of birds getting caught in there. Maybe you’ll be fine since you’re not using it on fruit trees or such but I figured that i would mention it.

Two, I have seen netting being thrown out into the dumpsters behind grocery stores. Lots of dumpsters are locked up in the cities now but I live in a medium town and they are open still. Sometimes it is not legal to “dumpster dive” because the law fears you will take comprimised food but stores do not mind giving boxes so I think they will not mind netting. The netting that I see there is “safety orange” colored and I think it may come wrapped around pallets of goods. You may want to spray paint it if you do not like the color. It may take several trips to find it, they don’t always have it there. You may try asking the store to save some for you or asking when they get shipments<

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