What’s The Difference Between Baptist Church And Christian Church?

Reader Question – I grew up in a Christian Church. Recently I’ve been looking at a job at a Baptist church but I don’t know the differences in beliefs between the two groups. Any help? If you can explain it simply that would be great. Thanks!

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20 Responses to “What’s The Difference Between Baptist Church And Christian Church?”

  • Spenser C says:

    Baptists Churches are usually member of one of the Baptist Societies, like the Southern Baptists. Baptist churches, though, are normally operated independently. that is, the Baptist Society they are a member of does NOT dictate how or what they teach.
    Christian Churches may be completely independent, or they might be a member of a “coalition”, a loose collection of similar non-denominational churches. Again, each church is independent, and are not told what to teach.
    Doctrine wise, they are pretty close to the same.
    I left a large Christian Church for a smaller Southern Baptist church several years ago, and have had no problems. They both taught the same things, but the Southern Baptist church has more national and international resources behind it. The Christian church must depend TOTALLY os weekly donations for their upkeep and missionary efforts.

  • Gary B says:

    I have not noticed any major differences between the two. The only thing I could find was that Baptists take a more passive stance against speaking in tongues, while the Christian Church is strongly opposed.
    Most people here will tell you that these two are the same or part of the same, but that of course is because many people do not know that there is a sect of Protestants who call themselves the Christian Church.

  • Mo Science says:

    The Baptist church is a protestant Christian church. Normally they have very fundamental beliefs, follow the bible closely. You should find out what kind of Baptist church it is – there’s Southern Baptist, Independent Baptist, etc. Be careful – just like anything else, there are great Baptist churches and there are those who are run by a power hungry minister.

  • RedHead says:

    Hello Spenser,
    To answer your question simply there is no difference.
    However you do not say which Christian church you grew up in. If for instance you came from a pentecostal background there would be a big difference; but only in the order of service.
    We have not long gotten involved with a Baptist Church. It’s been wonderful and I’m sure it will be the same for you. Always remember.
    Go with God and God will go with you.

  • maxwell says:

    Christians live according to the true Word of God. Baptists teach out of that true Word from the KJV Bible. The “Christian church” is just a name of that church and does not necessarily mean it is filled with Christians. To be a true Christian you must be Born Again. Not all churches teach that. And it is the only want to become a Christian and Born Again as the scriptures require us to do.
    John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
    Many churches just tell people to live a moral life and that is enough to get into heaven, and that is false teachings. Many churches tell you that in order to get to heaven you have to be baptized. That is also false teaching. You must be Born Again. Baptism is a public display of your committing yourself to the Lord, by being lowered into a watery grave, and rising up again cleansed and renewed. It is just symbolic.
    If you get baptized and are not Born Again, you simply got wet for nothing. Not everyone who says they are Christians, are one.
    Matthew 7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
    The will of God is that we repent and are Born Again.

  • jasmine says:

    Heaven Bound: You seem to have misinterpreted John 3:3 it says:
    Jesus answered “Amen, amen, I say to you no one can see the kingdom of God without being born from above*.”
    *From: Greek adverb “anōthem”, means both “from above” and “again”. Jesus meant “From above” but Nicodemus misunderstands it as Born again.

  • Dylan the Catholic Teen says:

    From what i know there isnt a diffrence. their beliefs are the same but the way they preach might be diffrent and some of the music they use. im a baptist and have a friend who goes to the church of Christ. everything is about the same.

  • lovely__ says:

    A Baptist church is a Christian church.
    “Christian” refers to the entire faith. “Baptist” is a denomination (smaller group) with Christianity.
    Hope that helps!

  • lil_spri says:

    Baptist is a denomination of Christianity, therefore, they are both Christian.

  • NISSI says:

    baptist is supposedly a denomination of christianity. its man made. christiananity is supposed to be non denominational

  • awsome_f says:

    Baptists are a denominaton of Christian Church

  • No Chance Without Jesus says:

    Baptist is slightly less boring.

  • ♥ キス私のお尻 ♥ says:

    BAptists ARE Christians….they believe the Trinity…as catholics and methodists do also..

  • Fireball says:

    Baptists ARE Christians.

  • Crazy Cat says:

    Dude, it is all the same, some are just more likely to roll around in the floor than others.

  • Rod B says:

    Damn, and I was thinking that the Baptists are Christians!?
    Anony Mouse

  • Anony Mouse says:

    the name

  • jackelyn says:

    hi.. Iam a born again…. and i want to know what is the difference of baptist to christian co’z I have a problem…
    I have a boyfriend who is a baptist and Iam a born again is there any complication in our relationship?
    thanks.. and more power…

  • Scott says:

    The Christian church is also a denomination like baptist. In practice…. They observe communion every Sunday and the baptist do not. They also have as few different views when it comes to eternal security. Obviously from the responses our question is a needed one in which all of you need to do more research befor you open your mouth

  • J says:

    Scott I am a member of a Baptist Church and we celebrate communion every Sunday. I have also attended Christian Churches where communion was only first Sunday I believe you might want to take your own advice and check your facts

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