What’s the difference between: Mormons, Catholics, Protestant?

A question from a reader: & also……… Baptist, Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Evangelical.

Are they like different sectors deriving from Christianity?
Is there any major differences between them?
Are their believes all the same?
Ok, I know that’s a lot, but I’ve been wondering about this.
I don’t mind reading long answers.

– Thanks in advance

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23 Responses to “What’s the difference between: Mormons, Catholics, Protestant?”

  • misty0408 says:

    Catholics are the original Christians. The rest, all non-Catholic Christians, are branches and branches off branches of the Catholic Church.

    The differences are varying and too numerous to list here. But they all have one thing in common, their belief in God, in the sacrifice for our sins and Resurrection of Christ and in his second coming.

  • Tercáno Manwë says:

    Aliens, and America.

  • PaulCyp says:

    Mormons – non-Christian
    Catholic – fully Christian
    Protestant – semi-Christian

  • Mademoiselle. says:

    Well, I’m not an expert.
    But, I know that they’re all part of the christian religion.
    They don’t have the same beliefs though, I think they do all believe in God, but I’m not 100% sure what else they believe in.

  • Kristina L says:

    A morman is someone who believes in more than one son of God. Catholics believe Jesus is the Son of God, but they pray to Mary, his mother. The others, Baptist, Roman Catholic, and Lutheran, etc., are all different branches of Christianity. Some of them believe that Jesus was married to Mary Magdelan,(however you spell it), some might believe in the Bible Code.

  • FROG E says:

    Catholics, Baptist Lutherans, Methodist, Christian Missionary Alliance, Presbyterian, plus +++ are all Christian denominations.

    Evangelical is a term used to describe Christians that spread the good news of the gospel ( all christians are called to do this)

    Mormon is a false Christian religion….they do not teach of the True Jesus.

  • Madara says:

    the word of their gods

  • nymormon says:

    All are Christians; they are different sects or denominations of the Christian religion.

    The first named Christian religion was the Catholic. There are several different forms of the Catholic church: Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox are the ones that I’ve heard of. Protestants came off the Catholic church, protesting against the church. This group generally includes all denominations that are not Catholic (Lutheran, Baptist, etc.). The “Mormons” came in the 19th century. The real name of the church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    Some of the differences are that the Catholic church has priests and nuns. The Catholic priests would teach the members what the Bible says, but they discouraged the members from owning and reading the Bible on their own. The Bible was available only in Latin. The Catholic church persecuted those who tried to translate the Bible into English.

    The Protestants believed that everyone should read the Bible and decide for themselves. They believed that there should be a Bible in every home, and that the Bible should be translated into a language that the people could read.

    The “Mormons” believe in modern prophets, and in other books of scripture in addition to the Bible. We believe in modern revelation, and that every person can receive revelation.

  • SmallGov_47 says:

    Catholics grew out of the original Christians. Their beliefs are based on the Bible, in addition to the church’s historical judgements and rules over 2000 years since Christ. Some Catholics believe that, in addition to God’s grace through Christ, people must observe the sacraments (communion, etc) to get to heaven.

    Protestants resulted from the Reformation movement, led by Martin Luther and others, who believed the Catholic Church had strayed from the original teachings of Christ and from the Bible. Protestantism is generally less dependent on observance of sacraments than Catholicism, and believes faith in Jesus’ death on the cross is sufficient for salvation.

    Mormons believe that, in addition to the Bible, God provided the book of Mormon to Joseph Smith as additional revelation to His church, which was on equal footing with the Bible.

    Roman Catholic and Catholic are different versions of Catholicism.

    Baptists, Lutherans, Evangelicals, Methodists, and others are different versions of Protestantism. Many of the key differences are in forms of worship and liturgy.

    Disclaimer: I’m Presbyterian, a form of Protestantism, and tried to give an unbiased answer.

  • tjsgigante says:

    I’m sorry, I was just reading this and, as a Mormon, I feel I must disagree with what a lot of people have said about what I believe.

    For some reason, we take a lot of flak from people on this site. If you really want to find out what we believe, just go to the sites below.

    If you do, and if you have any questions about what you read, please feel free to email me, or to chat with somebody on Mormon.org.


    –Just wanted to make sure that you understand what Mormons really believe.

  • Chris D says:

    MORMONS made up there own bible and its in apocalyptic language.
    CATHOLICS call there pastors Father even though jesus said call no one father except God in heaven.
    PROTESTANS ,BAPTISTS , and EVANGELICALS, believe in eternal salvation, that as long as you believe in Jesus you will go to heaven no matter how much you sin.
    I have heard LUTHERANS called Baptist with the feedom to gamble.
    All of the main streem Christians take the bible and mannipulate its meaning to their own demise.

  • budleit2 says:

    There isn’t enough room to cover this you might want to start smaller. I have been researching this topic for 20 years. I was raised Catholic, and I am now non-denominational. I live in a large Mormon community.

    Basically Jesus said “there is no Jew and no Gentile we are all one.”

    The apostle Paul said “do not say that I am of Apollos” he spoke out against any denominations.

    The true Church is not a building it is all believers in Christ.

    Now for a few difference no way can I cover them all

    Catholic biggest difference a Pope.

    Protestant no Pope but still most believe in an earthly organization heiracry

    Mormon is the interesting one. All males share the duties of priesthood but they still have an organization and 12 apostles who control everything.

    For me non-denominational with no organization is the way to go
    I fellowship with like Christian’s. We share the duties, have no earthly leader, we do not send our money up to a higher organization. We meet in a school and have very little expenses.

    If you don’t get all the answers you are looking for you can email me here and will talk some more.

  • Micheal L says:

    Keeping it simple. Men created Catholicism and mormonism. People the saw the truth and protested thus we have the protestant term. The people that protested did not approve of the twisted ideas that the catholic church added to the salvation of gods children. And the mormons beleif system was created more recently in history It is definately man made and self serving.

  • Unworthy One says:

    May I suggest a book?
    Handbook of Denominations in the United-States

    It will give you detailed information on each of your questions.

    The original Christian Church was founded on Pentecost 33AD.

    It remained mostly the same for about 1000 years (exception Monophysites & Nestorians) until a schism in the 11th century when the Roman Church and Eastern (Orthodox) Church excommunicated each other. From that point on much reformation took place in the church, nearly all of it branching off of the Roman Catholic part of the Schism. From this branching off/ reformation was born Anglicans, Calvinist thought, Lutheran Thought, and many many others which currently make up the 33,000 + protestant denominations globally.

    The belief of all these denominations agree on one thing in that they see Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior,

    Doctrines vary greatly, it is safe to say that christian doctrine as seen by these churches and denominations has changed drastically (from the Schism forward) over the years from the original doctrine of the early apostolic Church

    Have a look at these links for further illustrations:

    http://orgs.unt.edu/ocf/timeline.gif (from an Orthodox Point of view)
    http://www.jesuschristinfo.com/images/About_Christianity_clip_image002.jpg (neutral Point of view)

    If you don’t have a chance to read or buy the book have a look at this
    Chart of differences, not 100% accurate but decent:

    Good Luck and God Bless

  • scotty_84116 says:

    Whew! You asked a boomer. Christ organized the Jewish church with Apostles and Prophets and they rejected it so He went to the Gentiles.
    At the death of the Apostles and Prophets, they rejected it and their day is about fulfilled. The Jewish church with Apostles and Prophets has been restored and will soon go back to the Jews. Isaiah 19:23-25 says that Egypt, Assyria and Israel will be together as Christians. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a restoration of the Jewish church with apostles and prophets. Along with the Bible, they have the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. (Google any of these subjects).

  • Mike Matney says:

    Protestants split off of the Catholic church. Martin Luther tried to reform the Catholic church. He thought there were too many traditions and that priests should be able to marry for example. The Catholic church did not change, but after his death Protestant churches started.

    Lutheran seems more similar to Catholic churches than some protestant churches. Other protestant churches were started by other people, so now there are Baptists, Methodists etc.

    Catholic and all protestant churches have core doctrines that are the same such as:

    Deity of Christ
    Original sin
    Canon of Scripture
    New Creation

    The churches differ on minor theology, worship style and traditions.

    Mormons were started by a guy named Joseph Smith. He believed God showed him that all churches had become incorrect and not to join any of them. He claimed he found golden tablets and translated them into the Book of Mormon. Mormons do not believe, or redefine, many of the core doctrines of Christianity. As a result, Mormons claim they are Christian, but no other Christian church regards them as Christian.

  • The Carmelite says:

    We Catholics were first — right from Jesus and the Apostles…BUT we were a sect within Judaism — not a separate entity.

    Martin Luther had issues with Catholicism and sought to rectify stuff by leaving the Church (1517) but he never intended to start a new church.

    John Calvin left next and started the Calvinist Church — Presbyterian…but he was not in total agreement with Luther, either — or with Ulrich Zwingli…these 3 are known as “the Fathers of the Reformation”.

    In the 1500’s, King Henry VIII”s wife (Catherine) was unable to produce a male heir for the throne so Henry petitioned the Pope for the right to re-marry Anne Boleign. However, the Pope said no to the request and Henry VIII declared himself the Head of the Church in England. To this day the head of England is also known as the Defender of the Faith.

    Baptists came about in the mid-1600’s. Like the Amish, they maintained the belief that persons could only be baptized as adults even though infant baptism was the norm from ancient times. Why? Jesus said, except ye believe…and the claim is made that infants cannot make an informed choice. So…many of the Purtians who had come from Scotland took to drowning those who insisted on baptism by immersion as adults. The Puritans were also responsible for the Salem Witch Trials and for being the first to bring slaves from Africa to the U.S. — on a ship named Jesus!!!

    Mormons did not come along until the 1800’s. Their beliefs do not match those of the Trinitarian Christians. Their Trinity is 3 separate persons, they maintain the belief that once they die they will become gods of their own planet, that there are three levels of heaven (celestial, terrestral and telestrial)… with the very good going to the highest — but Jesus only in the middle level because he never married. They also have to have a green ticket in order to enter into their temples; these tickets (id cards) indicate that they are members in good moral standing and that they tithe 10% of their income to the group.

    Many other groups are simply break-aways of break-aways. For example, the Assembly of God was only incorporated in 1914 (talk about a modern invention!). they broke from the Holiness movement which broke from the Methodist Church which was a part of Anglicanism for a time. Anglicanism broke away from the Catholic Church.

    The best book on this topic is Separated Brethren II Edition by Whalen or go to this site: http://hirr.hartsem.edu/denom/homepages.html

  • JavaJoe says:

    You really need to go back to about 325AD and the Council of Nicea started by Constantine. Back then there was no common ground between which books were taught as being part of the bible. Back then there were issues with what was “accepted” Christianity. You see there were a lot more “books” in the bible and in many cases what was being taught in one church wasn’t what was being taught in another. So this council was brought together so that everybody could be reading from the same page. This meant that certain ideas were set (such as the Trinity) and which books were included in the bible were decided. This also means that the bible you’re reading today doesn’t have these missing books.

    This stabilised the “Church of Rome”. Then came the “Great Schism” and the church split into “orthodox” and Roman Catholic.

    Both churches continue to this day in pretty much the same form.

    Then in the 1500’s came Martin Luther who saw a whole bunch of corruption and nasty things going on in the Catholic Church and started what is known as the Reformation. From him we get the Protestant church. And from the Protestant Church we get just about all the rest of the various sects of Christianity.

    Mormanism was started by Joseph Smith who claimed he was visited by an angel one night. This angel was a Native American who also happened to be a white man. His story was that the Native Americans were one of the lost tribes of Isreal and originally were white folk. But one of these tribes killed another and were cursed to be dark skinned leading to the Native Americans we see today. The angel, called “Moroni”, told him to dig in the woods where he found some gold pages written in a script he couldn’t understand, some “seeing stones” that allowed him to translate the pages and a conquisador’s breastplate that was also covered with the same writing.

    Hanging a blanket across the room and sitting on one side of it he used the seeing stones to translate the pages and call out the translation to his friend sitting on the other side. When he had completed the translation, the pages vanished. To this date he’s the only man ever to have seen these pages which leads a lot of people to believe that he was making it all up.

    The main similarity between all these views is that Jesus is the son of god. That’s pretty much it. The Protestants will see the Catholics as not being “true” Christians while the Catholics will see the Protestants as being “Catholic Lite”. The Mormons have a really weird view combining Christian mythology, Egyptology and Native American spirit worship.

    The Orthodox and Catholic churches venerate and pray to Mary while the Protestant churches find this heretical.

    The Catholic church is governed by the Pope, and the Protestants don’t acknowledge this saying that no man should be in charge. He’s often refered to as the “Whore of Babylon” or “the Anti-Christ”.

    There’s a lot more differences out there but it would take too long to write them all down, but this should get you going.

  • Nighttree says:

    They are all fully christian (ignore the sect warriors who claim otherwise) other than that, they just differ in their interpretations of the bible.

  • MormonTruth says:

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormonism) is a beautiful Christian religion. Because Mormons believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ and consider Him to be the way to salvation, they are clearly a Christian denomination. It is true that they are not an orthodox denomination (they are neither Protestant, Catholic, nor Eastern Orthodox), because they don’t accept the post-New Testament creeds, but their Christ-centered theology clearly qualifies them for the Christian label.

    Most objective scholars agree that Mormons are Christian. Consider this quote from an academic book entitled “Anthology of World Scriptures” by Robert E. Van Voorst.

    “…the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints…see themselves as Christian, and most experts in comparative religions would view this labeling as basically correct. That they…accept the Christian Bible as their first cannon is a good indicator of this. Moreover, “outsiders” to [Christianity], such as Buddhists, would almost certainly recognize them as belonging to the stream of Christian tradition.”

    Likewise, a recent poll showed that the majority of Americans believe that Mormons are Christians.

    You should be extremely careful when trying to learn about Mormons from others. There are many who hate the Mormons and spread lies, distortions, and conspiracy theories about them. Others think they understand Mormon doctrine because of “what they’ve heard,” but are actually misinformed.

    Because Mormons are Christian, we believe in most of the things that Christians believe, including:

    1) Christ is divine and salvation comes only through Him.
    2) The Bible is the word of God.
    3) Men ought to love one another.

    Mormons are a unique branch of Christianity, however. We are neither Catholic nor Protestant, so naturally we have some different beliefs. Most of the differences are minor. One significant difference has to do with the authority to act in God’s name. Mormons believe that soon after the death of Christ and His apostles, the early Christian Church was greatly influenced by Greek and Roman philosophies and political pressures. Despite the efforts of many good men and women, the true Church of Christ was eventually lost because of these outside pressures and internal, man-made changes. Mormons believe that God reestablished the original Church of Christ in 1820 through a man named Joseph Smith.

  • Mr Teal 137 says:

    In my opinion the 2 main differences that each of these sects hold is 1 do we need someone as a leader of the church and 2 did Christ Gave his authority to act in his name to man.

    Catholics both Roman and Orthodox believe that there is a leader of the church and that he has the authority from God to act in his name. That this power has been passed down from Peter through those that lead the church and have been known as the Pope since the time of Constantine. That they have the right to revelation (the ability to change rituals and reveal new doctrines) since they still have this uninterrupted succession back to Peter.

    Protestants however felt that the Catholic church had become corrupt by the 14th century and needed to be reformed or go back to the basics. Starting with Martin Luther’s 95 theses, most of which deal with then Pope’s use of “indulgence” which allowed a remitting of a sin for a paid sum of money. Later as the Control of the Bible and therefore the people knowledge of God was lost. It was pushed that there was no leadership needed. That everyone was open to Gods authority as one gained more knowledge and understanding of him. But today beliefs differ severely as to whether there needs to be leadership in a church, as well as, that how many receive the Authority of God.

    The Mormons have taken it one step further. That the Church that Christ set up was lost even before the time of Constantine and that it need to be fully restored by calling a new prophet, like Moses was called to lead Israel. This is were the Protestant movement failed, while they wanted to go back to the original ways, so much time had passed that most of the original ways were already lost except what was recorded in the new testament. Just as the Protestants have record history of the events that lead to their movement, the Mormons have evidence supporting their claim that the Catholic church was corrupted but before the end of the first century. If one goes through New Testament books in a Chronological order, excluding the Gospel’s. We can see that the is a shift is Paul’s writing from the support and teaching that he is giving the Thesalonians to his rebukes and correction that he is giving the Colossians and Hebrews later on. Even in Revelation is say that the seven churches are starting to fail.
    After the Bible we have the letters of the Apostolic Fathers, the Bishops of some of the churches that tried to correct that wrongs that had crept into the main Church after the Apostle were killed. Most of these were also killed or banished for there deeds.
    After them came the apologists. Who tried to defend Christianity against the the rulers persecutions, the twisting of the Gospel, the failing of old religions, even to the point that Jerome is defending things that have already changed since the time of Christ.
    As for leaders the Mormon Church’s hierarchy is one of Guiding to help other to come to a great understanding of God and Jesus. But there is a balance on control of God’s Authority while the prophet does reveal new revelation the members can also pray from revelation to know that it is true. And all males have the authority to perform miraculous things as Christ did.

    But all this leads back to our problem of Authority and Leadership.
    It was said long ago by a Catholic scholar: “It is either those that have claim of Authority and Leadership through succession as the Catholics do or it had to be restored.” (Paraphrased) The Protestants while opening the world to religious freedom are stuck in the middle without anything. It is either a church descended from Christ time or one the has claimed to be restored by God.

  • ♥Cƒιzιкѕн♥ nσω 50% мσяє αωєѕσмє! says:

    They are different sects of Christianity.

  • Homer says:

    Catholics are the original Christians ??????? they weren’t a church until 600 ad and not even close to the church Christ had !!!!

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