Whats the difference between united methodist, baptist and presbyterian?

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  • nitesong says:

    This question would take a long time to answer in detail. I have been a Baptist and Methodist both and my sister is Presbyterian. They all believe in Salvation by Grace. That means that it is a gift and we receive it when we believe in Jesus’ death and resurrection; and trust Him to be our Savior. Methodist and Presbyterian baptize babies. Baptist only baptize those who have confessed Christ as Savior. Baptist believe in once saved always saved; the other two do not.

    Even within each of these denominations you will find differences.

    If you want to get a really detail answer maybe you should ask this in the religion category. Or you could go talk to a pastor or theologian.

  • i_heart_ssbbws says:

    The biggest different is between the United Methodist Church (UMC) and the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) vs. the various Baptist cooperatives. The UMC and PCUSA are similar in that they tend to be theologically and politically moderate to liberal. Bapstist churches can be all over the board but the majority are theologically and politically conservative.

    The UMC has an episcopal form of government so that Bishops assign pastors annual to various congregation. The PCUSA has a presbyterian form of government which looks much like the government of the United States with Sessions (similar to a City Council), Presbyteries (similar to states), Synods (there isn’t really a counterpart in U.S. government) and the General Assembly (similar to the Federal Government). Baptist churches are each their own small governing entity with either the pastor or Board of Elders having final say on most things.

    Pastors in the PCUSA and to an extent in the UMC look to traditions, history and the intellectual heritage of the Church in their sermons while Baptist pastors would tend to go on their own interpretation of the Word when doing a sermon.

  • Karen Geaben says:

    What is the main difference between the United Methodist Church and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church?

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