When did Islam start to become a world religion?

A question from a reader: Buddhism started to become a world religion when Buddha welcomed the Untouchable Svasti into the Sangha ( his group of followers). Jesus began a world religion it seems when he told the parable of the good Samaritan ( people disliked by the Jews) and later through the missionary work of Paul. Just when did Islam open the door to non-Arabs? Was there a particular event to mark this change, as it began as a religion for Arabs?

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  • MR. AGNOSTIC™ says:


  • formy says:

    Its not a religion for Arabs, its a Religion for all mankind.

    Cindy what a lair and your website is a lieing Anti-Islam

    it didn’t force people or be murdered that what the Christians do not Muslims

    a lot of Christians and Jews lived freely without being harmed

    and the evident the old Churches and Temples that still there

  • poƃ ou sǝɹǝɥʇ sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ n ɟı says:

    Nonsense. Buddhism became a world religion when the emperor Asoka adopted it after slaughtering thousands… Same with Islam. And Christianity. All world religions have blood on their hands.

  • Cindy says:

    When it went on Crusades first beginning within 30 years of Mohammed. Here is a map outlining the very first Crusades of Islam, where it forced native peoples to convert or be murdered:


    And here are some very good videos showing Islamic Crusades in the years since then, and how they have invaded and taken over lands far and wide since leaving the Arabian Peninsula. Will they ever give these lands back to those people they stole them from, is the real question.

  • Peace says:

    Since the day God sent his profit Muhammad, peace be upon him


  • Nyx says:

    After the death of Muhammad, his successors started to convert and teach as many people as possible about the Qur’an. Christianity and Judaism were developed in the middle east also..but the Islam’s believe that arabic language is the true language of the Qur’an.

  • =<{~_~}>= says:

    Islam (peace through submission to to the Will of God) existed before Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) it existed when Noah was pleading with the pagans to submit to the will of God, when Enoch pleaded with the Sumerians.

  • Ready Q blue says:

    Islam and the Qu’ran was fully established after Moahmmed’s death. Islam was spread by conquest, not through peace. Mohammed himself led soldiers into battle, which doesn’t look too peaceful compared to Jesus, who was executed by soldiers.

    People naively go on about the Christian crusade. Islam had many of it’s own during Mohammed’s life.

    In the year 625 to 631, Mohammed did alot of killing. His army evicts the Nadir Jews. Battle of the trench and victory. Massacre of the Qurayza Jews. Signing of the Treaty of Hudaibiya with Mecca. Destruction and subjugation of the Khaybar Jews. He orders first raid into Christian lands at Muta and defeat. He conquers Mecca by surprise along with other tribes. Leads second raid into Christian territory at Tabuk but no battle. All before his death in the year 632.

    The Arabian peninsula at the time of Muhammad 570 AD, was a barren and desolate region with a scorching sun and oppressive heat by day, and a chilling cold at night. There was little vegetative growth, and the nomadic inhabitants lived between jagged rocks and shifting sand dunes.

    While europe and much of the middle east was transitioning from the Roman to the Byzantine empire, with roads, irrigation canals, aqueducts, and a culture that included philosophical discourse and theater, the Arabians lived short and brutal lives in warring tribes with little to offer the rest of the world beyond their own harsh existence.

  • A says:

    i am non arab muslim

  • Nody says:

    Islam is a world religion and always has been since the very beginning. Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) spread the message of monotheism represented in the Quran to all people of all races and nationality.

    The fastest way to prove that Islam is a religion for Arabs only is completely false is to state the fact that only about 15% to 20% of the Muslims in the world are Arabs. There are more Indian Muslims than Arab Muslims, and more Indonesian Muslims than Indian Muslims! Believing that Islam is only a religion for Arabs is a myth that was spread by the enemies of Islam early in its history. This mistaken assumption is possibly based on the fact that most of the first generation of Muslims were Arabs, the Qur’an is in Arabic and the Prophet Muhammad was an Arab. However, both the teachings of Islam and the history of its spread show that the early Muslims made every effort to spread their message of Truth to all nations, races and peoples. Furthermore, it should be clarified that not all Arabs are Muslims and not all Muslims are Arabs. An Arab can be a Muslim, Christian, Jew, atheist – or of any other religion or ideology. Also, many countries that some people consider to be “Arab” are not “Arab” at all — such as Turkey and Iran (Persia). The people who live in these countries speak languages other than Arabic as their native tongues and are of a different ethnic heritage than the Arabs.

    It is important to realize that from the very beginning of the mission of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, his followers came from a wide spectrum of individuals — there was Bilal, the African slave; Suhaib, the Byzantine Roman; Ibn Sailam, the Jewish Rabbi; and Salman, the Persian. Since religious truth is eternal and unchanging, and mankind is one universal brotherhood, Islam teaches that Almighty God’s revelations to mankind have always been consistent, clear and universal. The Truth of Islam is meant for all people regardless of race, nationality or linguistic background. Taking a look at the Muslim World, from Nigeria to Bosnia and from Malaysia to Afghanistan is enough to prove that Islam is a Universal message for all of mankind — not to mention the fact that significant numbers of Europeans and Americans of all races and ethnic backgrounds are coming into Islam.

  • im_yakuz says:

    Since they discover airplanes can be used to travel instead of blowing them off. When they discovered more poor and illiterate people in other parts of the word, thats the moment when it become a word religion.

  • islam Lite says:

    == Jesus began a world religion it seems when he told the parable of the good Samaritan ( people disliked by the Jews) and later through the missionary work of Paul. ==

    Ha ha ha hah. Christianity became a World Religion when the Roman Empire adopted it as its official religion. Do you know, there was no such thing as a Bible until that point!! I bet you did nt. The Bible was compiled 300 odd years after Jesus had come and gone. And how can u have a world religion without the Bible.

    Firstly, Muslims do not use language like “World Religion”, this is not our language, this is your language. Muslims prefer the term “The True Religion”. We are more interested in identifying the truth from God, the Creator. Whether that makes Islam a world religion or a local religion or an Arab religion makes no difference. The Truth stands out clear from falsehood. Those who seek it, may find it uncorrupted with the Muslims. Thats what matters.

  • Pink Roses says:

    When Muhammad first started street preaching in Mecca/Mekkah with only his family members in tow, people only tolerated him because it seems he was preaching a little bit of peace then and there. But just as soon as others signed on from outside his immediate family and his little band grew to approximately 70-100, this is when Muhammad started acting up and pissing off the locals with his power trip. Finally, after about 12 years they had enough of his power trip and ran him out of town. Muhammad fled to Yathrib (later named Medina). There were all sorts of Yathrib scourges running around who Muhammad especially targeted to band with him for their brute force capabilities. Soon, Muhammad and his clan of vagabonds committed many atrocities upon the local society, eventually over taking Yathrib and renaming it Medina. Muhammad pillaged and murdered passing caravans, murdered thousands of Jews, then sought his vengeance upon Mecca.

    Once Muhammad took Mecca, all the while invoking “revelation” to suit his many needs, his power in the land along with his ever growing “army” of course continually expanded. The Muhammadans from then on sought to overtake everything. Hadiths were created a couple of hundred years and more after Muhammad came and went…further building upon the Islamic foundation.

    @Islam Lite, you seem to forget all about the extant manuscripts all dating well within the 1st century, all the Church father writings well within the 1st century and 2nd century which could in fact completely recreate the Bible as seen today, not to mention the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the day of Pentecost – from which the 1st Church was established and thereafter ALL THE CHURCHES AND EVEN CATHECHISM of the 1st and 2nd centuries. Read Acts, which talks all about the Churches.

    Also, you shouldn’t throw stones (as you do so often) otherwise, in this instance, I’ll have to insist you throw out each and every Hadith, because ya know….hundreds of years after Muhammad and all that (and lets get real – even the Quran came around after Muhammad a whole lot longer than Muslims will ever admit). Which reminds me, why is it again the oldest known Quran to exist – the Othman Quran – is in fact only 33% complete? You don’t even have an original oldest Quran as Muslims always claim they do, ha, Ha, HA!

    AND, the Othman Quran has NEVER EVER EVEN been carbon dated! Oh, but now you have the Sana Manuscripts – a find most Muslims ignore or deny; now this is supposed to be the oldest Quran and guess what? It’s so very different than the Quran known today in Arabic! And forget about the English versions of the Quran, none of those even resemble the Arabic versions. AND WE ALL KNOW IT.

  • help27 says:

    In Islam, there is one God, or Allah. God sent down the last prophet, Muhammad, peace be upon him in 570 B.C. It is told that his mothers stomach started to glow when she was having him. When he was 40 years old, in the month of Ramadan, he received a message from Angel Gabriel. Gabriel told him to read a part from the Qur’an, the Islam holy book. Three years after that, he started telling everyone that there is only one God, and that Islam means “surrender.” Or to surrender to God. In 662 B.C., Muhammad and his followers went from Mecca to Medina because they were being treated badly. In 632, a few months after returning to Mecca, Muhammad died.

    Just because he died, it doesn’t mean that people stopped believing in his teachings. His followers still believed in him, and passed down the holy book to everyone, so that can learn.

    Oh, and I am a Muslim, so that’s how I knew everything.

  • sergey says:

    Its not the world religion.

  • curious_boyz says:

    i guest when non muslim meet muslim and learn Islam

  • Enes M says:

    Since Adam peace be upon him.

  • toppopsy says:

    Who on earth calls it a world religion?
    Its a religion of few who have no choice but to stick to it,go and speak to them in person and you will get the truth..

    Very very well said PINK ROSES,kudos to you.

    And ISLAM LITE(ha ha ha) you have enough of best answers by religion bashing so Ms.Hypocrite just stop lecturing the non muslim world for god’s sake.We all know who are those who find your answers as best.

    Honestly speaking I find Buddhism,Hinduism and of course Christianity as world religions.

  • Chickpea says:

    Great, so how long before atheism takes over? Evolution will eventually rule out religion. Hopefully my children will be alive to witness all these myths crumbling one by one.
    Keep preaching and praying, no one will be listening anymore.

  • C.J. says:

    Its always been a religion with non-Arabs

    Check out Bilal one of the first followers of Islam was Ethiopian

    Islam does not start with Arabs but ends with it, the message has been and is for everyone.

    Islam = worshiping only the one God
    Therefore the first man to worship God was Adam.

    Jesus never made a world religion he just continued Islam.
    That was Constantine, the Romans, and good old Mithraic traditions you’re thinking of.

  • Justin says:

    The door to Islam has undoubtedly been open to non-Arabs from the beginning. Among the most famous non-Arab early Muslims were Bilal ibn Rabah, an Abyssinian (among the earliest to enter Islam), and Salman the Persian. So the premise of the question – that Islam began as a religion of the Arabs – is valid only to the extent that the earliest followers of a message that originated in Arabia were of course Arabic-speaking people. The door was never closed and this is born out by the history of the earliest Muslims.

    If you would like an event to reference, perhaps the first “official” invitation to the non-Arabic world will be helpful for you…

    You may reference the letters from Prophet Muhammad (s) to the leaders of Abyssinia, Persia and Rome (among others), inviting them and their people to accept Islam. These letters were sent in the year 628 (7 years after the migration from Makkah to Madinah). I have included a link to one of the most prominent books of Prophetic Biography/Islamic History called “The Sealed Nectar”. You can read the letters there and find a wealth of other information.

    Also for your reference, Muslims consider Islam in it’s general meaning (which may be summarized as: Submission to the One True God) as the religion of all Prophets, revealed to different nations according to their circumstances. So we consider Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them all!) to be Muslims in the sense that they submitted themselves to the will of their Creator and taught pure monotheism, even though the details of their respective messages differed. This is why many Muslims find it strange to hear Islam referred to as being exclusive to a particular tribe or nation.

  • sabeel alwosol says:

    thank you for asking about my religion ISLAM …

    Islam started to be a universal religion from its early beginnings ..
    God says : “And We have not sent you except as a mercy to mankind”

    God says :“O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of God is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And God has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).”
    [Al-Qur’an 49:13]

    When the Prophet, may the blessing and peace of Allah be upon him was commissioned to disseminate the Islamic Message, it was naturally that he would call to it in secrecy. He began with his family. Then, he informed his closest companions.

    After three years, he began to declare his call publicly. The Prophet, may the blessing and peace of Allah be upon him, called the people of Mecca, including the tribes of Quraysh, to enter Islam and renounce idols’ worship.

    After that, the Prophet, may the blessing and peace of Allah be upon him, began to call to Islam outside the geographical and tribal borders of Mecca. He carried his Message to the tribe of Thaqif at At-Ta’if. But, they did not accept his call and turned their backs to him. However, the Prophet did not loose hope, as he continued in his way persistently.

    The Prophet’s call exceed the borders of Peninsula while being at Mecca:

    The call to Islam reached Abyssinia in the fifth year of Prophethood.

    This is when some of the early Muslims from Mecca migrated to Abyssinia and stayed there for several years consisting the Islamic community in Africa. The aim of their migration was seeking security and stability, after the persecution they suffered at the hands of the people of Quraysh, rather than spreading the call. When An-Najashy heard about the Islamic call, he received Muslims and looked into its teachings. Therefore, he refused to hand Muslims over to the people of Quraysh.

    In conclusion, nations as well as people admired the new religion (i.e. Islam) and responded to it. Moreover, they felt that it was a’ gift from heavens to them. This is because, the principles of Islam penetrated into their hearts so smoothly, as Islam was and still considered the religion of natural disposition.

  • arabic_quran says:

    Islam means submission to the will of God. As the Quran states, the universe is Muslim, following God’s norms.

    Adam peace be upon him was the first prophet of Islam, the religion and way of God that He ordained to man. All prophets and messengers that God sent are Muslim as we believe and as the Quran teaches.

    Your question is most probably about the message (not the religion) of Islam as delivered by the final Messenger, Mohammad, peace be upon him. He sent letters to the main kings around Arabia inviting them to Islam. Some answered him and became Muslim some didn’t. That was in the last few years before he passed away.

  • taniya says:

    The Quran and the last Messenger came to world with last religion, Islam,

  • islamservant says:

    ALLAH in the quran is telling prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH ) that he is sent for the whole world

  • Filios says:

    Hahahaahaahha Islam is the biggest false and wrong religion
    how could Quran came and was given to mohhamed the liar prophet,could’t you imagine all his teachings were from the bible and the Holy Bible was already published and given to every buddy in the world so before he was born.so how could you bleive him that he accepts Quran from gabreil but all contents of Quran are their origin is from the Holy Bible not from God God of Esrael The real God.And the holy bible talks about the real God,God of Esrael so mohhamed was a big servant of satan who kills people not like our shepherd Jesus christ who loves all the world.

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